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    • Humanities & Social Sciences

      Religious Tourism in Asia

      Tradition and Change through Case Studies and Narratives - part of CABI Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage Series

      by Edited by S Yasuda, Deputy Associate Professor. Teikyo University, Japan, R Raj, Leeds Beckett University, UK, K Griffin, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland

      The Asia-Pacific region is considered the world's religious core, with the greatest number of pilgrims and travellers to religious events for both international and domestic tourism. It is estimated that there are approximately 600 million national and international religious and spiritual voyages in the world, of which over half take place in Asia. This book focuses on tourism and sacred sites in Asia. Contemporary case studies of religious and pilgrimage activities provide key learning points and present practical examples from this 'hub' of pilgrimage destinations. They explore ancient, sacred and emerging tourist destinations and new forms of pilgrimage, faith systems and quasi-religious activities. It will be of interest to researchers within religious, cultural, heritage and Asian tourism.Key features include:- An Asian perspective on a growing area of tourism.- Case studies from across the continent.- Full-colour images of pilgrimage sites and key destinations bring the topic to life.

    • Children's & YA
      April 2013

      Gadget Girl

      The Art of Being Invisible

      by Suzanne Kamata

      Anna and the French Kiss meets Stoner & Spaz in a contemporary young adult coming-of-age novel about a girl, her struggles, and her art. Aiko Cassidy is fifteen and lives with her sculptor mother in a small Midwestern town. For most of her young life Aiko, who has cerebral palsy, has been her mother's muse. But now, she no longer wants to pose for the figures that have made her mother famous. Aiko works hard on her own dream, becoming a sought-after manga artist with a secret identity. When Aiko's mother invites her to Paris for a major exhibition of her work, Aiko resists. She'd much rather go to Japan, Manga Capital of the World, where she might be able to finally meet her father, the indigo farmer. When she gets to France, however, a hot waiter with a passion for manga and an interest in Aiko makes her wonder if being invisible is such a great thing after all.

    • Technology: general issues
      October 2018

      Bonding technology

      Bonding-friendly constructions and applications in practice

      by Tim Jüntgen

      For many applications, bonding technology represents a reliable and economical alternative to established and traditional joining processes. Among other things, it offers the best prerequisites for the consistent realization of resilient lightweight constructions, which are becoming increasingly important in today's world as a result of increasing mobility and the sustainable conservation of resources. From the content: Manufacturing processes, joining processes and connection types Basics, technology of gluing Structure, classification and types of adhesives Bonding of metallic and non-metallic materials Selected examples of concrete applications in bonding technology Testing and quality assurance Bonding in combination with other joining processes (hybrid joining) Further information / updates in the free online service This technical book provides design engineers and adhesive users with assistance for the conception, design and implementation of bondings.

    • Biography & True Stories
      May 2017

      A Girls' Guide to the Islands

      by Suzanne Kamata

      The American writer Suzanne Kamata had lived in Japan for more than half of her life, yet she had never explored the small nearby islands of the Inland Sea. The islands, first made famous by Donald Richie’s The Inland Sea 50 years ago, are noted for displaying artwork created by prominent, and sometimes curious, international artists and sculptors: Naoshima’s wealth of museums, including one devoted to 007, Yayoi Kusama’s polka dot pumpkins, Kazuo Katase’s blue teacup, and a monster rising out of a well on the hour in Sakate, called “Anger at the Bottom of the Sea”—to name a few. Spurred by her teen-aged daughter Lilia’s burgeoning interest in art and adventure, Kamata sets out to show her the islands’ treasures. Mother and daughter must confront several barriers on their adventure. Lilia is deaf and uses a wheelchair. It is not always easy to get onto — or off of — the islands, not to mention the challenges of language, culture, and a generation gap. A Girls’ Guide to the Islands takes the reader on a rare visit by a unique mother and daughter team.

