• September 2018

      The Completion

      by Federspiel, Maurus

      A phantom artist who has developed a curious talent for finding friends that one hasn’t yet met; a young woman who discovers that the ancestral portrait gallery of her newly wedded husband contains not only portraits of the deceased but also portraits of future members of the family; a musician whose biography begins to merge with that of a long-dead chansonnier; a cameraman who has unwittingly ceded his right to life to a film company. Marcus Federspiel narrates fantasies that reveals unusual facets of reality. His wonderfully laconic stories always have double or multiple layers that open new spaces in the mind.

    • February 2016

      Paradigms of Russian Opera

      by Parin, Alexej

      Why is the ruling hero in Russian operas so all-powerful? What psychology and national identities are hidden behind these characters? Why are the singers and dancers always presented as enchanting and at the same time as terrifying? Who is really behind the enemy images of Russian composers? How are the great traditions of “Holy Russia” and the myth of Saint Petersburg, and their struggle for power, presented in the opera? What myths or symbols underlie such figures as Boris Godunov and Marfa, Kontschak and the old Duchess, Tatjana and German, Polen and Kitesch? How are gender roles defined in Russian opera? The renowned Russian opera critic Alexei Parin answers these and many other questions in a clear and yet subtle language, and situates Russian opera in a European context. He approaches Russian opera from a variety of perspectives and develops an amazingly multi-layered methodology, employing cultural history, philosophy of history, gender studies, and mythology as well as analytic psychology and philosophical hermeneutics, in order to present the history of Russian opera – from Verstovski and Glinka to Prokofiev and Shostakovich ¬– in its entire multifaceted nature.

    • July 2017

      Parsifal or The Higher Calling of Mankind: Christian Mysticism and the Buddhist World-View in Wagner's Last Drama

      by Berne, Peter

      “Through compassion knowledge”: in these three words the spiritual and philosophical content of Wagner’s Parsifal receives its most concise and incisive formulation, and one of captivating actuality. Peter Berne traces its origin in medieval grail symbolism and ancient Indian thought and analyzes how it finds expression in Parsifal. Berne examines not only the libretto but also the music. The impartiality of his approach is captivating and reveals an abundance of exciting discoveries. His findings are readily comprehensible for scholars and for those interested in music, and can be read with great pleasure.

    • Historical fiction
      February 2017

      From the Nile to the Jordan

      by Ada Aharoni

      From the Nile to the Jordan is a historical novel about mid-twentieth century Egypt and Israel. It relates the tragic events of the Second Exodus and the uprooting of the Jewish community from Egypt after the establishment of Israel in 1948.

    • Advice on careers & achieving success
      October 2018

      Getting Used to Success: Develop an Invincible Mindset, Bolster Self-Confidence and Build Winning Habits

      by H.J Shalev

      This book reveals a unique and effective methodology and tools to earn more money. Developed by H.J. Shalev, he first implemented it on himself during his dramatic career change in 2005. Since then, he has applied this methodology to help over 1,000 clients during 10,000 hours of coaching which resulted in breakthrough results for their businesses, management and careers. This unique book combines the mental and the physical, spiritual and tangible, being and doing aspects needed to succeed in business.

    • Mission: Tango

      by Charlie Wolfe

      This is blood-chilling tale of international nuclear terror thatmoves from peaceful Scandinavia to Vienna and onto a clandestine laboratory in the Middle East. Charlie Wolfe is the pen name of a renowned nuclear scientist who workedon the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission. He is the author of 9 books and hundreds of papers in his field.

    • Memoirs
      October 2017


      by Ruth Uzrad

      This is the unbelievable autobiographical story of Ruth Uzrad, a Jewish teenager whose life was turned upside down by the Nazi regime. After her father was arrested one night from their Berlin apartment by the Gestapo, Ruth’s mother sends 13 year-old Ruth and her two younger sisters out on their escape route across Europe by train to the safety of Belgium.

    • Historical fiction
      July 2018

      Doña Gracia’s Gold Pendant

      by Michal Aharoni Regev

      Doña Gracia’s Gold Pendant is a story of love, jealousy, intrigue, mortal terror - about family secrets, courage and devotion. This fascinating historical novel takes place in the sixteenth century and depicts the wide-ranging journey of Doña Gracia Nasi, a young, wealthy widow from a family of forced converts, annusim - Jews exiled from Spain following the Alhambra Decree.

    • Historical fiction
      October 2016

      My Name is Vittoria

      by Dafna Vitale Ben Bassat

      Vittoria Vitale was born to a noble Jewish family in the north of Italy at the very same year that Mussolini met his Jewish lover. With the onset of World War II, her life is carried by a swirl of atrocities, decisions, farewells and remorse that will scar her forever.

