• Dog obedience & training
      April 2019

      Canine colleague:

      Reconciling dog and professional life

      by Christiane Wittig, Michaela Hares

      Do you want to take your dog with you to work? This guide provides many decision-making aids and arguments to persuade your employer and colleagues and tips for your own work organization and structuring your daily work routine. It also offers many tips how to train your dog how to behave in office: stay in place, ignore incoming visitors, keep calm when someone is knocking at the door and how to provide some activity in between. Key selling points: Increasing acceptance of dogs in offices Considers both employers and employees Training tips for dogs in daily work life

    • Dog obedience & training
      May 2019

      Thinking around the corner

      Distance control exercises for a better communication with your dog

      by Katrien Lismont:

      The distance control exercises described in this book, based on a triangle shape, are essentially borrowed from the training of working retrievers, but they are of general use to enhance every dog’s impulse control and help him to get along in our modern world. The author turns this concept into a team-play to encourage focus, happy excitement, cooperation, self-control and a clear communication between dog and owner. Key selling points: Unique newly developed concept Successful training for a more patient and focused dog New ideas for qualitative activities

    • Dog obedience & training
      May 2019

      Shake paws on it!

      Smart Dog Training easily explained

      by Christine Kompatscher

      This book includes all aspects of everyday dog training: house-training, walking on leash, recall, dealing with unwanted hunting behavior, car driving, self-control, politeness training and much more. An entertaining and smart dog training book, written with much heart and humour. Every chapter is opened with a short personal, funny story of the author and her dogs Smilla and Balou. Key selling points: Facts on positive reinforcement training easily explained Encouraging tips for every dog owner Training experience that really helps you in everyday life

    • Lifestyle, Sport & Leisure
      October 2018

      Come back to me!

      Six-week-course for a reliable recall

      by Schranz, Chrissi

      Thanks to this book the reader can establish a reliable recall: it includes step-for-step instructions, checklists and a training diary to record the dog’s progress. The reader will get to know his dog very well through entertaining tests and thought experiments which will help to choose the right recall games for each dog. A systematic workbook - each chapter corresponds to one week - which strengthens the relationship between owner and dog and the recall cue.

    • Dogs as pets

      Natural Healing for Dogs

      Pocket Guide

      by Gaby Haag

      This pocket book addition to of our successful book Natural Healing for Dogs provides quick reference to all important con- ditions and natural remedies. Contains homeopathy, herbs, Bach flowers and more.

    • Adventure
      July 2011

      Someone to Look Up To

      The Story of a Special Dog

      by Jean Gill

      'Nobody writes dog stories better.' Karen Charlton, author of 'The Heiress of Linn Hagh' A dog's life in the south of France. From puppyhood, Sirius the Pyrenean Mountain Dog has been trying to understand his humans and train them with kindness... How this led to their divorce he has no idea. More misunderstandings take Sirius to Death Row in an animal shelter, as a so-called dangerous dog learning survival tricks from the other inmates. During the twilight barking, he is shocked to hear his brother's voice but the bitter-sweet reunion is short-lived. Doggedly, Sirius keeps the faith. One day, his human will come. View the book trailer youtube.com/watch?v=JFPrJbqM4LU

    • Dog obedience & training
      March 2013

      Rhodesian Ridgeback richtig verstehen: Zusammenleben, Erziehung & Beschäftigung

      by Jansen, Karin

      Rhodesian Ridgebacks impress through athletic prowess, confidence and manner. They do not have a will to please, but ask us what we can do for them. The owner faces the challenge of finding an appropriate way to deal with their hunting instinct and the frequent skepticism of anything unknown. The nature of these dogs as well as emphatic training and occupation are the main concerns of this book, dealing with the breed’s internal rather than external characteristics. Jan Nijboer (Natural Dogmanship®): „Following the advice given in this book, the Rhodesian Ridgeback can enrich the life of every human who – like the Ridgeback himself, is looking for more depth in a relationship!”

    • Dogs as pets
      April 2018

      The Practical Guide to Dog Fitness

      Basics, targeted training and individual exercises

      by Carmen Heritier, Sandra Rutz

      This book is suitable for all people who want to deal with the fitness of their dogs on a deeper level: dog owners, dog sportspeople, dog trainers or physiotherapists. It offers a targeted basic knowledge to work out an individual training plan adjusted to the specific needs of each dog. The effective exercises are sorted by different body parts and are prepared step-by-step via positive reinforcement with several variations for beginners and professionals. It also includes exercises for dogs with special needs such as puppies, seniors or dogs with handicaps as well as ideas for a custom-fit circuit training for entertaining and varied fitness tricks. Key Selling Points many new ideas for effective exercises prevents illnesses and physical overload understanding backgrounds and preparing individual training plans Audience dog owners, dog sportspeople, dog trainer, physiotherapists

    • Dog obedience & training
      October 2012

      Clicker Training made easy

      by Viviane Theby

      This concise book is really written to the point and provides an immedi- ate start into the fascinating world of clicker training. Learn, what really matters and how to improve your own training skills for stunning results with your own dog.

