• Children's & YA
      May 2020


      by G. L. MARVEL

      FOLLOWING THE SUCCESS OF INSPIRATIONAL BIOGRAPHIES,HERE IT COMES THE BOOK FOR BOYS. The inspiring life of 50 children who have become superheroes without the need for a cape or sword. With Alan Turing, Albert Einstein, Andre Agassi, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Charles Darwin, Dalái Lama, Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, Haile Gebrselassie, Harvey Milk, Iqbal Masih, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Jamie Oliver, John Lennon, Julio Verne , Kilian Jornet, Leonardo da Vinci, Louis Braille, Mahatma Gandhi, Pedro Duque, Roald Amundsen, Sebastião Salgado, Stephen Hawking, among others.

    • Children's & YA


      by MARÍA MENÉNDEZ PONTE (writer); JUDI ABOTT (illustrator)

      EMOTIONS, WHAT A WORLD! Recognizing and knowing how to express emotions and feelings is essential in the development of the little ones. Sometimes we adults understand what they feel but we don't know how to explain it to them so that they are able to understand each other better. However, doing so is a necessary step to mature and grow happily. The 30 tales of María Menéndez-Ponte will help to recognize and manage all kinds of emotions. The adventures of its friendly protagonists will make the difficult task of understanding our own emotions more fun than ever. Besides, they are accompanied by the sheets prepared by La Nau Espacial, a center specialized in emotional education.

    • Picture books, activity books & early learning material

      La balada de Mulán

      by Mónica Rodríguez

      Mulán decide ir a la guerra. Es una niña, pero después de muchas batallas, será una guerrera valiente.

    • Personal & social issues: self-awareness & self-esteem (Children's/YA)
      September 2020

      El gran libro de los supertesoros

      que de verdad importan

      by Susanna Isern (author) / Rocio Bonilla (illustrator)

      After the success of The Great Book of Superpowers… coming soon! The most important things aren’t material. What makes you really happy? Family, memories, teachers, nature, animals, friends, dreams… There are very valuable SUPERTREASURES that give meaning to our lives and that we should look after. Which are yours?

    • Adventure stories (Children's/YA)
      November 2018


      by NACHO GOLFE

      What would you be willing to do for your grandparents? Discover this adventure through the ages. This crazy gang of friends will fight with dinosaurs, gladiators and above all, against ALZHEIMER. Fun, friendship, imagination and family. The story of a new Superhero. The story of a grandson and his grandfather.

    • Children's & YA
      May 2013


      by Gloria Castanares Marti

      As a teenager Alvaro accumulated a great deal of problems. When he moved to a new city, his father was ill and in the new high school he was the target of all sort of aggressions of a group of students. Alvaro discovered Pablo another student suffering bullying too. Helping Pablo might be the way to solve his own problems.

    • Adventure stories (Children's/YA)
      March 2018

      La piedra verde

      by Julio Santos

      Series of illustrated children’s books 7 y.o. or older.Over 120 pages of entertainment, adventures, and mystery with color illustrations. Hi! My name is Txano and my twin brother is Oscar.Have you ever seen a meteorite crash to Earth? Well, we have… While on an excursion at the beginning of summer, a huge ball of fire flew across the sky in front of our eyes and crashed into the forest!Yes, I know we should have run away in the opposite direction, but we didn’t, and we went searching for it, instead. And we found it. It was a strange green stone. The mystery hiding behind its glow changed our lives forever. Why don’t you come with us to discover it?

    • Picture books

      Y de repente se fue la luz... de la luna

      by Xavier Frías Conde / Laufer

      En el reino mágico de Lendataria crece la desesperación. La luna ya no brilla: su luz se ha apagado y nadie sabe bien por qué. «Un momento, debemos resolverlo», se dice el consejero Amuleto, que visita al rey y le pide ofrecer una recompensa a quien resuelva el entuerto. «¡Que alguien encienda una vela!, ¡Que alguien prenda la antorcha! Que vengan un mago o dos o ciento »: Por orden del rey Migajo III, se hace saber que quien le devuelva el brillo a la luna no perderá la cabeza será gratificado con cien monedas de oro y tres mil de chocolate –entre otros premios. En este cuento no hay príncipes azules ni nobles caballeros entregados a su reino, oa una dama pobremente dibujada –hecha de tópicos entrelazados–, sino que… podría ser una heroína desconocida quien… encontrase la solución o… alumbrase el misterio. Galería de fotos / Primeras páginas / Dossier de prensa .pdf / Más información

    • Adventure stories (Children's/YA)
      November 2018

      Los Guardianes del Castillo

      by Nacho Golfe

      A new castle has appeared in the park. An adventure awaits you inside. It just takes a little imagination.

    • Children's & YA
      July 2020

      Double Quiz

      Two books in one!

      by Víctor Escandell, Ana Gallo

      Double Quiz will put your knowledge to the test, covering everything from History to Literature and Architecture to Sports or Cinema. An amazing book that splits into two books to play, one for each player or team. One book contains the even numbered questions and odd numbered answers and the other book is the opposite. Start playing and enjoy testing your knowledge!

    • Children's & YA
      October 2020

      Lost landscapes of Earth

      by Aina Bestard

      The history of the Earth describes the most important events and fundamental stages in the development of the planet Earth from its formation to the present day. The age of the Earth is about 4.56 billion years. Nearly all branches of science have helped us understand the main events of the Earth’s past. Geologic time is the billions of years since the planet Earth began developing. Geologists study rocks and fossils, or remains of living things that have been preserved in the ground. The rocks and fossils tell the story of Earth from when its crust formed billions of years ago to the present. This book follow the major events of the history of Earyh through marvelous illustrations accompanie by a comprehensive text that helps the reader understand the science behind these drawings and the geologic remains and fossils that they portray.

