• Children's & young adult fiction & true stories
      September 2015

      Wondrous Willow

      by Horner, Christine

      ONCE THERE WAS AN AUSPICIOUS LITTLE BUTTERFLY who lived on the side of a very steep mountain. How Willow had come to be born on the side of this particular mountain was a great mystery to her. Yet, she felt sure it was for a very special reason that she was there. “You don’t even do . . . whatever it is butterflies do. You sit around on bushes preening, or near the water’s edge looking at yourself all day!” yelled Percy. It was true. When she thought about it much, it brought her down. How could Willow be so silly as to think herself to be important when she didn’t even behave like other butterflies? Christine Horner and Joey McGrellis take us on a courageous journey of the heart as Willow, marveling at her wondrous existence, explores life, death, unlikely heroes, and a miracle when a man-made fire changes her life and her mountain home forever.www.ChristineHorner.com

    • Personal & social issues: disability & special needs (Children's/YA)
      April 2016

      MyaGrace Wants To Get Ready

      a true story promoting inclusion and self-determination

      by Jo Meserve Mach, Vera Lynne Stroup-Rentier, Mary Birdsell

      MyaGrace loves music and dancing. Her school is having a big dance and she wants to do with her friend Emily. She has so much to do to get ready. What should she wear? How should she fix her hair? What color should she paint her fingernails? Will she get ready in time? (MyaGrace has Autism, Cerebral Palsy and intellectual disabilities. She was adopted from India.)

    • Adventure

      Song of Raven

      by Katerina Naumenko

      Long poem-story illustrated by author, nine colored-pencil images inside ranging from 1/3 to full page in size. Blurb for the back cover:Have you ever dreamt of high adventure?Has your soul unendingly ripped at its reigns - To defend your truth with light and rapture,And serve others truly without gains?Oh dear stranger, the story now before you,Let me tell with innocence of youth;Of a maid, both brave and noble,Serving others well, and serving truth.Let the stamping hooves, like drum-roll beating,Hold your place, as your soul takes flight,To delight in marvels, and …some battles,Both in the field, and youth’s fair trials of right.

    • Adventure
      April 2015

      The Game Master

      by Ian D Copsey

      What is it like to be someone else – especially your most hated enemy? Why do they think and do things differently? Tired of arguing over which of them was the best gamer, Josh and Alex stumbled upon a new video game shop, run by an enigmatic and amiable Japanese shopkeeper. He was to be their Game Master in this virtual reality video game that had no game controls. Little did they know it was a game that would change their lives, of their friends… and enemies… forever. “Oh! This game is no ordinary game,” The Game Master explained, “It reads your thoughts, seeks out your weaknesses to give challenges that are right just for you, the challenges you need to help you grow.” "It can read our minds?" puzzled the boys. As they progressed through the game’s levels they found out more about themselves and the lives of everyone around them. Mysteriously, the Game of Life began to spread its influence beyond Josh and Alex’s lives and to their friends. From Josh and Alex switching roles with each other in the game, campfire frolics and ghostly stories from their teachers, the boys learned more about their friends around them. The Game Master’s zany antics as he hosted a T.V. game show, “Hiro’s Happy Heroes” in the Game of Life, released a string of rib tickling gags, teases and tantalising tattles. The climax of the Game of Life came from the school Rube Goldberg challenge in which each grade had to join as a team to build their own whacky, madcap contraption. Would Josh and Alex be able to manage to get the two bullies in the class to work within the team? Patiently, with impish humour, the Game Master guides them through the different levels to a final intriguing twist.

    • Adventure
      July 2011

      Someone to Look Up To

      The Story of a Special Dog

      by Jean Gill

      'Nobody writes dog stories better.' Karen Charlton, author of 'The Heiress of Linn Hagh' A dog's life in the south of France. From puppyhood, Sirius the Pyrenean Mountain Dog has been trying to understand his humans and train them with kindness... How this led to their divorce he has no idea. More misunderstandings take Sirius to Death Row in an animal shelter, as a so-called dangerous dog learning survival tricks from the other inmates. During the twilight barking, he is shocked to hear his brother's voice but the bitter-sweet reunion is short-lived. Doggedly, Sirius keeps the faith. One day, his human will come. View the book trailer youtube.com/watch?v=JFPrJbqM4LU

    • Romance & relationships stories (Children's/YA)

      Betrayed (Book #3 in the Vampire Journals)

      by Morgan Rice

    • Family & home stories (Children's/YA)
      September 2009

      The Further Adventures Of Ociee Nash

      by Milam McGraw Propst

      In the tradition of Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, Anne of Green Gables, Pollyanna and Laura Ingalls, the Ociee Nash series is filled with the sweet, funny, poignant and mischievous adventures of ten-year-old Ociee Nash, a likable tomboy who turns her grief over her mother's death into a talent for recognizing lonely people who need a friend. Travel with Ociee as she, Papa, and brother Ben move to the bright lights of Memphis, Tennessee, where a "witch woman" captures Ociee's tender heart. In THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF OCIEE NASH, eleven-year-old Ociee's life is never plain, quiet or simple. After all, it's the fancy modern world of 1901, big brother Fred is now a married man, and brother Ben just coaxed her to jump off a moving train. Plus, as she's planning to go back to North Carolina for another visit with fun Aunt Mamie, Papa Nash announces that their family is leaving little Abbeville, Mississippi, for the bright city lights of Memphis, Tennessee. Atlanta author Milam McGraw Propst was awarded Georgia Author of the Year and a national Parent's Choice Award for the first book in the Ociee Nash series, 'A Flower Blooms on Charlotte Street, which then became an acclaimed film in 2003 as THE ADVENTURES OF OCIEE NASH, starring Skyler Day, Keith Carradine, and Mare Winningham. Milam's stories are inspired by the history of her own grandmother, Ociee Nash Whitman.

