• Biography & True Stories
      July 2017

      Still I Rise

      The Persistence of Phenomenal Women

      by Marlene Wagman-Geller

      #1 New Release on Amazon! — Who are the great women leaders in history? Who are the women heroes who personify "girl power"?Intrepid women heroes: When Nelson Mandela was imprisoned in South Africa’s brut

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      February 2018

      'I Was Transformed' Frederick Douglass

      by Laurence Fenton

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      April 2018

      Lady M

      by Colin Brown

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      January 2018

      Ordinary Heroes

      by Sally White

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      March 2019

      Louis XIV

      The Real King of Versailles

      by Josephine Wilkinson

      An intelligent, authoritative, and often surprising biography of the most famous of French monarchs. A fresh perspective on one of the most fascinating kings in European history. Praise for Josephine Wilkinson: 'An impressive revisionist biography.' The

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      March 2019

      Shoot for the Moon

      The Space Race and the Voyage of Apollo 11

      by James Donovan

      'This is the best book on Apollo that I have read. Extensively researched and meticulously accurate, it successfully traces not only the technical highlights of the program but also the contributions of the extraordinary people who made it possible.' (Mik

    • I Live a Life Like Yours

      by Jan Grue

      Into the unknown: we don’t know where we’re going. We are sailing in a leaky boat; we know that we’re dying animals. With dreams of Byzantium, we bail out as much water as we can, sailing onward, together. We are Argonauts, astronauts, adventurers, exp

    • Glaciator

      Jens Esmark, Ice Ages and Climate Change

      by Geir Hestmark

      Jens Esmark is the great pioneer in the exploration of Norway's mountains, and this is the definitive story of his life, his expeditions, mountain ascents and glacier crossings. Not the least the book traces the paths to his epochal discovery of ice a

    • Almost Human – A Biography of Julius the Chimpanzee

      by Alfred Fidjestøl

      Julius the Chimpanzee is the most famous animal in Norway. He was born on Boxing Day 1979, in Kristiansand Zoo in southern Norway. Six weeks old he was rejected by his mother and lived with a human family for one year. A camera crew followed him during

    • Lifestyle, Sport & Leisure
      October 2019

      The Fighting Jew

      The Life and Times of Daniel Mendoza, Champion Boxer

      by Wynn Wheldon

      Daniel Mendoza is unarguably among the most important boxers in the history of the sport. Begetter of the Golden Age of British pugilism, one populated by dandies and royals, characterised by the bludgeon and revolution, Mendoza turned what had been a co

    • Biography & True Stories
      August 2019

      The Poisoners

      Foul, Strange and Unnatural Murder

      by Trevor Bond

      A Methodist minister, a mysterious Frenchwoman, a solicitor, a brace of housekeepers, and a recently discharged soldier: what links them? Being accused of murder by poison. Poisoning represents the ultimate domestic murder. Many alleged crimes - the deat

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      September 2019

      The Price of Freedom

      A Refugee Helper's Story of Escape, Imprisonment and Secret Deals between East and West Germany

      by Volker G. Heinz, Konrad Schiemann

      Berlin 1966, a city divided by an impenetrable wall erected by the communist German Democratic Republic. Together with his friends, the West German student Volker G. Heinz is looking for ways to help would-be fugitives escape from East to West. Their sear

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      October 2019

      Proudly She Served

      Women's Roles in the Second World War

      by Tracey-Ann Knight

      ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ the posters declared - an example of the stoic qualities of endurance and forbearance that the British Government wanted to encourage in those left behind on the home front in the Second World War. But it soon became clear that th

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