• Animal stories (Children's/YA)
      October 2012

      Lousy Thinking

      Hitching a Ride on a Schoolboy's Mind

      by Mike Davies

      One energetic playtime, Brad the head louse bites into a nerve that gives him a hotline to a schoolboy's thoughts and memories. Amazed by what he finds, Brad encourages Jake to make the most of what he has between his ears. Together they overcome a series of nerve-wracking challenges, from nit combs to know-it-alls. How they manage all this while preparing for the all-important year 6 tests will leave you scratching your head! Great book for 8-12 year olds. "Lousy Thinking is a hilarious book with a great storyline in which a boy called Jake - a normal boy who doesn't seem that clever - is bitten on a major nerve cell in his brain by a head louse. The head louse has never thought ANYTHING apart from, 'food/have babies'. Now it's tapped into a schoolboy's thoughts and can also talk to the boy in his head! Jake gives his confused little friend the name of Brad. Although, in fact, Jake is more confused than Brad as he doesn't know who it is that's actually talking to him and screams "Who the hell is this?", when he first hears the voice. It's such an imaginative book, it doesn't remind me of any other book that I've ever read. I find it quite easy to find my memories in my brain but Jake in the book didn't, not until he met Brad. I don't want to give any giveaways, but I'll put it like this - Jake changes at the end. This book has been written by a teacher but you can't really tell - or at least this seems like it would be a funny teacher who is always making jokes. I think the book is a really good idea - and will also help kids understand that there is more to their brain than they think. Which is quite a good lesson to learn!There's no author I can really compare him too. The book is as good as the Mr Gum series. I'm especially impressed as this is the writer's first book and I hope he writes another one, I'll definitely read it and it will probably be even better." The Guardian Childrens Books

    • Animal stories (Children's/YA)
      March 2013

      Lousy Behaviour

      Solving the Ctrime, Stealing the Show!

      by Mike Davies

      Schoolboy Jake Mills still has a head lice problem. Following his brain-sharing adventures with Brad in Lousy Thinking, there's another bloodsucker on his mind and this one wants to be an actor. Chuck, as he calls himself, makes Jake audition for the school show. But rehearsals are cloaked in suspicion as things start to go missing from his classmates' bags. Together, they try to catch the thief, but can they solve the crime and steal the show?

    • Agriculture & farming

      The Right Colour

      by Andy Frazier

      This touching tale tells of a calf born in a pedigree Aberdeen Angus herd, an unusual calf that although is black in colour, is the wrong kind of black. Her times of hardship and degradation evolve her into a somewhat exceptional character. Now an old lady nearing the end of her life she tells her own extraordinary and comical tale of her exciting journey towards fulfilling her destiny.

    • Adventure
      April 2015

      The Game Master

      by Ian D Copsey

      What is it like to be someone else – especially your most hated enemy? Why do they think and do things differently? Tired of arguing over which of them was the best gamer, Josh and Alex stumbled upon a new video game shop, run by an enigmatic and amiable Japanese shopkeeper. He was to be their Game Master in this virtual reality video game that had no game controls. Little did they know it was a game that would change their lives, of their friends… and enemies… forever. “Oh! This game is no ordinary game,” The Game Master explained, “It reads your thoughts, seeks out your weaknesses to give challenges that are right just for you, the challenges you need to help you grow.” "It can read our minds?" puzzled the boys. As they progressed through the game’s levels they found out more about themselves and the lives of everyone around them. Mysteriously, the Game of Life began to spread its influence beyond Josh and Alex’s lives and to their friends. From Josh and Alex switching roles with each other in the game, campfire frolics and ghostly stories from their teachers, the boys learned more about their friends around them. The Game Master’s zany antics as he hosted a T.V. game show, “Hiro’s Happy Heroes” in the Game of Life, released a string of rib tickling gags, teases and tantalising tattles. The climax of the Game of Life came from the school Rube Goldberg challenge in which each grade had to join as a team to build their own whacky, madcap contraption. Would Josh and Alex be able to manage to get the two bullies in the class to work within the team? Patiently, with impish humour, the Game Master guides them through the different levels to a final intriguing twist.

    • Children's & YA

      The B.A.C.K. Pack with Flaps the Goose

      The B.A.C.K. Pack Saves Max

      by Jeffrey C. Thelen

      Here they are, The B.A.C.K. Pack with Flaps the Goose! Strap on your backpacks and join in the fun as the B.A.C.K. Pack, Bo, Ali, Charlie and Karmen along with Flaps set out on their first adventure. Watch the B.A.C.K. Pack as they ride their magical flying bike, use their special wristbands to make their backpacks spring into action and attempt to save the day as Katie’s dog Max is in trouble. “Uh oh, this is not going to be good!” as Flaps always says. Will Flaps help or ruin Max’s rescue? Will the B.A.C.K. Pack be heroes? Will Flaps be a hero? Will the B.A.C.K. Pack have all the necessary items in their back packs to save Max? So sit back, turn the pages of the B.A.C.K. Pack with Flaps the Goose and these questions will soon be answered in...The B.A.C.K. Pack Saves Max.

