• Cooking for parties
      September 2015

      Domestic Chic: A Fashionably Fabulous Guide for Cooking & Entertaining

      by Kristin Sollenne

      Rising culinary star Chef Kristin Sollenne has been making headlines for her contemporary food philosophy, approachable cooking tips and re-imagined healthy dishes. Rather than the sometimes-overwhelming cookbook approach, Kristin has provided you with the ultimate go-to guide for cooking and entertaining by the seasons. With 16 pre-planned menus and over 100 recipes with innovative décor tips to coincide with holidays and celebrations during each season, this is your “one-stop-shop” to hosting a fashionably fabulous affair! Unique flavors and pairings are awakened through each menu, along with touching family stories and traditions. As a certified nutritionist, Kristin focuses on fresh in-season produce and the lavishness of each season to guide your palette. Passionate about healthy, flavorful dishes, she demonstrates a farm-to-table approach to traditional Italian style cooking. Think a modern day twist on your grandmother’s classics! Speaking of modern day – check out Kristin’s specialty line of kitchen couture designer aprons, CELLINI, and always entertain with passion and flair.

    • Cooking with herbs & spices
      April 2013

      Safal Gharelu Ilaz

      by Dr. R.P. Parashar

      : Universal herbs, fruits, vegetables, grains and spices with the help of effective treatment of Diseases and Common Ailments. According to your budget and comfort, cheap, easy and universal treatment. Details of classical and patent medicines.

    • Cooking with meat & game

      The Wright Taste

      Recipes and Other Stories

      by Simon. Wright

    • Cookery by ingredient

      From Crabshack to Oyster Bar

      Exploring Scotland's Seafood Trail

      by Carole. Fitzgerald

    • Cookery by ingredient

      The Everyday Dairy-free Cookbook

      Recipes for Lactose Intolerants

      by Miller. Rogers

      Lactose is the primary sugar found in milk. Digestion of lactose requires the enzyme lactase, which breaks lactose into simple sugars. When the intestine produces little or no lactase, milk sugar is not digested. New-born babies require high intestinal lactase levels for survival. Later in life though about two-thirds of all people lose the ability to procuce lactase. Most of the people who keep producing it throughout adulthood are those of European ancestry but in other ethnic groups - Mexican, Jewish, African, Asian and Native American - 75 to 100 percent of adults are lactose intolerant. Primary lactose intolerance may begin at any time but usually develops in early adolescence and continues through life.;Lactose intolerance means avoiding foods such as cream, butter, yoghurt, and ice cream as well as many prepared foods to which lactose is added such as bread, ceral, salad dressings, cake mixes, and frozen meals. This book explains all you need to know about this condition, how to tackle the problem and where to go for help and advise. As with the other titles in this "Everyday" series the book contains 200 recipes for family meals and there is a special section on catering for children.;There are recipes for soups, dips and starters, light meals, main dishes, fish dishes, vegetarian dishes, savoury sauces and accompaniments, salads and dressings, puddings, sweet sauces, sweets and treats, baking, pastry, breakfast, and beverages.

    • Cookery by ingredient

      The Sprouters Handbook

      by Edward. Cairney

    • General cookery & recipes

      Charcuterie and French Pork Cookery

      by Jane. Grigson

      Every town in France has at least one charcutier, whose windows are dressed with astonishing displays of good food; pates, terrines, galantines, jambon, saucissions sec and boudins. The charcutier will also sell olives, anchovies, condiments as well as various salads of his own creation, making a visit the perfect stop to assemble picnics and impromptu meals. But the real skill of the charcutier lies in his transformation of the pig into an array of delicacies; a trade which goes back at least as far as classical Rome, when Gaul was famed for its hams.;First published in 1969 but unavailable for many years, Jane Grigson's "Charcuterie and French Pork Cookery" is a guidebook and a recipe book. She describes every type of charcuterie available for purchase and how to make them yourself. She describes how to braise, roast, pot-roast and stew all the cuts of pork, how to make terrines, how to cure your own ham and make your own sausages.