    • Children's & YA
      March 2020


      by Soledad Romero, Mariona Cabassa

      The whole Universe flows in eternal natural cycles. Things don’t disappear; they are transformed in an eternal wheel of creation and destruction, of life and death. The cosmos offers an infinity that we can only admire with open eyes to better understand our existence.This series explores, focusing on different subjects, how the Universe revolves: how things are born, grow, learn, explore, transform, feel, wither, die, and are reborn again as majestic phoenixes.Each book of the series will show the powerful energies that transform Nature and Universe.

    • Children's & YA
      March 2020

      Measuring is fun

      by Mireia Trius, Òscar Julve

      An illustrated unit conversion book, which helps children to understand how long, large or heavy something is by equating it with physical real life objects, which children can easily relate to. Describing how small or big an object is can be difficult at times. Kids tend to think that seeing is believing and they will find this book very useful. The book shows illustrations of objects scaled to actual size. It includes examples of weight, lenght, volume, area and time.

    • Children's & YA
      September 2020

      Secret life of Viruses

      by Mariona Tolosa Sisteré, Ellas Lideran collective

      A tiny creature invisible to the naked eye is causing one of the biggest global health crisis we have ever experienced. Coronavirus news are on our TVs, newspapers, social media and family video calls every day. We are quickly learning scientific concepts such as exponential growth or how to "flatten the curve" to protect the most vulnerable members of our society.But what is a virus? where do they live? How many viruses are there? Are all viruses bad? How do we fight them? To answer all these questions, we present The Secret Life of Viruses, a book for grownups and kids about the story of viruses everywehere. A book on how to learn to coexist with viruses without fear.

    • Adventure stories (Children's/YA)
      September 2020

      Bitmax & Co. Un robot al bosc | A Robot in the Forest

      by Jaume Copons & Liliana Fortuny

      If you are looking for a series for readers over 6 years old, Bitmax & Co is for you! A the new graphic novel series for first readers from Combel. written and illustrated by the bestsellers Jaume Copons and Liliana Fortuny... When Mus and Wagner, a rat and a bear living in the Blue Forest, find a broken robot and decide to fix it, they have no idea of the adventure they have in store. They soon discover that the robot has a name, Bitmax, and it also has a strange profession – it’s a helper!

    • Adventure stories (Children's/YA)
      February 2020

      ¡Buen camino, Jacobo! | Have a Nice Route, Jacobo!

      by Fernando Lalana

      When Aunt Victoria told Jacobo there was something strange about him, she marked his destiny. And when he is diagnosed as “chubby” at the age of 6, his fate is sealed. Therefore, everything the boy tries to do ends up in a big mess, until one day, when Jacobo decides that he is not willing to sit back and watch life pass by in front of him. So he makes the decision to do the Camino de Santiago, like so many other pilgrims he sees pass through Can Fran, his village. What he doesn’t know is that the Camino has more than one surprise in store for him. A humorous work closely linked to picaresque and the coming-of-age nove

    • Adventure
      April 2020

      Yumi and her band

      by J. Olloqui

      Yumi is ten years old. She wants to be a drummer in a rock band to be rich and famous. Now I play drums in a band with my friends. We're not famous yet, and I don't understand why, because we're so cool. Apart from my band, I have Alimaña, who's my best friend, although he's pretty dumb. Besides, my parents spend their lives scolding me, my older sister has a disease called adolescence, and my little brother is a criminal mind locked up in the body of a two-year-old. A children's book similar to Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

    • Picture books

      El sombrero que voló

      by José Carlos Román / Mónica Carretero

      La señora Filomena sale de paseo, con la ropa de domingo y un sombrero nuevo que todo el mundo admira. Pero el viento comienza a soplar, sin que nadie se lo espere, llevándose el tocado para tristeza de Filomena. Así comienza el viaje de este sombrero elegante y volátil, que en su camino conoce a una familia de ratones que se convierte en hogar el interior de la copa: abajo, pone la cocina y el salón; arriba, una camita, con su mullido colchón. Pero el viento sopla de nuevo, y la bonita chistera se marcha ... ¡aún más lejos! ¿A qué otros personajes conocerá en su gracioso vaivén? Galería de fotos / Primeras páginas / Más información

    • Atlases (Children's/YA)
      September 2019

      Los Superpreguntones. Atlas XXL

      by Bruno Martínez Tabares

      This large Atlas is meant for children and adults to sit together on the sofa, turn the pages, share and enjoy its amusing maps, questions and illustrations with thousands of details of the five continents. Thus, curiosity, which is the source of knowledge, will continue growing. - Why it is said that Europe is the Old World? - Does France have a small Sahara? - Does Germany have a jungle? - Is there a little man peeing out in the middle of the street in Belgium? - Does Moldavia exist or is it an invented country in Tintin Adventures? - How much costs Alaska? - Do the people of Guatemala do the shopping with birds? - Does Laos have a million elephants? - Did the Japanese invent the chopsticks to eat?

    • Personal & social issues: bullying, violence & abuse (Children's/YA)
      December 2018

      Bajo el paraguas azul

      by Martínez, Elena

      Youth novel about bullying and cyber-bullying in social networks, based on a real fact, with more than 10.000 readers in two years, only in Spain, and international awards for best inspirational novel: Latinos Books award (Los Angeles). A youthful novel that is a reference in Spain.

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