• Literature & Literary Studies
      October 2017


      Poems of Love, Loss and Rivalry

      by Peter Cowlm

      A sequence of poems whose terrain is love, loss and lovers’ rivalries. ‘His poems have an epic feel…painting vivid pictures with the fewest words possible.

    • March 2019

      That Cashmere Feeling

      Ein kleiner Roman über die Liebe

      by Aichner, Bernhard

      Gottlieb’s days aren’t exactly brimming with passion. As a hospice nurse he’s confronted every day with death, and the level of romance in his private life is hovering somewhere around zero. De

    • Health & Personal Development
      August 2017


      Keeping it hot

      by Judy Bastyra

    • Humour
      July 2014

      Mothers, Fathers & Lovers

      by Ruby Soames

      Ever wonder what it's like to date an actor who hits the big time? Intrigue, jealousy, resentment – and that’s just your closest friends. When Sarah Tyler’s boyfriend shoots from penniless waiter to Hollywood star, she sinks from city

    • Dogs as pets

      Ethical Keeping of Humans.

      Tipps for Training and Care.

      by Kaiser, Tucki

      Do humans have self-consciousness? How to avoid dogomorphism? Should they be allowed their own sleeping place? These and many more questions are skillfully answered by Tucki the Pomerian, who guides to reader through all important aspects of man keepin

    • Dogs as pets
      November 2013

      Made by myselfUseful and creative things for my dog

      by Martina & Jürgen Schöps

      Sew your own collars or dog toys, build interactive wooden toys, agility hurdles, a see-saw and a dog home – full of clever ideas, this book provides step-by-step explanations, lots of photos and a paper pattern for the textiles.

    • Biography & True Stories
      May 2019

      Heroes and Lovers

      by Jon Elsby

      What is a tenor? What makes some tenors great? Why are tenors so rare? Heroes and Lovers suggests answers to these qu

    • May 2001

      God's Lovers in an Age of Anxiety

      The English Mystics

      by Joan M. Nuth (By (author))

      Examines the extraordinary flowering of English spirituality in the fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries.

    • Local history

      The Lovers' Graves

      Six True Tales That Shocked Wales

      by Bethan. Phillips

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      July 2017

      Ancient Book lovers in Spring and Autumn Auction

      by Wei Li

      “Du Yu” refers to the book lovers; “Chun Qiu” ,taking its original meaning, refers to the large-scale auction of ancient books in spring and autumn. The book contains the texts of the famous folk collection of famous Chinese writer Wei Li in the past t

    • January 2019

      Playing Shakespeare’s Lovers

      by Louis Fantasia

      Playing Shakespeare’s Lovers examines Shakespeare’s romantic characters from multiple perspectives. Contributing actors, directors, educators and scholars bring diverse and wide-ranging insights into the motives, context, history and

    • 1986


      Zwei Männer und ihre Geschichte

      by Denneny, Michael

    • Short stories
      May 2014

      Cat Tales for Cat Lovers

      by Wenham-Jones, Jane

      Henry goes missing, Blosha comes to stay, Oliver rules the roost, Mo has a birthday while Bruiser causes havoc. And  doesn't everyone have a love of Mozart? Six charming and touching, cat-centric stories from popular novelist J

    • Erotic fiction
      April 2014

      Werewolf Brothers Make Better Lovers

      by Angela Sargenti

      Venice is a magical city. It brings out the best...and the beast in all of us! Amy is a young American who has moved to Venice to pursue her architectural career. But when she meets two suave and sophisticated brothers, Amy realizes that Venice has so muc

    • Romance
      August 2014

      Lovers In London

      by Barbara Cartland

      Witty, sardonic and with an eye for beautiful ladies, the handsome Marquis of Rakecliffe has earned himself the nickname, ‘Rake’ amongst his friends and family. As he cuts a swathe through the glittering balls and elegant soirees of London

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
      January 2013

      Lovers' Lies

      Short Stories from Liars' League

      by Cherry Potts (Editor), Katy Darby (Editor)

      This book is designed expressly for romantic Cynics and cynical Romantics. Be careful who catches you reading it – your intentions might be misinterpreted. Liars’ League teams up with Arachne Press for a second outing bringing the fre

    • February 2007

      Friends, Lovers and Groups

      Key Relationships in Adolescence

      by Rutger C. M. E. Engels, Margaret Kerr, Håkan Stattin

      In recent years, dating and romantic partners have been recognized as important peer relations within adolescence and research in this area is just emerging. Peer groups and peer pressure are more well established areas of research into adolescence, with

    • Understanding Animals. Philosophy for Dog Lovers and Cat Lovers

      by Lars Fr. H. Svendsen

      What would your dog say if it could talk? Most of us assumes that a dog is happy when it wags its tail, or that the cat is happy when it meows and curls up on your lap. But how do the animals surrounding us with think? And can we understand them? <br

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