• Classic fiction (Children's/YA)
      June 2018

      The Mouse of the Opera

      by Tuula Pere (author), Outi Rautkallio (illustrator)

      A curious wood mouse, Maurice decides to explore the opera house, which glimmers like a giant lantern from across the lawn. Lured by beautiful music, he sneaks in for a tour of the opera house’s rehearsals, wardrobe room, restaurant, and orchestra pit. The uninvited guest causes a great commotion, triggering a wild chase. Luckily, a gentle caretaker understands that even a little mouse can yearn for music.

    • Classic fiction (Children's/YA)
      February 2019

      Circus Cannelloni Invades Britain

      by Tuula Pere

      The Circus Cannelloni's finances are looking up, for a change. It’s time to go on holiday together. This motley crew embarks on a trip to England, where they are joined by the Cannellonis’ grandchildren. The circus crew manages to stir up confusion and fun at a famous horse race, a tennis tournament, and a boarding school run by a tight-lipped headmistress. Mr. Cannelloni gets a chance to lecture at a prestigious university while Madame Cannelloni’s determination wins over even the toughest of opponents. Many things have changed by the time the circus returns home—with a happily engaged couple and a newborn elephant baby.

    • Classic fiction (Children's/YA)
      October 2018

      Colin the Crab Falls in Love

      by Tuula Pere (author), Roksolana Panchyshyn (illustrator)

      Colin the Crab is a hard worker, who loves spending the spare time with his many friends. He has a charming home, but lately, it has started to feel a bit empty and lonely. Why is that? Is it time for Colin to find a spouse? Colin is confused, and even his friends don’t know how to advise him. Mr. Finley the Frog, the director of the river museum, calls Colin for help when an accident befalls the exhibition. Colin makes an unexpected and quite a unique discovery from between the shells: a girl crab, who has the most beautiful eyes in the world.

    • Fantasy
      September 2014


      If your world was falling apart, how far would you go to save it?

      by Ryan Mark

      The life William knew has gone. His world has been left devastated by the Fossil War. All major governments have been wiped out and the land is now under the control of the company Terrafall. Although Terrafall's intentions seem honest, William wonders if the company will live up to its promises and stop the tremors, which have been plaguing the Earth since the end of the war. And can Terrafall really find out who is behind the recent wave of abductions? When someone close to William disappears, he decides it's time to take matters into his own hands. But in a land that is on the verge of tearing itself apart, is it a life worth fighting for? If your world was falling apart, how far would YOU go to save it?

    • Adventure

      Song of Raven

      by Katerina Naumenko

      Long poem-story illustrated by author, nine colored-pencil images inside ranging from 1/3 to full page in size. Blurb for the back cover:Have you ever dreamt of high adventure?Has your soul unendingly ripped at its reigns - To defend your truth with light and rapture,And serve others truly without gains?Oh dear stranger, the story now before you,Let me tell with innocence of youth;Of a maid, both brave and noble,Serving others well, and serving truth.Let the stamping hooves, like drum-roll beating,Hold your place, as your soul takes flight,To delight in marvels, and …some battles,Both in the field, and youth’s fair trials of right.

    • Children's & young adult fiction & true stories

      Dirgelwch Yr Ogof

      Nofel Am Smyglwyr

      by T. Llew Jones

    • Crime & mystery fiction (Children's/YA)

      Ibrahim Khan and the Mystery of the Haunted Lake

      by Farheen. Khan

    • Science fiction
      February 2012

      Arena One

      Slaverunners (Book #1 of the Survival Trilogy)

      by Morgan Rice

    • Fiction

      The Magic Island of Tippeti-too

      by Derek Adie Flower

      A fable in three parts recounts the visits of seven-year-old David, with his two pets, Tod the Tortoise and Bleep the Canary, to a magical island. Here David meets extrodinary and pleasure-loving animals like Funny-Face Roo a purple kangaroo, Mello-Werrydith a crimson feathery mouse, Lola the lavender blue crocodile who speaks only in rhymes, Diego the wise and gentle dragon, and many others, not forgetting Nam the only human on the island. Each year, on his birthday, David can return to the island and have thrilling, but also chilling, adventures.

    • Horror & ghost stories, chillers (Children's/YA)
      November 2011

      Lunatic Detective

      by Sharon Sala

      As Tara and Flynn are closing in on Dee Dee Broyles' killer, a deadly new ghost begins to threaten them. It's just another day in Tara's lunatic life . . . All during the day at school, Tara kept picturing the moment when she and Nate would find DeeDee's grave. Even the classes she had with Flynn, who made everything fun, never seemed to end. By the time the last bell rang, she was fired up like a roman candle on the Fourth of July. She bolted from her seat, made a quick stop at her locker, and slipped out a side door instead of taking the front, knowing full well she was going to miss seeing Flynn. She didn't have time to delay or explain, and she had a feeling he wouldn't be all that thrilled in what she was doing. He was pretty cool about her psychic stuff, but digging for bodies fell way out of the realm of normal-even for her. Sharon Sala is the bestselling author of romance, suspense and historical novels for adults, and now, of the popular Lunatic Life mysteries for young adults. She's hard at work on her next Lunatic Life novel. Visit her at www.SharonSalaBooks.com.

    • Thrillers (Children's/YA)

      Open Secret

      by Mary. Medlicott

    • Children's & young adult fiction & true stories

      Adventure at Dinas Bròan

      by Mary. Mestecky

    • Crime & mystery fiction (Children's/YA)

      Megan the Detective

      by Frances Thomas

    • Adventure stories (Children's/YA)

      Space Plague

      by David Orme

    • Crime & mystery fiction (Children's/YA)

      Megan and the Pantomime Thief

      by Frances Thomas

    • Adventure stories (Children's/YA)

      Saving Ss Shannon

      by Phil. Carradice

    • Adventure stories (Children's/YA)

      The Pirates of Thorne Island

      by Phil Carradice

      Nat is once more at the centre of an adventure. The older boys from the industrial ship, The Havannah, set sail for Pembrokeshire but their boat is damaged in a storm. Camping out on a military fort on craggy Thorne Island while the boat is being repaired, Nat and his friends hope to enjoy themselves, but watching out for smugglers turns out to be a serious business.

    • Educational: Languages other than English

      Ofnadwy Nos

      by T. Llew Jones

    • Children's & young adult fiction & true stories

      Lladron Defaid

      by Alison Morgan

    • Children's & young adult fiction & true stories

      Twm Yn Y Canol

      by Sian Lewis

      A story about a family of five. Twm is the main character and is 11 years old. He has an older sister called Miriam and a younger brother called Morgan, therefore Twm is in the middle. Their mother is a vet and a busy person and their father an accountant. We come to know about the significance of the purse, belonging to Mrs Jones Wern Deg, that was found under Morgan's bed.

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