• Self-help & personal development

      The Master Key Workbook

      A Complete Method of Self-mastery and Goal Attainment Based on The Master Key System, the legendary book by Charles F. Haanel

      by Anthony R. Michalski

      The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel has changed the lives of millions of people. The Master Key Workbook will continue that proud practice. You have always dreamed about living a successful and rewarding life, both financially and emotionally. The Master Key Workbook will help you make all of your dreams come true and set you on the road to riches and self-mastery. Based on the timeless classic The Master Key System, this book combines motivational exercises that build your “thought muscles” with written worksheets to define and prepare you to attain your goals. Once you define your goals and are given the power to attain them, then you can accomplish anything! Some of the things you will learn from this book are… ▪ You will gain a complete understanding of the operation of the Universe and how your dreams can become reality. ▪ You will learn how to “train your brain” properly and efficiently, thus removing doubt and fear from your life. ▪ Putting your plans into action will be easier and results will come quicker than ever before. ▪ Goal-setting and goal-attainment will be a snap. ▪ You will magnetize yourself to opportunity and success. ▪ Your problems will seem to dissolve and your life will have fewer “speed bumps”. ▪ Your life will be fuller, richer, and more purposeful. Based on the tried and true knowledge and wisdom of Charles F. Haanel, written in an easy and approachable manner, and including many exercises that will both entertain and enlighten, The Master Key Workbook will set every man and woman on the path to a prosperous and meaningful life. Prepare yourself to attain all of your dreams!

    • Self-help & personal development
      October 2011

      The Power of Accepting Yourself

      by Cohen, Michael

      Are you your own worst enemy? Does fear stop you from being the person you want to be? Do you always think you can't - whether it is passing an exam, finding a new job, maintaining a healthy weight or tackling any of the problems life puts your way?

    • Self-help & personal development

      I Believe Therefore I Am

      How to Deliberately Live Your Life by Programming Your Mind for Success, Happiness, Love, and Fulfillment

      by Claire McGee, M.Msc

      What do you need to do to get your subconscious mind to believe and work cooperatively with your conscious efforts to manifest what you desire in life? Your reality is composed of habits formed through many years of self-programming. These habits influence and define your beliefs, which cause you to experience the same patterns in your life over and over again — for good or bad. Whatever you believe is your “reality” becomes your reality. Through a process of self-reflection and realization guided by author, consultant, and coach Claire McGee, you will discover how to eliminate your bad habits and enhance your good habits. You will delve into what the “Law of Attraction” is and what you can do to master your own success using this most incredible tool. Even before you finish this incredible book, you will come to know that your journey is just beginning and that the only limits that you face are the ones that you believe are there. Because of the ideas, methods, and skills you will learn in this book, you will become balanced in all areas of your thinking and action and you will begin to deliberately live the life of your own choosing — a life of success, happiness, love, and fulfillment.

    • Business & management
      June 2017

      Mustard Seeds, Shovels, & Mountains

      How to Succeed Using Your Physio-Psychic Power

      by J.F. (Jim) Straw

      J.F. (Jim) Straw began his business career when he was nine years old. Since then, his business activities have generated over $500,000,000 in revenues. For the first time, Mr. Straw explains how he used what he calls “Physio-Psychic Power” to achieve such incredible success. If you learn nothing else from this book, learn that information only becomes knowledge when you use it and the information you have used or failed to use in the past is the reason you are where you are today. You can be your best friend — or your worst enemy. No one forces you to be what you are or do what you do (or don’t do). What you have today is a direct result of what you did yesterday. What you will have tomorrow will be a direct result of what you do (or don’t do) today. It’s up to you.

    • Mind, Body, Spirit
      July 2015

      How to Get People to Scream Your Name and Beg For More:

      by Tom Morrison

      Do you ever feel like you’re waiting on life to happen to you? Waiting on enough spare time to start enjoying life? Waiting on enough business to seize opportunities in the market? Waiting on enough money to have a child? Waiting on the market to change to buy a house? Waiting on the ideal partner to make you feel loved? Waiting on retirement to start experiencing your bucket list? Waiting, waiting, waiting…Waiting for WHAT? One day you wake up and you’ve lost 20 years of your life waiting in the rut of work, kids growing up and just life happening. Your soul feels lost, your heart passionless and your energy tank is on empty. “How to Get People to Scream Your Name and Beg For More” is a masters degree in life that will teach anyone from college students to company executives how to make profound change and start living the ultimate life personally and professionally NOW. This book reveals the fundamental keys to maximizing opportunities, expanding your network of people who will make it happen, and living the ULTIMATE LIFE TODAY!