    • Cookery by ingredient

      The Big Red Book of Tomatoes

      by Lindsey. Bareham

      In this lively, inspirational book, with a stunning collection of over 400 recipes, the fruit we like to eat as a vegetable is given the star treatment. There are salsas from Mexico, curries from India, Arab tagines, pizzas from Italy and chutneys from the British Isles. If you want to know how to make the ultimate Bloody Mary, then this is the book for you. Some recipes take ten minutes to cook, most take less than thirty, and others need a couple of hours of slow simmering on the back burner while you get on with something else. This is an invaluable addition to every cook's bookshelf.

    • General cookery & recipes

      The Yogurt Cookbook

      by Arto Der Haroutunian

    • Cooking with herbs & spices

      The Mustard Book

      by Rosamond. Man

    • Cookery by ingredient

      Essentially Aubergines

      by Nina Kehayan

    • Food & Drink

      The New Manual In Patisserie And Confectionery

      by Ildo Nicolello, Maureen Nicolello

      The manual is specifically written for trainees to professional chefs and bakers, providing recipes and methods clearly written to help develop an understanding of basic and original new and old ideas. To be used in practical situation, kitchen, bakery, laboratories or at home. Yet to find another book with similar and concise information. Other books related to our subjects, are mainly printed with highly glossy photographs as the main objective, rather than practical recipes and methods accompanied with relevant theory and descriptive techniques. Please note: The new and updated edition is at present being proof read. Available; January 2013.

    • Food & Drink

      The New Manual In The Art Of Sugar Boiling

      by Ildo Nicolello, Maureen Nicolello

      The manual is specifically designed for trainees to professional chefs and confectioners, providing recipes and methods clearly written to help develop a understanding of basic and advanced original new and old ideas. To be used in practical situation, kitchen, bakeries, in laboratories or at home. Yet to find another book with similar concise information. Other books slightly related to sugar boiling work, are available, mainly from continental publishers, using very glossy formats, expensive and based for professional confectioners in mind.

    • Food & Drink

      The New Manual In Chocolate Confectionery

      by Ildo Nicolello, Maureen Nicolello

      This manual is designed for trainees and professional chefs, bakers and confectioners or for anyone with the interest in chocolate particularly including the house person. The text provides accurate recipes and methods for all requirements and the reader will find adequate information to assist and stimulate fuller understanding of their work in chocolate. Introducing a comprehensive understanding of the art in chocolate work, in its preparation and handling, including all related legislations, origin of chocolate, cocoa plantations, composition, health and nutrition hygiene, packaging & labelling, work, preparation, completion and presentation, of a product suitable for all occasions, including for the interest in staring your own business or working from home. Books in chocolate are very common, the competition is strong, but, as we are well recognised over the British Isles, we have no problems, as such, except for the cost as there any many cheap books available.

    • Food & Drink
      May 2013

      A Caribbean Diet Cookbook

      by Winslow Nicholas

      A Caribbean Diet Cookbook is a delightful read. It is packed with almost one hundred mouth watering delicious recipes, from simple snacks, such as Caribbean Sunrise and Avocado Cream Dip, to tasty main dishes like, Sweet Potato Chicken, and juicy Lime Pork, which can be complimented with a host of pleasant and delectable sweets such as Mango Mousse, Sweet Potato Flapjacks, and Pan-Fried Honey Bananas! Imagine all that on your plate!

