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Dave J. Hayes

ACI Information Group

Dave J Hayes PhD, a neuroscientist at Toronto Western Hospital, University of Toronto, explores how brains and people respond to etc...

On Genetics

Steve Mount

ACI Information Group

Occasional comments on genetics, genomics and gene expression by Steve Mount.

Fragments of Truth

Jalees Rehman

ACI Information Group

This blog covers science, medicine, philosophy, psychology, literature, humanities, religion.

The world is full of enigmas › The Sankoré Scriptures

Joe Dramiga

ACI Information Group

The Sankoré Scriptures covers news and issues in neuroscience, genetics, evolution, science history, infectious diseases, ga etc...

LD Blog

John Wills Lloyd

ACI Information Group

News, commentary, and resources about learning disabilities.

The Dark Matter Crisis

Marcel S. Pawlowski,Pavel Kroupa,SciLogs

ACI Information Group

The rise and fall of cosmological hypotheses.

Teach Effectively!

John Wills Lloyd

ACI Information Group

Evidence-based teaching methods for helping students who are at risk for school failure or who have disabilities.

Gaines, on Brains

Jordan Gaines Lewis

ACI Information Group

Blogging about the brain.


Ed Rybicki

ACI Information Group

Virology-related and hopefully educational posts.

Organizations and Markets

Peter Klein,Nicolai J. Foss,Richard N. Langlois,Russell Coff,Peter Lewin,Organizations And Markets

ACI Information Group

Organizations and Markets focuses on academic research in economics and management, but the authors also comment occasionally on etc...

How to be an Anthropologist

Angela VandenBroek

ACI Information Group

Everything about being an anthropologist, including what to wear to which conferences.

Reflections: Deepak Tripathi's Diary

Deepak Tripathi

ACI Information Group

Deepak Tripathi, PhD, FRHistS, FRAS provides commentary on events in South Asia and the Middle East as well as historical reflect etc...

Good Thinking | Psychology Today

Denise Dellarosa Cummins

ACI Information Group

Ideas that influence the way we think.

Wright on Health

Shirie Leng,Brad Wright,Nicole Fisher,Wright On Health

ACI Information Group

Making complex issues in health policy and health services research accessible to all.

HealthSkills Weblog

Bronwyn Thompson

ACI Information Group

Health professionals supporting chronic pain self-management.
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