    • Children's & YA

      The B.A.C.K. Pack with Flaps the Goose

      Boris the Bully

      by Jeffrey C. Thelen

      Bo, Ali, Charlie and Karmen are back and ready to spring into action once again! Watch the B.A.C.K. Pack with Flaps the Goose as they attempt to save the day in their new adventure, Boris the Bully. Boris is not very nice because Boris is the school’s bully. Timmy is new in school and has the misfortune of being Boris’ new victim. The B.A.C.K. Pack has had enough of Boris the Bully and must devise a plan to end his reign of terror. Watch the B.A.C.K. Pack use their special wristbands to launch their backpacks into action yet again. Do the B.A.C.K. Pack hold the correct items in their backpacks to save Timmy from Boris? Here comes Flaps the Goose, always in trouble or getting in the way. Will Flaps help or interfere with the B.A.C.K. Pack’s efforts to help Timmy and put an end to Boris the Bully’s mean conduct? Let’s hope the B.A.C.K. Pack can rescue Timmy from Boris the Bully and that Flaps will not foil their plans. So let’s begin our story to see if Boris can be changed from a bully to a friend. All I ask is to keep your fingers crossed for the B.A.C.K. Pack to yet again, create a happy ending!

    • Picture books, activity books & early learning material
      October 2015


      a Tinker Fair story

      by Rob Justus

      Darren loves to tinker - but tinkering is a messy business! So, when Darren's mom wants him to clean his room, he does what any child would do ... he builds a Cleano-Bot to clean for him! What could go wrong?

    • Children's & YA
      April 2015

      Don't Push the Buttons on the Microwave

      An Autism Social Story

      by Lisa Lutes, Jay Lutes

      Sera loves help out with the microwave, but when her need to control it borders on obsessive, she learns that her feelings aren't the only ones that matter. A humorous social story for children on the autism spectrum.

    • Children's & young adult fiction & true stories
      April 2014

      Konrad, I Will Find You

      by Jennifer Perlin, Jay Lutes

      Konrad is about to start school and he is worried. "The school is so humongous! What if you can't find me at the end of the day?" he asks. Konrad's parents try to reassure him that he will always be found, no matter where he is - at school, on a mountain, or even in outer space! Using animated dialogue and vivid illustrations, "Konrad I will find you" leads children on a fantastic adventure, while at the same time provides reassurance and comfort in the face of separation anxiety.

    • Children's & YA
      September 2014

      The Chili Chip Dragon

      a Halloween Tale

      by Jay Lutes

      Sera and Emma are getting ready to trick or treat on Halloween, but Emma is scared of the monsters she might meet. Thanks to her sister and the Chili Chip Dragon, she learns to confront her fears.

    • Humorous stories (Children's/YA)
      July 2017

      Billy Bloo is Stuck in Goo

      by Jennifer Hamburg

      A rollicking read-aloud that combines the wonderful whimsy, colorful cast, and jovial jokes of cumulative classics like I KNOW AN OLD LADY and Dr. Seuss's AND TO THINK I SAW IT ON MULBERRY STREET. Billy Bloo is stuck in goo. Who will help him, tell me who? Who'll unstick him from this goo? Would you? With madcap mania, a troupe of merry volunteers attempt to rescue poor Billy Bloo, only to find themselves stuck in goo too! Oh, what to do? This spry, slapstick comedy of errors will have you rolling with laughter (but hopefully not into any goo!).

    • Fantasy
      February 2012

      How To Save A Kingdom

      by Bill Allen

      Save a kingdom? Seriously? Twelve-year-old Greg Hart can barely save himself from the overgrown class bully, much less save a kingdom. And then only by running and hiding. But six months ago, Greg played a role in an unlikely prophecy foretold on the magical world of Myrth. Against all odds he managed to survive. Now a second prophecy has been revealed, one featuring the "Hero Who Slayed Ruuan," and Greg is once again pulled into Myrth. Only Greg and a small band of friends know Ruuan still lives and Greg is no hero. Soon hundreds of thousands of Canaraza warriors will gather outside Pendegrass Castle to settle a score with King Peter and his army. Greg will be there too. With three generals battling by his side, the "hero" is expected to fight with the strength of ten men and make a difference that will lead the king to victory. The task seems impossible, but Greg learned from his first trip to Myrth that everyone will expect him to succeed anyway. After all, prophecies are never wrong. Until they are. Bill Allen may be described as an unusual man who has accomplished an unusual many deeds. In fact, it has been said that if you total up all the things he claims to have done, he cannot possibly be less than seven hundred years old. No one knows if this is true. All that is certain is that for a good many years he has been living in Melbourne, Florida with his wife, Nancy, writing software by day and, well, mostly sleeping by night. Every now and again he writes stories, too. How To Save A Kingdom is Book Two in the Journals of Myrth series. To find out more about Book One: How To Slay A Dragon and the upcoming Book Three: How To Stop A Witch, visit Bill at www.BillAllenBooks.com

