• Domestic animals & pets
      September 2017

      Brain Games for Dogs

      by Christina Sondermann

      Puzzle games made quickly and easily For a well-adjusted and happy dog, mental exercise is just as important as the daily walk. In this book, you’ll find many creative ideas for mental exercises that you can quickly and easily try out at home, and present your dog with a real challenge. Discover how much puzzle fun there is in everyday objects, and how you can transform an existing game into a completely new game experience – endless fun guaranteed!

    • Domestic animals & pets
      April 2017

      The Large Puppy Book for Families

      by Hester M. Eick

      Children and dogs living together in harmony Do you already enjoy a colourful family life at home, but still don’t want to miss out on having a puppy? With this book, you won’t have to! Hester M. Eick knows what kind of puppy will be the best for your family, and which breed will be the most suitable for your home. She gives you tips for the initial period for getting to know one another, and explains how the whole family can contribute to proper feeding, care and training, and what general principles you ought to follow. Case studies and stories from real-life situations show you how you can actively organise everyday activities with your child(-ren) and puppies, and enjoy all the ensuing fun at home in a suitably relaxed fashion.

    • Domestic animals & pets
      April 2017

      Beekeeping in large magazine hives

      by Melanie von Orlow

      This book discusses how to keep bees in large magazine hives with just one breeding chamber. After an examination of bee biology and the different beekeeping systems, the virtues of such single-chamber systems are described. The book presents recommendable techniques for bee colony maintenance and reproduction during the beekeeping year, and gives helpful and practical tips and tricks: catching the swarm with a bow and arrow, combating Varroa with the breeding chamber, separation, nutrition methods and beekeeping in a natural construction.

    • Gardening
      September 2017

      The DIY Compendium for the Garden

      by Holger H. Schweizer

      Which lawnmower is the best for ensuring a pristine lawn in your garden, and which hedge trimmers will help maintain a privet hedge almost by themselves? This book provides you with a complete overview of electric gardening tools, listed according to application types. With numerous photographs, functional sketches and application tables, you’ll have sound, useful knowledge at your fingertips for choosing suitable tools for your work in the garden, and how to avoid wasting money. As well as detailed information on different tools and their applications, function and operation, there are many practical tips on using the tools safely to achieve the best results.

    • Gardening
      June 2017

      Growing Vegetables and Flowers from Your Own Seeds

      by Heidi Lorey

      Would you like to collect seeds from your own garden? Here you’ll find out how it’s done – all the working steps from sowing and maintenance of the plants to seed ripening. Vegetable varieties, summer flowers and herbaceous perennials are presented in brief profiles, and the most important information is presented in summary form. Clear, concise tables show you how long the seeds remain viable, and which plant families they belong to. Practical tips help highlight basic botanical features and characteristics.

    • Domestic animals & pets
      January 2018

      Your First Bee Colony – Step By Step

      by Jean Riondet

      Bee expert Jean Riondet will tell you everything you need to know, drawing from his wealth of experience as a beekeeper: How is a bee colony organised, and what do you need to look out for all year round? How much space do you need, and what equipment? What can you do about diseased bees, and how can you get them to produce honey?

    • Gardening
      January 2018

      Growing Organic Vegetables

      by Ortrud Grieb

      This book provides answers to all the questions regarding the vegetable beds, from sowing to harvest: What role does climate play, and what can be grown in the soil? What tools are required for watering, cutting back or mulching? How can you best use organic fertiliser and useful animals? How do crop rotations or mixed cultures function, with herbs, all standard vegetable species and many ancient and hardy varieties.

    • Domestic animals & pets
      November 2017

      Colour Compendium of Parrots

      by Matthias Reinschmidt

      This compact parrot guide accompanies you at exhibitions, bird park visits, zoos and traveling around the world. It provides you with clear information on 353 parrot species in captivity: name, origin, description, lifestyle, breeding and vulnerability status.

    • Gardening
      March 2018

      Growing Wild Herbs in Pots and in the Garden

      by Heide Bergmann | Ulrike Armbruster

      Native wild herbs are full of vital ingredients, and are a practical, wise and delicious supplement to our nutrition, making buying superfoods unnecessary. So why not grow some of these 25 wild herbs in the garden and on your balcony. Needless to say, the herbs’ active ingredients and ideas on how to use them for your health are also covered.

    • Domestic animals & pets
      March 2018

      Superfood for Dogs

      by Valentina Kurscheid

      Which superfood is good for dogs, and which is taboo? Valentina Kurscheid explains what you can feed your dog without any reservations, the healthy uses of particular seeds, oils, fruit, vegetables and herbs, and she also provides relevant information on amaranth, ginger, coconut oil, dandelions and more, with innovative recipes for homemade snacks and food supplements.

    • Domestic animals & pets
      April 2018

      Dog Tricks – Fit for the Movies

      by Marion Albers

      In this book, the experienced film animal trainer Marion Albers shows how a trick dog can become a movie professional, with a peek behind the scenes. She also gives valuable tips on working with dogs on a film or photo set, and well as helpful information on just how a dog can get such a job in the first place. For all trick dogs “on the lookout” for new, ambitious tasks.

    • The natural world, country life & pets
      August 2014

      An Ideas Book for Birdhouses

      by Sigrid Tinz

      Stylish nesting boxes, feed houses and bird baths Sigrid Tinz - Amusing and decorative ideas for building structures for specific species - Birdhouses for many different species - Instructions with drawings and checklists Building a birdhouse is easy! In this book, you’ll find our exactly what your feathered friends need - from a plant pot house to a bed and breakfast in Snow White’s castle, you’ll find a wealth of ideas for your garden and balcony. With step-by-step instructions, material checklists and exact measurements for the building parts, you’re all set to go. Illustrated with beautiful drawings - an ideal gift for garden owners.