    • Geography & the Environment

      The Rise and Fall of the Emerald Tigers

      Ten Years of Research in Panna National Park

      by Raghu Chundawat

      ‘This book is a must-read for everything you ever wanted to know about wild tigers in India.’—Valmik Thapar In this seminal book about the Indian tiger, Raghu Chundawat, a renowned conservation biologist, shares his findings from the only long-term ecological research project on tigers undertaken in India till date. Chundawat closely studied the Panna tigers and their prey, from 1996 to 2006—meticulously recording their space use, movements, feeding and reproductive behaviours—in the dry tropical forests of Madhya Pradesh. With support from the national park management, he oversaw a spectacular revival of Panna’s tiger population. However, by 2002-03, the fortunes of Panna’s tigers, and Chundawat’s research, nosedived when the park management changed. Monitoring privileges and access to the park were curtailed, and subsequently, poaching and poisoning of tigers spiked. When Chundawat blew the whistle on the alarming decline, he faced immense backlash from the state wildlife authorities. Despite the systemic opposition, Chundawat continued the fight to save Panna’s tigers, collecting data and petitioning the government to intervene. In this immensely informative work, Chundawat presents not just his research, but also an insider’s account of the politics and administrative apathy plaguing Indian wildlife conservation. He discusses the larger threats to Indian wildlife—and the possible solutions. Filled with stunning photographs, The Rise and Fall of the Emerald Tigers is a must-read for all wildlife enthusiasts and researchers across the world.

    • Biography & True Stories

      Strike a Blow to Change the World

      by Eknath Awad (Translated by Jerry Pinto)

      ‘This is an inspiring book by an inspiring man and deserves to be widely read…A must-read for all those interested in Dalit politics and caste change.’—Hugo Gorringe, author of Untouchable Citizens Eknath Awad was a rare Dalit Mang activist from the Marathwada region of Maharastra, who fought for the rights of all underprivileged communities, irrespective of their caste or religion. In his compelling autobiography, Awad describes his rage against the humiliation of the Mangs by the upper castes; and his struggle to overcome caste prejudices as well as extreme poverty to get an education. He revisits his heady days of activism: rejecting caste-based labour and religious practices by cutting the Potraj’s dreadlocks; joining the Dalit Panthers; being at the forefront of the Land Rights Movement; battling to rename Marathwada University after Dr Ambedkar; and working with an NGO in Thane that helped free Adivasis from bonded labour. He writes about his decision to return to Marathwada, where he continued to fight against caste-based discrimination until his death. Awad doesn’t shy away from admitting his shortcomings, such as his tendency to resort to violence to settle disputes. He also recounts the casteism he faced from other Mangs, and his pain and disillusionment after some of them attempted to kill him. Originally published in Marathi as Jag Badal Ghaluni Ghaav, Jerry Pinto’s remarkable translation makes this inspiring book available in English for the first time.

    • Society & culture: general

      Looking for the Nation

      Towards Another Idea of India

      by Manash Firaq Bhattacharjee

      ‘This splendid book will deepen the understanding of nationalism in our dark time.’—Talal Asad, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology, City University of New York This urgent and compelling book comes at a time when toxic nationalism is causing the violent and systematic exclusion of political, religious, sexual and other minorities. Manash Firaq Bhattacharjee reminds us that the modern nation-state, built on fear and an obsession with territory, is often at odds with democracy, justice and fraternity. Critically analyzing the ideas of thinkers who laid the political and ethical grounds of India’s modern identity—Nehru, Ambedkar, Gandhi, Tagore, and Aurobindo—Bhattacharjee shows how we have strayed from their inclusive, diverse visions. He effortlessly weaves personal and intellectual histories, navigating through vast swathes of scholarship, to sketch a radically ethical imagination against the sound and fury of nationalism. He dips into fascinating anecdotes, recalling Ashok Kumar’s friendship with Manto against the shadow of Partition, Ali Sardar Jafri’s Jnanpith Award acceptance speech, and his own encounter with the Sufi qawwal, Fareed Ayaz, among others. Concluding with an enlightening genealogy of modern politics in the light of its present crisis, he exhorts us towards a new politics of trust. Brimming with thought-provoking analyses and commentary, Looking for the Nation is an extraordinary and illuminating account of India’s politics and culture.

