• Travel & holiday
      January 2014

      12 Day Trips from London

      A simple guide for those who want to see more than the capital

      by Maldon, Dee

      Aimed at visitors who want to see more than the capital – but don’t want to drive or vacate their hotel room. This little book provides information on using public transport to visit Cambridge, Oxford and Stratford-upon-Avon, as well as less well known places such as England’s smallest cathedral city, Ely, and Brighton, a vibrant university town that once offered royals freedom from protocol

    • Travel & Transport
      January 2017

      The Solo Travel Guide

      Just Do It

      by Dee Maldon

      Do you want to travel, but your friends or family don’t? So why wait? Travelling alone is better than never travelling at all. In the Solo Travel Guide: Just do it we give you suggestions on how to plan, how to cope when you are at your destination alone, how to stay safe and even some suggestions on where to go – good destinations for the solo traveller, places with wonderful things to see but where you will not stand out from the crowd. We also offer inspiration – snippets from those women who set off centuries ago without a guide book, a mobile phone and very little advice. Also available in paperback

    • Humour
      July 2014

      Mothers, Fathers & Lovers

      by Ruby Soames

      Ever wonder what it's like to date an actor who hits the big time? Intrigue, jealousy, resentment – and that’s just your closest friends. When Sarah Tyler’s boyfriend shoots from penniless waiter to Hollywood star, she sinks from city lawyer to homeless, lovesick dog walker.

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