    • Children's & young adult fiction & true stories

      Nelson to the Rescue

      by Simon Weston

    • Animal stories (Children's/YA)

      Nelson at Sea

      by Simon Weston

    • Humorous stories (Children's/YA)

      The Rugby Zombies.

      by Dan. Anthony

    • Children's & young adult fiction & true stories
      February 2012

      Eeek! The Runaway Alien

      by Karen Inglis

      A boy, an alien and World Cup football. A match made in heaven for soccer fans aged 7-10! 'Laugh-out-loud funny!' Eleven-year-old Charlie Spruit can't believe his luck when he opens his door to an alien one morning. Who is he? Why has he come? Charlie soon discovers that this alien has run away from space to Earth to be with him because he's soccer mad and the World Cup is on...! 'Eeek,' as Charlie decides to call him, takes up secret residence in Charlie's bedroom where he sleeps on the ceiling by night and pores over Charlie's football magazines and stickers by day. All is going surprisingly well until slimy sci-fi mad Sid Spiker, who lives out the back, spots Eeek through his telescope. Sid has his own plans for this alien, which bring surprises that no-one could have imagined... Praise for Eeek! Eeek! has been praised by teachers, children’s book editors, reading charities and parents as a great book for boys age 7-10, including reluctant readers, and several UK schools have adopted it for Year 3 class readers or children’s books clubs. Girls who love football love it too!

    • Humorous stories (Children's/YA)

      The Rugby Zombies

      by Dan. Anthony

    • Horror & ghost stories, chillers (Children's/YA)
      June 2010

      Haint Misbehavin'

      by Maureen Hardegree

      The start of a fun middle-grade series, The Ghost Handlers, follows Heather Tildy, an Atlanta teen with a troublesome habit of attracting ghosts. Middle-child Heather has enough to worry about with sisters, boys and school. Now that a trouble-making girl from the 1800's is poking her nose in Heather's business, her life has taken a supernatural turn for the worse! Before her life can get better, she has to figure out how to help the ghost move on. Debut author Hardegree is a veteran short-story author for the well-known MOSSY CREEK HOMETOWN series. She plans multiple titles in this warm and funny YA series. "Ghostly fun!" ~Gillian Summers, The Faire Folk Series "A fun package of crushes, quests for popularity, and summertime antics, tied together with a paranormal bow. Fans of Meg Cabot's Mediator novels will find much to like in Haint Misbehavin', the first of Hardegree's Ghost Handler series." ~Trish Milburn HEARTBREAK RIVER (as Tricia Mills), Razorbill

    • Personal & social issues: family issues (Children's/YA)
      July 2010

      What I Learned From Being a Cheerleader

      by Adrianne Ambrose

      Eleven-year-old Elaine Rewitzer is funny, smart and happy being a geek, but when she wins a spot on the Cross Creek Middle School Buccaneers cheerleading squad, she gets totally into her new life. Her mega-brain best friend Bethany warns that Elaine will just become “part of the herd,” and her best geek-guy-pal, Tim, (who is struggling with nose polyps) feels forgotten. Will Elaine survive the roller coaster of pre-teen cheerleader fame? Will she win the heart of the cutest boy on the basketball team? Will she confess her “uncool” love for comic books? Will she lose Bethany and Tim's friendship for-evah? ABOUT THE AUTHOR: When not writing novels about cheerleaders, barbarians or vampires, Adrianne Ambrose is being nominated for video game awards starring dangerous high school girls. Adrianne contributes to the Fraggle Rock comic book series. www.adrianneambrose.com

    • Children's & YA

      The Fight Before Christmas

      by Chris McCormack

      It is the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature is stirring not even a mouse… Then out in the street a car alarm starts to beep, and Christmas Tree wakes from a deep dreamy sleep. And so begins the story of the true meaning of Christmas and whether it’s about Turkey and her trimmings, Santa and his presents or the sparkle of Christmas trees. As the Christmas things argue about the important role they play in Christmas, their excitement boils over. Will all the noise wake the children up in their beds, who are dreaming of presents towering over their heads? Rudolf and Santa, the Turkey, Christmas Tree, or the gang of presents – who or what best represents the spirit of Christmas? The Fight Before Christmas is both stylish and funny, simple in the telling, and warm in its message. A combination of read-along-rhyme by Chris McCormack and and colourful, fun illustrations by Naomi Lunn which perfectly capture the story’s playfulness. The Fight Before Christmas is an excellent picture book for parents to read to their children in the run of to our favourite festival, and is certain to become something of a Christmas classic.

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