    • Children's & YA

      Jwala Kumar and the Gift of Fire

      Adventures in Champakbagh

      by Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar (Illustrated by Krishna Bala Shenoi)

      Is Jwala Kumar a bird? A bat? A chameleon? Or is he something no one has ever seen before? And did he really just fall out of the sky into Champakbagh? Mohan Chandar lives with his wife and three children in the tiny and remote village of Champakbagh. One day, he rescues a strange creature from the storm that is raging outside. When he brings the creature home, the family is astonished. What sort of animal is this? Is he friendly? What does he eat? Where will he sleep? They name him Jwala Kumar, and as the days go by, they discover that Jwala Kumar is no ordinary animal. He has special powers that he uses to help his human family in their times of need. When the days are dark and hope seems to dim, Jwala Kumar lights up their lives in many ways. But who is Jwala Kumar and will he stay forever? Jwala Kumar and the Gift of Fire is a captivating story of innocence and friendship, of magic and love, and of gifts that last a lifetime.

    • Children's & YA

      Right Arm Over

      by Moti Nandy (Translated by Arunava Sinha)

      An unforgettable story of cricket and friendship from a master of sports fiction. Jibon and Ananto are best friends and promising cricketers—Jibon a stylish batsman, and Ananto a gifted fast bowler. But one day they have an accident and Jibon loses half his right arm. Considered the more talented of the two, his cricket career is over. Not one to give up, he makes it his mission to see that his friend plays for India. Meanwhile, the Indian cricket team is in turmoil as it heads into a Test series against Australia. Jibon is determined that Ananto will find his opportunity and shine at the international level. But even if he gets his chance, will Ananto be able to deliver? With its fascinating descriptions of playing cricket for the country, the workings of a cricket team, the politics of selection committees and the life of sportspeople, Right Arm Over is not just a novel about sports. It is also about the grit and determination needed to succeed, about friendship, and about sacrifices that are made out of love and commitment.

    • Antarctic Adventure

      Gao Deng Yi's Antarctic Expedition

      by Gao Dengyi

      In the book by Gao Dengyi. We will follow Professor Gordonyi's footsteps in his scientific expedition to Antarctica to experience the process of approaching and understanding Antarctica and appreciate the natural beauty of Antarctica. Readers will be able to think about three issues in connection with Professor Gao's experience in the Antarctic scientific expedition: suspicion of "conquering nature"; a new understanding of "who I am"; and an understanding of "man and nature".

    • Science & Mathematics
      October 2017

      Blackberries and Their Hybrids

      by H Hall, R Funt

      This practical book provides a comprehensive and accessible overview of all aspects of the commercial production of blackberries and their hybrids, covering plant growth and development, cultivar description and selection, propagation, pruning, soil and water management, postharvest management, economics and marketing, and pest identification and management. Cultivated blackberries are a relatively new crop, but with new cultivars and cultural practices they are now grown and available worldwide. Production regions have expanded internationally due to innovative methods showing much promise and evidence of human health benefits. Blackberries and Their Hybrids explains the many complex steps involved in producing a conventional or an organic crop for the fresh and processed markets, and: - Contains information gathered from global sources - Is appropriate for areas that can produce blackberries for the local, domestic and/or export markets - Includes full-color images throughout Authored by a team of experts, this book is essential for growers, extension workers, fruit industry personnel, students, and lecturers involved in the commercial production of blackberries and their hybrids.

    • Mr. Spider’s Funeral

      by LI Shanshan, Illustrated by MAO Weiwei

      On a nice day of summer, Mr Spider dida stupid thing. He sent black invitations to his friends, asking them to attend his funeral on time. The friends all shocked, cried and hurried to Mr. Spider's house. However, Mr Spider stood in front of the door, welcoming his friends. He held the funeral fro himself simply because he did not know he would experience a new life. So, the rehearsal started, everyone began to say their last word to Mr Spider. Friends were too sad that the situation could not be controlled. Mr Spider had no choice but declare that he was not dead. Friends stopped crying and began to laugh. Mr. Spider realized that he was cherished by everyone. After his moult, Mr. Spider sent red invtations to his friends . Please attend my wedding, the invitation wrote. The sorrow turns to happiness, life also has a new change. The story wants to tell little readers the meaning of life, letting them know the truth of life and face the death correctly and bravely. After reading, the readers will become more optimistic, not fear of difficulties in life and grow up happily.

