• Children's & YA
      September 2019

      The Fox's Palace

      by Tuula Pere (author), Andrea Alemanno (illustrator)

      A tale about an ambitious power-loving young fox. Francis the Fox has been dreaming of acquiring some land near the sea to build a local attraction called The Fox’s Palace. Now the devious fox has found the perfect location—the land used for an old badger’s boat rental business and the city’s popular beach. Luckily, the city’s wise mayor, William the Wolf, realizes what Francis is up to, and he will not be cheated so easily.

    • Children's & YA
      April 2019

      Colin the Crab Gets Married

      by Tuula Pere (author), Roksolana Panchyshyn (illustrator)

      The romance between Colin the Crab, a hardworking handyman, and Clara, a museum assistant, has deepened. Now it’s time to break the big news to their friends: the couple is getting married!But soon Colin’s friends get so carried away with the wedding plans, they forget to involve the bride and groom. What happens when the party turns out to be completely different from Colin and Clara’s own plans?

    • Children's & YA
      September 2019

      Terrific Teeth

      by Tuula Pere (author), Catty Flores (illustrator)

      ”Little Fears” is a book series about the various concerns that children can have. Sometimes, minor harms may grow into big worries if they are ignored. Fortunately, there are fun ways and gentle tools to handle such situations, often through play. "Terrific Teeth" is a book about losing baby teeth.Is Emma about to start losing her baby teeth? What if they won’t come out—will horrible crocodile teeth grow inside her mouth, as her brother says? Luckily, Dad has some ideas in mind to help her. Help! Emma’s first baby tooth is loose. “I want to keep this tooth. It’s just fine!” Emma insists.But Emma’s brother is scaring her, telling her that horrible crocodile teeth will grow inside her mouth if she keeps all her baby teeth. Luckily, Dad has some ideas to help, and in the end, she gets to have a tooth party.

    • Children's & YA
      September 2019

      The Scary Snakes

      by Tuula Pere (author), Catty Flores (illustrator)

      ”Little Fears” is a book series about the various concerns that children can have. Sometimes, minor harms may grow into big worries if they are ignored. Fortunately, there are fun ways and gentle tools to handle such situations, often through play. "The Scary Snakes" is a book about overcoming the fear of snakes.Shelly is on a picnic in the woods with her family. She imagines there are horrible snakes everywhere. Luckily, Grandma has ways to help. And when Shelly manages to defeat her fear, it calls for a celebration at the amusement park, where a surprising grand prize awaits. Shelly is afraid of snakes. One day in the woods, she thinks she sees them everywhere and is too afraid to walk. “How will I be able to go on a picnic when I'm too big for Dad to carry me?” Shelly worries.Grandma always knows what to do. Colorful snakes of yarn and fun games help Shelly defeat her fear. And when Grandma and Shelly visit the amusement park together, Shelly gets a surprising prize!

    • Children's & YA
      September 2019

      The Wild Waves

      by Tuula Pere (author), Catty Flores (illustrator)

      ”Little Fears” is a book series about the various concerns that children can have. Sometimes, minor harms may grow into big worries if they are ignored. Fortunately, there are fun ways and gentle tools to handle such situations, often through play. "The Wild Waves" is a story about the fear of high speeds and waves.Otto dreads his family’s boat trips. He’s afraid of speeding over the water in the motorboat. But Grandpa is a patient teacher, and in the end, Otto dares to go aboard Grandpa's old boat as assistant captain. The waves are splashing, and the wind is howling. Otto is sitting stiffly in the cabin while the rest of the family is enjoying the boat trip. “What if the motor dies during the storm, and we never get back to shore?” Otto worries.With Grandpa, Otto tries to get used to fast speeds on a new carousel. Thumb signals are a great help! In the end, Otto boards Grandpa’s old boat as assistant captain.

    • July 2019



      by Bauer, Christoph W.

      The year 2015 is still in its early days when a terrorist attack devastates Paris, transforming the soul of the city overnight. In the middle of it all, a young Austrian man is trying to find a past love. Ten years have passed since he and Samira went their separate ways, but wherever he goes, he finds himself confronted by memories of their time together. On the surface he is looking for another woman – Marianne, the daughter of an Austrian mother and a Moroccan father, who hails from the same small town in the Alps as him and has been missing for almost fourteen years. A newspaper report sends shockwaves through his body: he notices that her face bears a striking resemblance to Samira’s. The lost children at the heart of Christoph W. Bauer’s novel are all different: they have been driven out of the normal order of things, they are tied to a strange past or have been left behind to carve out a future that is worth living. The crowd of absentees gathers against the backdrop of the real main protagonist: a Paris caught between the sheen of the city centre and the gloom of its margins, marked by the threat of terror in everyday life.