    • Romance & relationships stories (Children's/YA)

      Loved (Book #2 in the Vampire Journals)

      by Morgan Rice

    • Children's & young adult fiction & true stories

      The Skipper's Child

      by Valerie Poore

      The Dutch barge RIVAL is home to Arie, his two sisters, his father, and his deaf mother. They travel the European waterways, but Arie is frustrated. It seems there is no escape from the tedium. That is, until an unexpected brush with Russian secret agents and a startling stow-away bring him more excitement than he had ever bargained for!

    • Historical fiction (Children's/YA)
      January 2017

      The Harlem Charade

      by Natasha Tarpley

      Fans of Chasing Vermeerwill love this clever mystery about art, artifice, and the power of community. Harlem is home to all kinds of kids. Jin sees life passing her by from the window of her family's bodega. Alex wants to help the needy one shelter at a time, but can't tell anyone who she really is. Elvin's living on Harlem's cold, lonely streets, surviving on his own after his grandfather was mysteriously attacked. When these three strangers join forces to find out what happened to Elvin's grandfather, their digging leads them to an enigmatic artist whose missing masterpieces are worth a fortune-one that might save the neighborhood from development by an ambitious politician who wants to turn it into Harlem World, a ludicrous historic theme park. But if they don't find the paintings soon, nothing in their beloved neighborhood will ever be the same . . . In this remarkable tale of daring and danger, debut novelist Natasha Tarpley explores the way a community defines itself, the power of art to show truth, and what it really means to be home.

    • Family & home stories (Children's/YA)
      June 2017

      This Is Just a Test

      by Wendy Wan-long Shang, Madelyn Rosenberg

      Rosenberg and Wan-Long Shang tell the story of a boy caught in the middle of cultures, of friends, and of growing up Chinese-Jewish-American in this hilariously witty and heart-warming coming-of-age. David Da-Wei Horowitz has a lot on his plate. He would have enough to do preparing for his upcoming bar mitzvah even if the planning didn't involve trying to please both his Jewish and Chinese grandmothers, who argue about everything. They even have a cook-off battle of the latkes. But David just wants everyone to be happy.That includes his friend Scott, who is determined to win their upcoming trivia tournament but doesn't like their teammate -- and David's best friend -- Hector. Scott and David begin digging a fallout shelter just in case this Cold War stuff with Russia turns south... but David's not so convinced he wants to spend forever in an underground bunker with Scott anymore. Maybe it would be better if Hector and Kelli Ann came with them. But that would mean David has to figure out how to stand up for Hector and talk to Kelli Ann first. Some days, surviving nuclear war feels like the least of David's problems.

    • Family & home stories (Children's/YA)
      April 2017

      Revenge of the Happy Campers (The Brewster Triplets)

      by Jennifer Ziegler

      The Brewster triplets are back for more revenge, hilarity, and family shenanigans from house favorite Jennifer Ziegler! The Brewster triplets, Dawn, Darby, and Delaney, are always up for an adventure, whether it's ruining a wedding (for good reasons!) or turning a Christmas pageant tradition on its head. But now they're about to go where they've never gone before: Camping! They're spending spring break with Aunt Jane, at the campground she and their mom used to go as kids. But the first morning there, they run into a trio of boys, and one starts bragging about his plan to become the President of the United States. Clearly this is Dawn's destiny, and the two, well, don't become fast friends. Between Dawn and Raj's competition to see who's the best leader, some unfortunate encounters with nature, and how disappointed Aunt Jane is at every turn, this camping thing is sure looking like a bad idea. And when their final contest ends with a washed-out bridge, an injured boy, and a rainstorm, it might take six future leaders of the country to keep this from being the worst trip ever!

    • Family & home stories (Children's/YA)
      June 2017

      Allie, First at Last: A Wish Novel

      A Wish Novel

      by Angela Cervantes

      With a diverse family-and-frienship story perfect for our WISH line, this charming second novel by Angela Cervantes asks an all-important question: is winning top prize worth losing a friend? Allie Velasco wants to be a trailblazer. A trendsetter. A winner. No better feeling exists in the world than stepping to the top of a winner’s podium and hoisting a trophy high in the air. At least, that’s what Allie thinks . . . she’s never actually won anything before. Everyone in her family is special in some way -- her younger sister is a rising TV star; her brother is a soccer prodigy; her great-grandfather is a Congressional Medal of Honor winner.With a family like this, Allie knows she has to make her mark or risk being left behind. She’s determined to add a shiny medal, blue ribbon, or beautiful trophy to her family's award shelf. When a prestigious school contest is announced, Allie has the perfect opportunity to take first at last. There’s just one small snag . . . her biggest competition is also her ex-best friend, Sara. Can Allie take top prize and win back a friend -- or is she destined to lose it all?