    • Memoirs
      September 2019

      Raking Light from Ashes

      by Relli Robinson

      When Relli was just a baby, the Nazis occupied Poland and she, together with her parents, were imprisoned in the Warsaw Ghetto, a way station before death. This is the amazing story of Relli Robinson, who, thanks to kindhearted, courageous people and a tenacious capacity for survival, was able to get through the most difficult times in the history of humankind. An orphan girl, the sole survivor of her entire family.

    • Historical fiction
      January 2019

      The Fortress

      by Jonathan Hillinger

      Homeless children in Bucharest find themselves united in a forsaken Fortress when facing the Nazi threat. The orphans only barely survive famine, illness and the Nazi’s goal to obliterate them. Jonathan Hillinger is an up and coming Israeli author who has won several literary awards.

    • Historical fiction
      November 2017

      The Woman in White: An Extraordinary Life

      by Ada Aharoni

      This is a book about the remarkable life of Thea Woolf, the Head Nurse of the Jewish Hospital in Alexandria, Egypt, during World War II. She depicts how Muslim Egyptians helped Egyptian Jews save Jewish refugees during World War II, instilling hope to co-existence.

    • Historical fiction
      September 2017

      Two Princes and a Queen

      by Shmuel David

      The adolescent son of a well-off Jewish family living a comfortable, sheltered life in Yugoslavia faces persecution. The family endures a harrowing voyage down the Danube River, hoping to reach pre-State Israel.

    • Personal & social issues: self-awareness & self-esteem (Children's/YA)


      by Cristina Romero & Francis Marín

      The Red Book for Girls was born to acompany and empower girls on their way to maturity but it is also a book for mothers and for all women, because it helps us heal hurts of our childhood. An illustrated book whose words and images seem to whisper to our psyche (emotion - mind - spirit) that it is good for us to listen to and love ourselves. Nature dwells within our bodies, and if we open ourselves up to listen to it, it gives us its power: te power to act always in our own interest, the power to know our changing needs and to follow them. The greatest treasure of feminine nature is its ability to appreciate and value that everything changes (inside and outside of you) and that this is perfect.

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      April 2018

      Looking up at the stars in the abyss: the humbleness and pride of celebrities in Wei and Jin Dynasty

      by Bei Mingyu

      This book is a celebrity biography of Wei Jin Dynasties. The stories are authentic, which take us to review the Wei Jin Dynasties, and appreciate those interesting stories and souls

    • Business, Economics & Law
      May 2019

      New Journey of Great Powers

      From Economic Gaint to Economic Power

      by Zhang Zhanbin

      This book provides a general explanation of new theoretical trees, new development goals, new contradictions, and new historical missions. As a world power, how China, guided by the spirit of the Party ’s 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, “decided to build a well-off society in an all-round way and start to build a comprehensive socialism. The new journey of a modern country "vividly demonstrates China's image as a great power.

    • Health & Personal Development
      May 2019

      4:30 am at Harvard University

      a compulsory course for teenagers from Harvard University

      by Wei Xiuying

      This book starts with the spirit and temperament of Harvard students (including graduate students) in education and learning, and focuses on cultivating the quality of young students. It guides young students from the ordinary to the aspects of ambition, habits, personality, emotional management, and time management Excellence is the main narrative content! Not only from the perspective of human growth and development, but also from the specific content of time management and self-discipline management to provide references and cases to help young students work hard, stimulate their enthusiasm for learning, guide them to work harder and more consciously to learn knowledge and enhance integration Ability to become a useful resource for society.

    • The Arts
      December 2018

      Minorities in China

      an American University President's Photographic Journey

      by Sidney A. Mcphee

      This book is a compilation of more than two hundred pictures reflecting the traditional costumes, characteristic buildings, traditional activities, and traditional medicine of Chinese ethnic minorities. Each picture has the story behind it and the testimony of the author. From the perspective of foreigners, the book vividly reproduces the diversity of the Chinese nation, the unique regional culture, and the natural and social environment in the form of pictures and text.

    • Health & Personal Development
      March 2019

      Find the better self

      by Wen Liyang

      This book is a readme for a post-80s lady entrepreneur.Born in 1985, she became a part-time migrant worker after joining secondary school. At work, she pays attention and looks for opportunities; in life, she constantly learns and improves herself. Worked as a clerk, a car salesperson, a tour guide, a dance teacher, and an advertising sales director in an IT company. At the age of 28, he entered the field of e-commerce and decided to start a business. The first year of his business made a profit of 2 million yuan.This book tells how the author grew up step by step, becoming an independent and self-strengthening woman from eight aspects: independent thinking, economic independence, health management, image management, family education, family friends, taste pursuits, and husband and wife relationships. And get the life you want.The story in this book is sincere and touching, and the writing is fluent. It is a inspirational book for young women, which has certain guiding significance for ordinary young girls to find themselves.

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