    • September 2019

      Nichts bleibt so, wie es wird


      by Bechtolf, Sven-Eric

      ZU REIF FÜR DIE BÜHNE: EINEM ALTERNDEN REGISSEUR GEHT ES AN DEN KRAGEN Herwig Burchard, 63, ist Regisseur, steht kurz vor der OPERNPREMIERE seines Figaro - und benimmt sich wie ein Idiot. Aber nicht mehr lange! Am absteigenden Ast seiner Karriere angekommen, hagelt es regelmäßig Prügel für ihn: Ist er bloß aus der Zeit gefallen? Oder ist er wirklich der ALTMODISCHE, GAR REAKTIONÄRE ALTE MANN, für den ihn viele halten? Als Burchard mit einem JOURNALISTEN aneinandergerät und handgreiflich wird, ESKALIERT die Situation. Eines steht jetzt zumindest fest: Das wird SEINE LETZTE PREMIERE gewesen sein. LETZTER AKT, ERSTE SZENE. ODER: AUF NACH ITALIEN! Für Burchard fällt nach der Premiere der Vorhang zum letzten Mal. Trübe Tage des Selbstmitleids und lange, weingetränkte Abende beim Italiener um die Ecke folgen. Als wäre das nicht schon genug, VERLIEBT DER GEWESENE REGISSEUR SICH AUCH NOCH HALS ÜBER KOPF in die junge - und bedauerlicherweise schon vergebene - Schauspielerin Leonie. Burchard hat genug. Er PACKT SEINE SIEBENSACHEN, um endlich seinen langgehegten Traum zu verwirklichen: eine bescheidene Idylle in einem KLEINEN DORF IN APULIEN. Alle Zelte abbrechen? NOCH MAL ETWAS NEUES WAGEN? Kann das gutgehen? EINE FULMINANTE EXPLOSION DER EITELKEITEN: SVEN-ERIC BECHTOLF SCHÖPFT AUS DEM VOLLEN Von Eitelkeiten und Einsamkeit, von NEUSTART und SPÄTER LIEBE: Pointiert und gewitzt erzählt SCHAUSPIELER, THEATER- UND OPERNREGISSEUR SVEN-ERIC BECHTOLF vom zweiten Frühling des ausrangierten Regisseurs Burchard inmitten skurriler Zeitgenossen. Ein HINREISSEND KOMISCHER ROMAN über die Frage, WAS DAS LEBEN LEBENSWERT MACHT.

    • March 2019

      That Cashmere Feeling

      Ein kleiner Roman über die Liebe

      by Aichner, Bernhard

      Gottlieb’s days aren’t exactly brimming with passion. As a hospice nurse he’s confronted every day with death, and the level of romance in his private life is hovering somewhere around zero. Desperate with loneliness, one night he calls a phone sex line. He hears Marie’s voice for the first time – and instantly everything changes. Instead of having phone sex, Marie and Gottlieb start to chat. It turns into an intense conversation, and because it’s completely anonymous they both start eagerly lying through their teeth. Together they fabricate a love story, one that, minute by minute, is increasingly becoming their own …Crime-writing star Bernhard Aichner has written a story full of big emotions, humour and tension: seductive as Brünhilde Blum, soft as cashmere. A man calls a phone sex line. A woman picks up. Two lonely people meet on the phone. Slowlyand cautiously they begin to talk. At first they lie, playing a part for each other, but graduallythey start to build trust. Both are longing for a different life, driving them inevitably into eachother’s open arms …Gottlieb is a nurse at a hospice. He’s single, and until recently was living with his mother, whowas terminally ill. Gottlieb cared for her until her death. Death entirely overshadowsGottlieb’s life, which is devoid of love and passion until the night he’s driven by despair andloneliness to call a phone sex line. At the other end is Marie, but instead of having phone sexthey chat. From the first moment, they share a connection: the protective veil of anonymity,the secrets they hide, the hair-raising stories they concoct together. Gottlieb lies, and so doesMarie. They lie their heads off, fabricating their own world and inventing a love story. Onethat, minute by minute, is increasingly becoming their own …