    • Domestic animals & pets
      January 2015

      Overwintering Bees

      by Marc-Wilhelm Kohfink

      Healthy and strong into the spring If you breed bees, you’ll be looking for a strong and healthy bee colony when you overwinter them into the spring. There are many reasons why bees die during the winter, so this book will show you as an apiarist how to get your bee colony through the winter successfully. It shows what you can do to give your bees a good start in the spring, both before and during overwintering. It also gives you an overview of the different methods of overwintering bee colonies - whether by means of a summer or winter colony, warmly packed or warm in the cellar, a storage clamp or in the beehive, in a magazine or simple hive, bee box, top-bar hive or Warré beehive.

    • Gardening
      June 2015

      Tips for Every Gardening Day

      by Franz Böhmig

      This book has long been a favourite among gardening enthusiasts as a reliable reference work. It contains more than 1,500 tips on growing fruit, vegetables and ornamental plants, giving the amateur gardener sound information and providing appropriate answers to all the important questions that can arise throughout the gardening year. The content of the “Böhmig” is structured in an especially practical way. Arranged according to the corresponding months, the many tips enable readers to gain an overview of the monthly tasks that need to be carried out in vegetable, fruit, ornamental, indoor and winter gardens, so that nothing is left out. Sketches illustrate the activities and help explain various principles. A comprehensive tabular section completes the work. Meanwhile, a large number of new forms and varieties have been newly included. In this edition, there is an increased emphasis on the use of traditional household remedies to combat pests and diseases in the house and garden, as an alternative to resorting to chemical means.

    • Domestic animals & pets
      January 2016

      Homeopathy for Sheep and Goats

      by Christine Erkens

      Do you want to be able to treat your sheep and goats using homeopathic remedies? This book presents the basic principles and knowledge for applying homeopathic remedies for the most common sheep and goat diseases. And you can also help the animals with homeopathic remedies when they are re-convalescing or recovering from parasitic infestation, injuries, poisonings, shock or a fright - this book shows you how. With tips for a homeopathic stall medicine cabinet and a quick orientation guide - clear overviews of homeopathic remedies and the usual applied remedy strengths.

    • Domestic animals & pets
      April 2016

      Our First Bees

      by Angelika Sust

      Do you dream of your own, natural bee colony in your garden, and harvesting your very own honey? Do you also want to help bees, because nature and healthy food products are important to you? But how do you get started and stay on the right track? In this book, you’ll find out what kind of beekeeping best suits your needs, and how to establish a swarm or colony at the outset. The book outlines the course of the beekeeping year, how to determine whether your bees are doing well, and what tasks need to be carried out month by month in order to maintain the colony and the health of the bees. Why not simply make a start – beekeeping as a hobby will be sure to inspire you to new heights, and will delight you!

    • The natural world, country life & pets
      January 2016

      Ulmer's Nature Guide for Kids

      by Frank und Katrin Hecker

      Hot on the Trail of Plants and Animals There are many books available about animals and plants, but this nature guide contains what children really want to know. Here, you and your children will find information on more than 200 species of mammals, birds, lizards, frogs, fish, insects and other arthropods, flowers, trees and shrubs. The texts have deliberately been kept short and concise, but are also exciting and vivid. Along with investigatory tips, recipes, and instructions for building and handicrafts, the book contains many tips for activities in nature. A great book to take with you when you’re outdoors, or simply to browse through at home.

    • The natural world, country life & pets
      September 2016

      Hedgehog Seeks Shelter

      by Claudia Rösen

      How to help animals in winter A hibernating squirrel, contented birds in a birdhouse, a hedgehog under a giant mound, a sleeping fat dormouse in an old nest... you can encounter all these animal wintertime guests in your garden. In this book, you’ll find out how you can help the animals in wintertime. What do titmice, sparrows and other birds like to eat, and is also good for them? How can you provide appropriate shelter for hedgehogs? What can you do for toads and insects in the garden? We’ll show you a range of garden projects such as a birdhouse, hibernating options for hedgehogs, squirrels and fat dormice, and also niches for toads and insects in winter. Recommended by the German Wild Animal Foundation (DWS).

    • Domestic animals & pets
      June 2016

      Your Dog Needs You!

      by Karin Actun

      The perfectly trained dog, through proper leadership Do you have difficulties training your dog? In her book, Karin Actun describes how dogs need the best, most respectful leadership that we can give them, and how this can change the whole owner-dog relationship. She describes how dogs regulate their social relationships, and what that means for us. This involves not only training tips, but also to show how you can work with your own personality to give your dog the direction it needs. For in order to lead a dog effectively, you also need to be secure in yourself and mentally strong, and to be sure of your own self-worth. That way, your dog can respect you as a competent team partner and feel safe and secure.

    • Gardening
      March 2017

      The Gardens of Island of Mainau

      by Markus Zeiler

      Some 1.2 million visitors a year can’t be wrong – the gardens of the island of Mainau in Lake Constance are among the most visited in all of Germany. Would you like to get to know the island of Mainau a little better? If so, the book The Gardens of the Island of Mainau is just right for you, with Mainau director Markus Zeiler himself as your personal guide to these almost Mediterranean gardens. With the many photographs by Peter Allgaier, you’ll experience the entire gardening range of the island, and experience the changes in planting over the course of the seasons. Take a look and be inspired!

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