    • Classic fiction (Children's/YA)
      December 2015

      Stella and her spiky friend

      by Tuula Pere (author), Emanuel Tamas (illustrator)

      A strange pharmacist named Betty Birdington has moved to Berry Bay. She wears odd wigs, doesn’t like children, and snaps at all the customers. Before long rumors about the new pharmacist are flying all over town. The new pharmacist definitely makes Stella uneasy too. But when her pet hedgehog gets hurt, she knows there’s only one person who can help —Betty Birdington.

    • Classic fiction (Children's/YA)
      November 2014

      Christmas Switcheroo

      by Tuula Pere

      The Perksons just love Christmas – especially Mum, who starts preparing for the perfect Christmas early in the autumn. Sometimes her plans are so ambitious that she runs out of steam. For Dad, the most important thing is to have the garden decorated with tons of Christmas lights. The fuses are about to blow every time he comes up with another new light arrangement to his own and the neighbours’ delight. The last presents are found in the nick of time, and things don’t play out as planned. By mistake, the children mix up the nametags. Will it all end in a disaster like Mum dreads, or will Christmas come in the middle of these not-so-perfect preparations after all?

    • Classic fiction (Children's/YA)
      May 2010

      Stella and the Magic Stone

      by Tuula Pere (author), Sanna Pelliccioni (illustrator)

      Stella’s cheerful summer fun and anticipation of becoming a first grader are disturbed by a surprising turn of events. Grandpa falls over on his bicycle and is confined to a hospital bed for days. Their shared days at the quarry would have to wait. Stella is not as nervous about visiting Grandpa at the big hospital building now that she has become acquainted with a girl of her age who sits in a wheelchair. Stella is anxious to find a magic stone in her quarry with which she could wake Grandpa up. Whether it is thanks to the power of the stone or the affection of a small child that finally makes Grandpa open his eyes remains a mystery.

    • Classic fiction (Children's/YA)
      July 2014

      Stella and the Berry Bay

      by Tuula Pere (author), Elina-Johanna Ahonen (illustrator)

      Why on earth is there a van with “Mover-Matt and the Boys” written on the side standing in front of Stella’s home porch? She’s in for the biggest shock of her life right before starting school. She’s sad to leave her familiar neighbourhood. Luckily, the kind-hearted teacher of Stella’s afternoon club understands how upset the girl is about having to leave. But Berry Bay isn’t half as bad after all. Stella soon befriends with the two brothers from next door. They have the habit of sliding through a chink in the fence to play in Stella’s garden. The strict teacher turns out to be fair, and Stella even makes it through the casserole days. The classroom’s old harmonium wobbles, as Stella and the teacher find the common tune.

    • Children's & YA
      May 2019

      Indigo Girl

      by Suzanne Kamata

      Fifteen-year-old Aiko Cassidy, a bicultural girl with cerebral palsy, grew up in Michigan with her single mother. For as long as she could remember, it was just the two of them. When a new stepfather and a baby half sister enter her life, she finds herself on the margins. Having recently come into contact with her biological father, she is invited to spend the summer with his indigo-growing family in a small Japanese farming village. Aiko thinks she just might fit in better in Japan. If nothing else, she figures the trip will inspire her manga story,Gadget Girl. However, Aiko’s stay in Japan is not quite the easygoing vacation that she expected. Her grandmother is openly hostile toward her, and she soon learns of painful family secrets that have been buried for years. Even so, she takes pleasure in meeting new friends. She is drawn to Taiga, the figure skater who shows her the power of persistence against self-doubt. Sora is a fellow manga enthusiast who introduces Aiko to a wide circle of like-minded artists. And then there is Kotaro, a refugee from the recent devastating earthquake in northeastern Japan. As she gets to know her biological father and the story of his break with her mother, Aiko begins to rethink the meaning of family and her own place in the world.

    • Children's & YA
      January 2019

      Children of the Stars

      by Yuan Xiaojun

      "Children of the Stars" is a novel about autistic children. It tells the story of an autistic family and a disabled puppy. It describes the difficulties and hardships of autistic children facing all aspects of learning and life. Finally, with the help of society, an extraordinary life was achieved.

    • Family & home stories (Children's/YA)
      February 1905

      Little Women

      by Louise May Alcott

      Little Women "has been read as a romance or as a quest, or both. It has been read as a family drama that validates virtue over wealth", but also "as a means of escaping that life by women who knew its gender constraints only too well".[6]:34 According to Sarah Elbert, Alcott created a new form of literature, one that took elements from Romantic children's fiction and combined it with others from sentimental novels, resulting in a totally new format. Elbert argued that within Little Women can be found the first vision of the "All-American girl" and that her multiple aspects are embodied in the differing March sisters.

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