    • March 2019


      Prosa Gedichte

      by Merz, Klaus

      VOM PRAGER FRÜHLING ÜBER DEN MAUERFALL BIS ZUR FINANZKRISE UND DER FUßBALLMEISTERSCHAFT Verdichtet im MIKROKOSMOS EINER FIRMENGESCHICHTE entfaltet KLAUS MERZ die Kulisse der letzten fünf Jahrzehnte und erzählt wie beiläufig auch VOM EIGENEN "IN DER WELT SEIN". In GROßER POETISCHER ANSCHAULICHKEIT gibt er dabei weit mehr preis als manch beflissener Lebensbericht. Es klingt alles ein wenig anders und doch vertraut in der "firma" - in diesem Eindruck wandert man an der Hand des Autors in den zweiten Teil des Buches. In Form von Gedichten führt Merz darin hoch "Über den Zaun hinaus": INS TIEFE, INS WEITE. VIELFACH AUSGEZEICHNETE KUNST DER VERDICHTUNG VON KLAUS MERZ Mit einem Augenzwinkern verdichtet der vielfach ausgezeichnete Lyriker und Romancier Klaus Merz die EIGENE AUTOBIOGRAPHIE zu einer Firmensaga. Die großen Umbrüche unserer Zeit spiegeln sich darin ebenso wider wie die KLEINEN MENSCHLICHEN TRAGÖDIEN des Alltags. Mühelos lässt Merz in manch unscheinbarer Episode das WESEN DES ZWISCHENMENSCHLICHEN durchschimmern - und zeigt wieder, wie aufregend es sein kann, die Welt mit dem Blick des Lyrikers, des Verdichters wahrzunehmen. Eine BESONDERE SCHULE DER WAHRNEHMUNG, veredelt mit acht eigens angefertigten PINSELZEICHNUNGEN VON HEINZ EGGER. "Wie Blitze in der Nacht leuchten seine Texte in die Welt." Süddeutsche Zeitung, Stefan Sommer

    • November 2018

      Bevor wir verschwinden


      by Fuchs, David

      EINE ZÄRTLICHE LIEBE UNTER UNGEWÖHNLICHEN UMSTÄNDEN Als angehender Arzt absolviert Benjamin ein PRAKTIKUM AUF DER KREBSSTATION. Dass er dort ausgerechnet auf seine JUGENDLIEBE AMBROS trifft, hätte er sich nicht träumen lassen. Ambros wird als Patient behandelt, sein Körper ist voller Metastasen. Inmitten des Krankenhausalltags NÄHERN SICH DIE BEIDEN BEHUTSAM WIEDER ANEINANDER AN. Zwischen resoluten Krankenschwestern und röchelnden Zimmernachbarn, jovialen Oberärzten und unbelehrbaren Notfallskandidaten ist ihnen bewusst, dass es DIE AUGENBLICKE SIND, DIE IHNEN BLEIBEN ... EINE HOMMAGE AN DEN AUGENBLICK: BERÜHREND UND LEBENSNAH, MITUNTER AUCH ZUM SCHMUNZELN David Fuchs, SELBST ONKOLOGE, erzählt die Geschichte der jungen Männer ohne jegliche Rührseligkeit, dafür MIT FEINEM SINN FÜR DAS VERSCHROBENE IM ZWISCHENMENSCHLICHEN - und berührt damit umso mehr. Mühelos birgt er die SCHÖNHEIT UND LEICHTIGKEIT DES LEBENS im Angesicht eines Abschieds. Der FM4-WORTLAUT-GEWINNER legt damit ein STARKES DEBÜT vor, gewürzt mit ein bisschen NEUNZIGERJAHRE-FEELING, in dem er zeigt, dass die großen Gefühle in den kleinen Gesten stecken. "Beeindruckend und auch sehr berührend - ein Kondensat von ein paar wirklich sehr starken kleinen Anekdoten und Bildern, die zu einer ganz großen Lebens- und Liebesgeschichte werden." Jurybegründung zum FM4-Wortlaut 2016

    • March 2018

      The Whites

      by Stabauer, Luis

      After his parents are murdered by Austrian Fascists, eleven-year-old Ernst is taken in by the Patosek family. He becomes a member of the Viennese resistance group “The Whites” led by Toni Patosek, and also a trusted friend of little Franzi Patosek. When the group is discovered and most of its members are executed, Ernest also loses his new family. In 1944, in the clinic “Am Spiegelgrund,” he narrowly escapes the notorious Nazi doctor Heinrich Gross and thereby a certain death.

