• Fiction
      October 2015

      The Love Drug

      by Tobias Radloff

      A ruined private investigator. A beautiful but dead woman. A pharmacist who wants to democratise love with a new drug substance ... Philip Strasser's detective agency has seen better days, but since former clients mock him on the internet, catching ord

    • August 2002

      Biotech Patents

      Equivalence and Exclusions under European and U.S. Patent Law

      by Li Westerlund

      This book discusses patent legal issues regarding inventions in the field of biotechnology. The scope of a patent is of central concern, and since biotechnology is very different from other technologies, the requirements for disclosure and infringement ar

    • November 2011

      Venture Capital and Corporate Venture Capital in Financing Biotech Companies

      by Stefanie Hochhold

      This book offers insights into three different aspects of financing companies with venture capital (VC) and corporate venture capital (CVC) using three independent and specific datasets. First the study analyses particular VC financing mechanisms dependin

    • Science & technology: general interest (Children's/YA)

      BioTech - Frontiers of Medicine

      by David Jefferis

      The Megatech series covers the world of cutting-edge science and technology. The books present the historical and developmental background, but the emphasis is on the present and near-future, with a positive view of the dynamics and excitement of

    • May 2015

      Biotechnology Management from A Strategic Management Perspective

      Strategic Cognition and Strategic Behavior of R&D Managers

      by Rachel Kim

    • June 2001

      The Biotech Investor's Bible

      by George Wolff

      A one-stop source for investing in biotech-with detailed coverage of the science, the business, the players, and the strategies for one of today's most promising (and volatile) industries To invest in biotech is to invest in the future, and as such,

    • April 2012

      Predictive Approaches in Drug Discovery and Development

      Biomarkers and In Vitro / In Vivo Correlations

      by J. Andrew Williams, Richard Lalonde, Jeffrey R. Koup, David D. Christ, Sean Ekins

      Practical Utility of Biomarkers in Drug Discovery and Development covers all aspects of biomarker research applied to drug discovery and development and contains state-of-the-art appraisals on the practical utility of genomic, biochemical, and prot

    • March 2012

      Applications of Ion Chromatography in the Analysis of Pharmaceutical and Biological Products

      by Lokesh Bhattacharyya, Jeffrey S. Rohrer

      This is a comprehensive source of information on the application of ion chromatography (IC) in the analysis of pharmaceutical drugs and biologicals. This book, with contributors from academia, pharma, the biotech industry, and instrument manufacturing, pr

    • November 2011

      Primary and Stem Cells

      Gene Transfer Technologies and Applications

      by Uma Lakshmipathy, Bhaskar Thyagarajan

      This book describes basic cell engineering methods, emphasizing stem cell applications, and use of the genetically modified stem cells in cell therapy and drug discovery. Together, the chapters introduce and offer insights on new techniques for engineerin

    • May 2018

      Introduction to Bioethics

      by John A. Bryant, Linda Baggott la Velle

      Provides comprehensive, yet concise coverage of the broad field of bioethics, dealing with the scientific, medical, social, religious, political and international concerns This book offers complete information about all aspects of bioethi

    • October 2017

      Managing Biotechnology

      From Science to Market in the Digital Age

      by Francoise Simon, Glen Giovannetti

      A comprehensive overview of the new business context for biopharma companies, featuring numerous case studies and state-of-the-art marketing models Biotechnology has developed into a key innovation driver especially in the field o

    • January 2004

      Biotech Industry

      A Global, Economic, and Financing Overview

      by Bryan Bergeron, Paul Chan

      "The biotech industry is a complex, rapidly evolving, and critical industry. The industry holds great commercial and societal promise, but it is also filled with hype, confusion, and risks. Bergeron and Chan do a remarkable job of providing a sweeping ins

    • March 2010

      Lead Generation Approaches in Drug Discovery

      by Zoran Rankovic, Richard Morphy

      An integrated overview of modern approaches to lead discovery Lead generation is increasingly seen as a distinct and success-determining phase of the drug discovery process. Over recent years, there have been major advances in the understanding

    • September 2010

      Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Project Management in a Changing Global Environment

      by Scott D. Babler, Sean Ekins

      Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Portfolio Management in a Changing Global Environment explores some of the critical forces at work today in the complex endeavour of pharmaceutical and medical product development. Written by experienced professionals

    • June 2018

      Practical Pharmaceutical Engineering

      by Gary Prager

      This book provides professionals in the pharmaceutical industries a basic understanding of the key elements of pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing and design. The emphasis is to prepare or reinforce skills required for personnel to knowledgeably deal

    • May 2012

      Cracking the Code

      Understand and Profit from the Biotech Revolution That Will Transform Our Lives and Generate Fortunes

      by Jim Mellon, Al Chalabi

      Everything you need to know about the most important trend in the history of the world Within most people's lifetimes, the developments in the biotechnology sector will allow us to live increasingly long and healthy lives, as well a

    • April 2016

      Value Creation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

      The Critical Path to Innovation

      by Alexander Schuhmacher, Markus Hinder, Oliver Gassmann

      This practical guide for advanced students and decision-makers in the pharma and biotech industry presents key success factors in R&D along with value creators in pharmaceutical innovation. A team of editors and authors with extensive experience in a

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