    • Dog obedience & training
      September 2016

      The Invisible Leash

      How to control your unleashed dog

      by Sabrina Reichel

      Highlight Most dog owners dream of letting their dog run free without leash out in the green. But since we are running more and more short of free space in our modern environment, laws, rules and expectations have become less tolerant against free-running dogs. This book focusses on how to reliably control your dog without leash by following a step-by-step training program that entirely bases on positive methods. Key Selling Points High today demands on control over the dog Unleashed control made possible Force-fee, positive behaviour training

    • Dog obedience & training
      September 2016

      Beware of the Door Bell!

      Behaviour training for over-friendly, over-excited and overly control-focussed dogs

      by Sabrina Reichel

      As the door bell rings, a madly barking four-pawed chaos lounges forward and offers its bewildered owner not a chance to calmly greet his visitors- a very common scenario in many dog households. How to train your dog to politely greet visitors without barking, lunging or jumping up at them and how to prevent you from getting lonely in your home. Key Selling Points Common problem for many dog owners Step by step training program Force-fee, positive behaviour adjustment Audience Dog owners, dog trainers

    • Dog obedience & training
      September 2016

      Don’t fear the Vet

      Medical Training for Dogs

      by Sabrina Reichel

      Highlight Many dogs show fear or even panic at the vet. This is not only disturbing for them and their owners, but also puts at risk the success of the treatment. This book uses the same reward-based training strategies that are nowadays successfully applied by zoo animal trainers all over the world for medical purposes. And if you get a tiger to have his feet examined or an elephant his mouth without using force or fear, why shouldn’t this work on your dog? Key Selling Points Problem for many dog owners. Step by step training for relaxed medical examinantions and treatment Force-fee, positive behaviour training Audience Dog owners, veterinarians.

    • Dog obedience & training
      August 2019

      Dog training with concept

      Five steps to the perfect training plan

      by Schmitt, Susanne A.

      Thanks to this handy guideline your dog training will become more comprehensible and successful. Within five steps you will learn how to develop your own training plans for various training goals. Common training mistakes are avoided, the training gets faster and more effective as your dog better understands your intentions.

    • Dog obedience & training
      May 2016

      One, two, three or many more

      Managing more than dog with positive reinforcement

      by Anne Rosengrün

      Highlight Two ore even more dogs are more fun than one – for this to be true, a structured training, good organization and the setting of rules are paramount. As new research has pointed out, the concept of “pack leadership” and “dominance” is much less important than we thought – we simply have to show our dogs how we want them to behave and adapt our own behavior accordingly. This is not only possible, but even very effective with modern, reward-based and force-free training methods. This well-structured manual guides you through the different stages of training with loads of practical advice and experience. Key Selling Points Many households with more than one dog Reward-based training methods Practical advice that really works Audience Dog owners, dog trainers, dog walkers

    • Fitness & diet
      January 2014

      Wag & Tone

      for Dogs and Owners

      by Karen Laker, Sue Holstead and Ruth MacGill

      Get fit and have fun with your dog! Wag & Tone is ideal for improving muscular conditioning, co-ordination, balance and overall fitness – for all kinds of dogs and people. Wag & Tone has been developed by dog trainers and a fitness coach. It fills the gap between basic puppy classes and training for competitive dog sports such as agility, while complementing all dog activities. As well as improving fitness together and having fun, with Wag & Tone you and your dog will develop an understanding and a firmer bond, whether your dog is a pet or working animal. Wag & Tone needs little equipment. Many of the exercises are done just on the ground or with mats, cones and steps, and can be done in the home. Some need a few cavaletti, a ladder or a gym ball. All Wag & Tone exercises are approved by a fitness coach (for people) and an animal physiotherapist. Suitable for canines and people of all ages and levels of fitness, these exercises will help improve your tone, whatever your starting point. The demonstration videos show exactly how each exercise should be done. You can put the ebook on your iPad and take it to your exercise area! This ebook is also for instructors who want to use Wag & Tone in their classes.

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