    • March 2018

      Egon Schiele - Death and the Maiden

      by Berger, Hilde

      Egon Schiele’s nude portraits of women and children remain provocative to this day. In the Vienna of 1912 they landed him in prison. But who were the girls and women who modeled for him? How did they live, and what was their relation to the eccentric young artist who died of Spanish influenza in 1918 at the age of barely twenty-eight?

    • September 2018

      The Completion

      by Federspiel, Maurus

      A phantom artist who has developed a curious talent for finding friends that one hasn’t yet met; a young woman who discovers that the ancestral portrait gallery of her newly wedded husband contains not only portraits of the deceased but also portraits of future members of the family; a musician whose biography begins to merge with that of a long-dead chansonnier; a cameraman who has unwittingly ceded his right to life to a film company. Marcus Federspiel narrates fantasies that reveals unusual facets of reality. His wonderfully laconic stories always have double or multiple layers that open new spaces in the mind.

    • February 2016

      Paradigms of Russian Opera

      by Parin, Alexej

      Why is the ruling hero in Russian operas so all-powerful? What psychology and national identities are hidden behind these characters? Why are the singers and dancers always presented as enchanting and at the same time as terrifying? Who is really behind the enemy images of Russian composers? How are the great traditions of “Holy Russia” and the myth of Saint Petersburg, and their struggle for power, presented in the opera? What myths or symbols underlie such figures as Boris Godunov and Marfa, Kontschak and the old Duchess, Tatjana and German, Polen and Kitesch? How are gender roles defined in Russian opera? The renowned Russian opera critic Alexei Parin answers these and many other questions in a clear and yet subtle language, and situates Russian opera in a European context. He approaches Russian opera from a variety of perspectives and develops an amazingly multi-layered methodology, employing cultural history, philosophy of history, gender studies, and mythology as well as analytic psychology and philosophical hermeneutics, in order to present the history of Russian opera – from Verstovski and Glinka to Prokofiev and Shostakovich ¬– in its entire multifaceted nature.

    • July 2017

      Parsifal or The Higher Calling of Mankind: Christian Mysticism and the Buddhist World-View in Wagner's Last Drama

      by Berne, Peter

      “Through compassion knowledge”: in these three words the spiritual and philosophical content of Wagner’s Parsifal receives its most concise and incisive formulation, and one of captivating actuality. Peter Berne traces its origin in medieval grail symbolism and ancient Indian thought and analyzes how it finds expression in Parsifal. Berne examines not only the libretto but also the music. The impartiality of his approach is captivating and reveals an abundance of exciting discoveries. His findings are readily comprehensible for scholars and for those interested in music, and can be read with great pleasure.

    • Historical fiction
      February 2017

      From the Nile to the Jordan

      by Ada Aharoni

      From the Nile to the Jordan is a historical novel about mid-twentieth century Egypt and Israel. It relates the tragic events of the Second Exodus and the uprooting of the Jewish community from Egypt after the establishment of Israel in 1948.

    • Advice on careers & achieving success
      October 2018

      Getting Used to Success: Develop an Invincible Mindset, Bolster Self-Confidence and Build Winning Habits

      by H.J Shalev

      This book reveals a unique and effective methodology and tools to earn more money. Developed by H.J. Shalev, he first implemented it on himself during his dramatic career change in 2005. Since then, he has applied this methodology to help over 1,000 clients during 10,000 hours of coaching which resulted in breakthrough results for their businesses, management and careers. This unique book combines the mental and the physical, spiritual and tangible, being and doing aspects needed to succeed in business.

    • Mission: Tango

      by Charlie Wolfe

      This is blood-chilling tale of international nuclear terror thatmoves from peaceful Scandinavia to Vienna and onto a clandestine laboratory in the Middle East. Charlie Wolfe is the pen name of a renowned nuclear scientist who workedon the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission. He is the author of 9 books and hundreds of papers in his field.

    • Personal & social issues: self-awareness & self-esteem (Children's/YA)


      by Cristina Romero & Francis Marín

      The Red Book for Girls was born to acompany and empower girls on their way to maturity but it is also a book for mothers and for all women, because it helps us heal hurts of our childhood. An illustrated book whose words and images seem to whisper to our psyche (emotion - mind - spirit) that it is good for us to listen to and love ourselves. Nature dwells within our bodies, and if we open ourselves up to listen to it, it gives us its power: te power to act always in our own interest, the power to know our changing needs and to follow them. The greatest treasure of feminine nature is its ability to appreciate and value that everything changes (inside and outside of you) and that this is perfect.

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