• Nature, the natural world (Children's/YA)

      Dinosaurs - A Natural History

      by Paul Barrett and José Luis Sanz

      A lively and accurate analysis of these remarkable creatures, charting the discovery of all the main types of dinosaurs and how they lived, their habitats and their relationship with each other. Martòn’s wonderfully atmospheric artwork, in

    • Military history

      D-Day in History and Memory

      The Normandy Landings in International Remembrance and Commemoration

      by Michael Dolski, Sam Edwards, and John Buckley, eds.

      Over the past sixty-five years, the Allied invasion of Northwestern France in June 1944, known as D-Day, has come to stand as something more than a major battle. The assault itself formed a vital component of Allied victory in the Second World War. D-D

    • Teaching, Language & Reference
      February 2015

      Sweet Rosa

      by Kingsley Osei, David Asimeng

      Sweet Rosa is a picture book which details the brave stance of a young African-American woman named Rosa Parks who refused to give up her seat to a white person on bus in 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama. Ms. Parks' actions led to the infamous Montgomery bu

    • August 2011

      Stolen Secrets

      A Dr. Cory Cohen Mystery

      by Sandra L. Ceren (Author)

      A woman reveals her most intimate fantasy... a stolen secret which could lead to murder! A strait-laced patient in San Diego running for District Attorney is threatened by a midnight phone caller who knows her

    • August 2014

      Love Imagined

      A Mixed Race Memoir

      by Sherry Quan Lee (Author),Lola Osunkoya (Foreword)

      Love Imagined is an American woman's unique struggle for identity. "Joining the long history of women of color fighting to claim literary space to tell our stories, Sherry Quan Lee shares her truth with fierce courage and stre

    • August 2011


      A tale of dissociation

      by Christine Stark (Author),Anya Achtenberg (Foreword)

      "...a perfect genius that makes the impossible in expression, possible; the unknowable in experience, knowable" --Anya Achtenberg, author of The Stories of Devil-Girl Nickels follows a biracial girl

    • June 2009

      Surviving A House Full of Whispers

      by Sharon Wallace (Author)

      Sharon suffered continual physical and sexual abuse from her stepfather for seven years. Unfortunately, no one would listen to her or believe her story. At age 16, she finally finds the courage to flee from her tormenters. Social Services find her the fir

    • January 2015

      Trips to the Edge

      Tales of the Unexpected

      by Diane Wing (Author)

      Kick back and enjoy this mini-anthology of spine-tingling short stories from Diane Wing, author of Thorne Manor And Other Bizarre Tales and Coven: Scrolls of the Four Winds. Another Walk in the Park: A familiar wa

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      July 2017

      Handbook Global History of Work

      by Marcel van der Linden, Karin Hofmeester

      A comprehensive survey of labour historiography around the world, including contributions on the definition of work, descriptions of various kinds of work and different types of labour relations. Reflects upon on people'sattitudes towards work; workers'or

    • Geography & the Environment
      June 2014


      An Introduction to Biodiversity and Conservation

      by Ian Rotherham

      AN ACCESSIBLE INTRODUCTION TO BIODIVERSITY, CONSERVATION AND THE ECO-CULTURAL NATURE OF LANDSCAPES Key issues are addressed in short, focused chapters, supported by a detailed thousand-year timeline based on the British Isles. Rotherh

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      July 2016

      K. V. Dominic Essential Readings and Study Guide

      by K. V. Dominic

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      July 2016

      Saris and a Single Malt

      by Sweta Srivastava Vikram

      Saris and a Single Malt is a moving collection of poems written by a daughter for and about her mother. The book spans the time from when the poet receives a phone call in New York City that her mother is in a hospital in New Delhi, to the tim

    • History
      September 2016

      Destroyer of the gods

      by Larry W. Hurtado

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      May 2016

      Naked Woman

      Semmelweis: De Raptu Meo

      by Garry O'Connor

      Under the one title Naked Woman are brought together two plays by the critically acclaimed Garry O’Connor. The first, Semmelweis, is a victim play in the Tennessee Williams tradition, and the secon

    • January 2013

      This is War: Teacher Yuan Tengfei's Lesson of WW2 1

      by Yuan Tengfei

      This book tells the story of WW2 in a clear and interesting way with historical facts. This book is totally different from any history book you have read. Readers can take a lot of joy and also understand the history of WW2 at the same time.

    • June 2016

      Feather Robe

      by Cai Gao

      Feather Robe is an interesting tale of ethnic Miao, a Chinese minority. It tells a story that a beautiful woman called Cai came out from a painting and married the painting’s owner, a laborious and honest youngster. The emperor of that time attempted to h

    • December 2016

      Naughty Human Beings — The Book of Science History for Children

      by Lao Duo

      This book tells the stories of science masters’ efforts and ventures in finding the truth over the past thousands of years and the enlightenment brought about by their achievements to the later generations. For example, the first Greek scientist Thales to

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      April 2015

      A History of Western Historical Thought

      by Pei YU

      This book is an intellectual history of Western theory, it focuses on describing the thoughts development and process in different historical periods. It is guided by historical materialism to reveal the evolution of the western theories, and illuminat

    • January 2014

      Hunan-Birthplace Army History

      by Wang Dun

      This book is a breakthrough composition about Xiang Army history. The book, taking Xiang Army history as its core, gives a comprehensive analysis to the Xiang Army: from construction, expansion, to decline. Starting from the repression of peasant uprisin

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