    • Psychology

      Resource Activating Coaching

      A Guide for Coaches, Counsellors, and Trainers

      by Miriam Deubner-Böhme, Uta Deppe-Schmitz

      This title offers coaches, counsellors, and trainers a variety of strategies that will allow them to enable their clients to find and use their resources, incorporate them into the coaching process, and use them to effect change.To use the full range of benefits resource activation brings along, this title shows a variety of methods to identify and work with clients’ resources. It contains exercises to break through entrenched patterns, enhance the mood, and pause. It enables clients to consciously make decisions and make optimal use of their existing resource potential and to use it in challenging situations. One chapter is also dedicated to the use of resource activating exercises in group settings.

    • Science & Mathematics
      August 2018


      by E Heuvelink

      This new edition of a successful, practical book provides a comprehensive and accessible overview of all aspects of the production of the tomato crop, within the context of the global tomato industry. Tomatoes are one of the most important horticultural crops in both temperate and tropical regions and this book explores our current knowledge of the scientific principles underlying their biology and production.Tomatoes 2nd Edition covers genetics and breeding, developmental processes, crop growth and yield, fruit ripening and quality, irrigation and fertilisation, crop protection, production in the open field, greenhouse production, and postharvest biology and handling. It has been updated to:- reflect advances in the field, such as developments in molecular plant breeding, crop and product physiology, and production systems.- include a new chapter on organic tomato production.- present photos in full colour throughout.Authored by an international team of experts, this book is essential for growers, extension workers, industry personnel, and horticulture students and lecturers.

    • Science & Mathematics
      August 2018


      by G Creasy, L Creasy

      Fully revised with new content and full-colour figures throughout, the second edition of this successful book contains expanded content for all sections, particularly those covering the impact of climate change, seasonal management, mechanisation and organic management options. There is a new vine balance section, as well as significant updates to rootstocks and grafting. It includes information on wine grapes in addition to grapes for fresh consumption and raisin production.Covering a broad range of topics from grapevine growth and fruit development, to vineyard establishment, mechanisation and postharvest processing, this book provides historical and current information about the grape industry and sets out the theory and science behind production practices. It is an invaluable resource for grape producers, horticulture and plant science students, as well as enthusiasts of the vine and its products.

    • Science & Mathematics
      August 2018


      by J Retamales, J Hancock

      Blueberry cultivation has increased dramatically as production has shifted into new regions. Blueberries are now widely available as food and also processed to be used in medicine and pharmaceuticals for their antioxidant properties. This new and updated edition covers the major topics of interest to blueberry breeders and researchers including botany, physiology, nutrition, growth regulation, photosynthesis, environment, weeds, pests, diseases and postharvest management. The main focus is on the most important cultivated species, the highbush blueberry, although information on other blueberries and related species is also provided. It is an essential resource for soft fruit researchers, extension workers, academics, breeders, growers, and students.

    • Literary Fiction

      A Year in Kronoberg

      by Geoff Bunn

      This is a story about snow. A story about winter and even more snow. But this is also a story about ice cream and sunshine too. This is a story about a gate, helpful neighbours, an angry squirrel and a drunken moose. This is a story about a country in Europe that many people never visit. This is a story about Sweden. And it is the story of two Brits who moved to Sweden and found a new home there. A Year in Kronoberg is a light-hearted account of two people learning to navigate the idiosyncrasies of Swedish culture, landscape and climate.

    • June 2018

      Te doy mi palabra

      1000 idiomatic Expressions

      by PONS

      For returning and advanced learners (A2 – C1) 1,000 common phrases and sayings - from upscale to colloquial, from decorous to vulgar Every phrase is explained and translated Loads of examples illustrate correct usage Informative and entertaining: Get to know the language spoken on the street, on the internet or in films Also available in English, French and Italian

    • June 2018

      Super Basics at a glance - English

      The most important vocabulary in Pictures

      by PONS

      For visual learners Compact overview on 6 A4 folding pages Learner friendly: lots of pictures to memorize the words better Vocabulary with phonetic transcription on 6 different topics Short dialogues for communication on the go Quick overview for school, at home and on the go Punched and made of sturdy and erasable material Available in English, French, Italian, and Spanish

    • September 2018

      Standard dictionary


      by PONS

      For beginners 40,000 headwords and phrases on more than 1,000 pages For German-speaking Arabic learners and Arabic-speaking German learners Detailed phonetic transcription for German and Arabic keywords and all Arabic translations Vowel signs in all Arabic words for better reading and understanding Takes into account the original direction of Arabic from right to left The right dictionary for language learners as a supplement to the language course With online dictionary

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