    • Self-help & personal development
      June 2013

      The Food and Sex Book

      Recipes and Sexipes for the Caring Cook

      by AJ Orchard

      The Food and Sex book spells out all the ingredients needed for a wide range of recipes and sexipes and clearly instructs readers what to do with them for great food and sex.The aim is to encourage creative, imaginative and adventurous treatment of food and body, resulting directly in well-being; interest for old and young alike. Something for everyone.There are 149 great recipes and when all the ideas in dice sex, oral sex techniques, orgasmic challenge, sixty nine, and orgasm on demand are added up, the 34 sexipes expand to 122 super sensuous suggestions; all organised in sections.Recipes: Meat: Red & whiteFish & seafoodVegetablesSpicySalads & mini saladsOmelettesSoupsSauces & gunksCurry powdersBBQBreakfastsSexipes: ToysAu Naturel (well, mostly)TiedOn demandThe recipes and sexipes are easy to follow, with direct and explicit language leaving nothing in doubt. The essentials that should always be on hand for good food and good sex are spelled out clearly in the introduction and the photographs are helpful, sometimes erotic and suggestive, but never prescriptive or pornographic.The food part is for thoughtful cooks; people who want to cook good food, well prepared from good ingredients. From simple dishes to the more complicated; scrambled eggs in the microwave or asparagus soup with poached eggs and pancetta for breakfast, to barbequed salmon, or ray wings in saffron milk sauce for dinner. It is about good, interesting cooking; some is quick and easy, some takes longer and is more complicated.Even those 'ordinary' fall backs chili con carne and spaghetti Bolognaise are enthusiatically included as well as the 'different' aubergine and dolcelatti sandwich, and mussels poached in cider with chorizo thyme and leek.The sex part is for thoughtful lovers, which both partners will enjoy. Women might want to select their favourite sexipes for their partners to read through prior to sex or lovemaking. Men might want their partners to read through some of the light ‘bondage’ sexipes in the ‘Tied’ section to show them that it is not all about pain, sadism, and weirdness, and to ley them know what will be happening. By following the sexipes men will also be able to show they can do bondage in an erotic and loving way, not to mention use their fingers and tongues more effectively!

    • Cookery by ingredient


      from the people who really know about extra virgin olive oil - the producers

      by Judy Ridgway

      Who should know more about cooking with extra virgin olive oil than the growers and producers of the olive oil world? REMARKABLE RECIPES is a wonderful collection of 76 easy-to-make dishes from just these people. Some are traditional recipes, others are family favourites and yet others are modern creations from gifted cooks but they are all quite different to the recipes found in general cookbooks of the regions.

    • Cooking with fish & seafood
      September 2013

      Celebrating Irish Salmon

      Over 100 recipes from food writer Máirín Uí Chomáin and top chefs, salmon smokehouses and fisheries including all Michelin-starred Irish restaurants.

      by Máirín Uí Chomáin

      This beautifully illustrated book celebrating the Irish salmon contains 100 recipes. Máirín Uí Chomáin’s widely varied and eminently doable dishes are interspersed with recipes by guest contributors ranging from Michelin chefs to food writers and artisan fish smokers.

    • Cooking with fish & seafood
      August 2015

      The Big Book of Fish

      All you need to know about North Atlantic fish and shellfish and how to cook them.

      by Michael O'Meara

      The BIG BOOK of FISH All you need to know about North Atlantic fish and shellfish and how to cook them. If seafood is your thing this is the book you need on your shelf. At an estimated 400 pages, 200 full colour photographs, 175 recipes and a minimum of 100 different species of fish and shellfish The Big Book of Fish is a veritable encyclopedia on fish and how to cook them. Need We live on an island surrounded by fish but our knowledge and appreciation of this abundant natural resource is undeveloped. The Big Book of Fish will address this by bringing accurate but concise information on the myriad species of fish in our waters that are suitable for human consumption. This book brings information on the fish, on its versatility in the kitchen and on how to prepare and cook it. Features of The Big Book of Fish Comprehensive This 14 chapter book will be the most comprehensive culinary study of the huge variety of fish in Irish sea waters. The active assistance of fishermen, fishmongers and fish-farmers enables us to be confident of our claim. Visual The book will contain approx. 200 full colour photographs of exceptional quality. Each species will be accompanied by photograph and text explaining its appeal for culinary purposes, its biology and lifecycle as well as accompanying recipe/s. Appetising 200 varied recipes, at least one for all the varieties of fish and shellfish contained in the book. The recipes range from the wildly exotic Sweaty Betty with warty Venus clams to more standard chowders, fish ‘n’ chips; to special occasion dishes like Black sole stuffed with smoked salmon mousse with roasted yellow marrow and a spinach and sorrel sauce; Cod with udon noodles, sea vegetables, beans and green cardamom infused blood orange sauce; Pan roasted coley with crispy smoked salmon cakes and tapenade. Innovative The book will introduce readers – and consumers – to new species, will encourage customers to purchase less well known, and frequently more sustainable, species. The aim of this book is to make the very concept of discards a thing of the past. Every fish caught and died should be brought to shore and used productively. Market Anyone who loves seafood and wants to know more about it and cook more of it will want this book. This will include the home cook, the professional chef, but also those interested in marine biology, in the Irish fish catch and in the fish industry.

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