    • Health & Personal Development
      February 2016

      REPAIR Your Life

      A Program for Recovery from Incest & Childhood Sexual Abuse

      by Marjorie McKinnon

      R.E.P.A.I.R. is a Six-Stage Program for abuse survivors that will transform your life forever! Recognize and accept your adult problems stemming from childhood sexual abuse. Enter into a commitment to transform your life. Process your issues with tools and techniques that will enable you to become healthy. Awareness to discover reality as you gather and assemble the pieces of the broken puzzle your life became. Insight into the complete picture helps you begin to return to what you were prior to being sexually violated. Rhythm recovers the natural rhythm you had before the incest happened, the blueprint that is the essence of your true nature, becoming who you really are.Therapists' Acclaim for REPAIR Your Life"REPAIR Your Life is one of several significant books by a woman who writes openly and perceptively, using her own experiences to take us down her path to an ultimately fulfilling life. This is an important book."--Vincent J. Felitti, MD, co-principal investigator of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study"Thank you Marjorie and God bless you for adapting this program for our survivors to follow. You have given survivors hope to continue on their healing journey."--Donna Gustafson, Executive Director, Sunrise Center Against Sexual Abuse"This program just has to work, because whether intuitively or through research, Marjorie McKinnon has assembled a highly effective program of recovery."--Bob Rich, PhD, psychologistSpecial editions also available for teenagers, children 6-12, and toddlers.www.TheLampLighters.org for more information or to find a support group in your area.

    • Self-help & personal development
      November 2016

      The Happiness Perspective

      Seeing Your Life Differently

      by Diane Wing

      Are you longing for greater happiness, but you feel like it's just not possible? Have you heard that happiness is just a state of mind, but you don't know how to attain that state? Diane Wing, a teacher, personal transformation guide, and intuitive consultant, has unlocked the secrets that make happiness possible. This book is packed with methods to help you transform your thought processes, patterns, habits, and behaviors so you can experience greater happiness, peace of mind, and abundance. Discover in these pages the art of seeing life differently through such processes as: Turning regular household chores into meditation activities Reducing the noise in your environment so you can focus better Knowing who you truly are rather than trying to be everything to everyone else Saying no in effective ways that don't make you feel guilty Learning to do less and appreciate more Cleansing your thoughts to remove negativity and ground yourself Your personal evolution into greater happiness awaits you! Don't wait any longer. "The Happiness Perspective is a superb account of positive choices, exercises, and plenty of questions to ponder. I will be using it soon with my women's groups."--Barbara Sinor, PhD, author, Finding Destiny"Profoundly transformative, The Happiness Perspective is a brilliant, comprehensive blueprint for self-awareness, inner peace, and the attainment of ultimate happiness."--Dyan Garris, author, visionary mystic, and New Age recording artist"The Happiness Perspective is filled with tips and techniques that work to change your worldview and bring calmness into your life. I know because I've tried many of these techniques myself, learning how to do less and enjoy life more."-- Tyler R. Tichelaar, PhD. and award-winning author of The Children of Arthur seriesLearn more at www.DianeWing.com

    • Health & Personal Development
      March 2019

      Find the better self

      by Wen Liyang

      This book is a readme for a post-80s lady entrepreneur.Born in 1985, she became a part-time migrant worker after joining secondary school. At work, she pays attention and looks for opportunities; in life, she constantly learns and improves herself. Worked as a clerk, a car salesperson, a tour guide, a dance teacher, and an advertising sales director in an IT company. At the age of 28, he entered the field of e-commerce and decided to start a business. The first year of his business made a profit of 2 million yuan.This book tells how the author grew up step by step, becoming an independent and self-strengthening woman from eight aspects: independent thinking, economic independence, health management, image management, family education, family friends, taste pursuits, and husband and wife relationships. And get the life you want.The story in this book is sincere and touching, and the writing is fluent. It is a inspirational book for young women, which has certain guiding significance for ordinary young girls to find themselves.

    • Health & Personal Development
      March 1996

      La asertividad: expresión de una sana autoestima

      by Olga Castanyer

      Si nos queremos y respetamos, seremos capaces de querer y respetar al otro. Y la única forma de hacerlo es desarrollando una sana autoestima que nos permita estar seguros de nuestra valía única y personal y nos ayude a hacer valer nuestros derechos sin pisar los del otro. ¿Cómo hacerlo? Por medio de ejemplos y ejercicios, este libro pretende dar respuesta a la cuestión anterior y así convertirse en un manual para desarrollar una sana asertividad dentro del marco de la autoestima.

    • Popular psychology

      Beliefs and how to change them… for good!

      Including the French-Burgess Belief Gates Personal Empowerment System

      by Tony Burgess & Julie French

      Beliefs and how to change them… for good takes you on a voyage of self-discovery, increasing your awareness of how your beliefs will powerfully help or hinder you in life, moment by moment, day by day, year by year. You’ll be given a clear and practical system for getting your beliefs aligned with your goals and desired outcomes in life, and when you choose to apply this where it really matters, you can enjoy celebrating your resourcefulness shining through at a whole new level.

    • Self-help & personal development

      Fix Your Life-- With Nlp

      by Alicia Eaton

    • Advice on careers & achieving success

      Why Some People Succeed and Others Fail

      by Samuel A. Malone

      In this inspiring and remarkable book you will discover the principles of success that have directed and motivated many people to make a significant contribution and difference to the world. You will also uncover the pitfalls to avoid in your quest to become the best you can be. Success in any endeavour does not happen by chance. It happens through the application of sound principles and purposeful actions such as: Setting realistic goals Making worthwhile plans Practising good interpersonal relationships Having confidence and self-belief Being optimistic Developing self-esteem Being persistent and resilient Being highly motivated Developing the habit of lifelong learning and continuous improvement Practising good personal values.

    • Popular psychology

      To Hell and Back

      Personal Experiences of Trauma and How We Can Recover and Move On

      by John Marzillier

      Despite how rare one-off traumatic events may seem, the statistics show that the majority of us are likely to experience such trauma at some point in our lives.In this innovative and engaging book, Marzillier dovetails first-hand accounts from trauma sufferers with over 40 years of clinical practice to provide an honest, human description of how trauma affects us at the time and also after the event. Whether discussing accounts of terrorist bombings, natural disasters, road accidents or physical attacks, he looks at what these experiences do to us and offers practical and consoling advice - for both sufferers and their loved ones - on coping with the experience and developing resilience for the future.

    • Psychology

      The Girl Who Bites Her Nails and the Man Who Is Always Late

      What Our Habits Reveal About Us

      by Ann Gadd

    • Popular beliefs & controversial knowledge
      November 2009

      2012 and Beyond

      An Invitation to Meet the Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

      by Diana Cooper

      Diana Cooper's inspirational book reminds us that 2012 offers the greatest opportunity for spiritual growth that there has ever been. She takes us through the ancient prophecies for 2012, what is expected to happen in that year and the incredible changes the world will see in the twenty years beyond. She offers forecasts for 2032 to the time when new Golden Cities will arise and everyone will live in the fifth dimension. Cooper concludes with practical information to help you prepare for your role in the incredible transformational shift the world is about to experience.

    • Self-help & personal development
      February 2012

      Spiritual Hunger

      Integrating Myth and Ritual Into Daily Life

      by Allan Hunter

    • Dating, relationships, living together & marriage
      March 2012

      101 Myths About Relationships That Drive Us Crazy

      How to Stop Them from Sabotaging Your Happiness

      by Tim Ray

      In this entertaining and thought-provoking book, Tim presents a revolutionary new way of looking at our relationships and why they can be so problematic and then he goes on to offer some refreshing, new advice as to what we can do about it. The book's basic premise is that most of us believe in a wide range of myths about men and women, love and relationships that we have never questioned. It is our unquestioned belief in these myths that confuses us and makes us unhappy in our relationships. To help readers understand the power of myths in our lives, Tim identifies some of our most common relationship myths. And then he shows us how we can free ourselves from them. The result is much greater clarity, joy and love in our relationships. Some of the myths Tim unveils are:· - A relationship can only work if you compromise - I need a partner to be happy - My happiness is dependent on my partner - If you love me, you'll do what I want - I'm more selfish than my partner if I don't do what my partner wants - I know what is best for my partner - It's better to be in a relationship than to be single - Strong sexual attraction means we're a good match Every time you believe that reality should be different than it is right now, you suffer. It's actually that simple." - Tim Ray "When it comes to relationships, there are self-help books all around the world, but I've never read anyone who has done so much research into 'what happens to the hero and heroine after they finally get each other' as Tim Ray" - Jane Aamund - Denmark's leading woman writer and author of countless bestselling books. "An entertaining and courageous book that shows us how we can experience more happiness in our relationships by questioning the traditional way of doing things. I warmly recommend this book to everyone who's interested in personal development" Joan 0rting Denmark's leading sexologist, couples therapist, TV host, and best-selling author.

    • Reference works

      The A-z Guide to Common Habits

      Overcoming Them Through Affirmations

      by Ann Gadd

    • Assertiveness, motivation & self-esteem

      The Confident Creative

      Draw to Free Hand and Mind

      by Cat Bennett

    • Popular psychology

      Praying Peace

      A Mystic, a Scientist and a Psychologist Examine the Most Powerful Force in the Universe

      by James F. Twyman

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