• Complementary therapies, healing & health

      The Mama Bamba Way

      The Power and Pleasure of Natural Childbirth

      by Robyn Sheldon

    • Pregnancy, birth & baby care
      July 2012

      Natural Wellness Strategies for Pregnancy

      Women's Wisdom

      by Laurel Alexander

      Like menopause, pregnancy brings about profound shifts in mind, body, and spiritual energy that create challenges and opportunity. This second book in the series offers sage advice for working with these shifts, a broad range of techniques that will connect those expecting with the joyful rite of passage in womanhood while helping them move towards a positive birth experience. These self-help strategies span from the physical, such as nutrition, diet and herbs, to the mental through meditation, imagery and ritual to help calm and focus the mind, as well as the more esoteric, such as using crystals, flower essences, and archetypes of the Goddess to balance the subtle energy system.

    • Humour

      Where Do Daddies Come From?

      A Pregnancy Guide for Men

      by Steve Cummins

      Steve Cummins is the father of two strong, beautiful boys, one of whom came as a bigger shock than George W getting elected to a second term while the other was more planned than Stalin's first five years in power. One was an emergency caesarean while the other was pushed out in a shower of urine and expletives (mostly from the author - not his wife!). Steve is a professional comedian which has had the added benefits of him having taken care of his boys since his wife finished maternity leave since he works mostly at night (Yes,he is a yummy mummy!). This book is a seriously funny take on pregnancy and childbirth but, don't worry, you will also learn lots and have a laugh while doing so. Pregnancy and babies are an amazing experience and a huge challenge at the same time. You are about to be given an incredible gift, one you will love in a way you heretofore never thought possible. You are also going to feel left out, alienated, confused, terrified and grossed out. Horny too, but what else is new. While everyone accepts and makes allowances for the mother, no one ever thinks of the father. This is a book for men. By all means read her the odd excerpt (Steve even put in a few paragraphs that keep her sweet for this very reason) but for the love of God don't let her get her hands on it! Steve Cummins is a comedian, broadcaster and writer. He is currently the resident host of The Laughter Lounge, Ireland's largest and most prestigious comedy club. He has performed comedy on national and international TV and regularly performs abroad. Steve has written and performed comedy for TV and Radio shows and also wrote the Dad's Diary column in Mothers & Babies magazine of the Irish Independent for over a year.

    • Internet guides & online services

      How to Have a Baby On Ebay

      Your One-stop Shopping Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

      by Wiz Wharton

      Research suggests that parents now spend in the region of ?ú50,000 on their children in the first five years of their lives, ?ú7,000 of it in the first 12 months alone! When Wiz Wharton found out she was pregnant in 2005, she was living in rented accommodation in London with no regular income. Determined to provide her baby with everything he might need but knowing she'd have to do it at a fraction of the normal cost, she found her solution on eBay, the world's largest online auction site.With the sort of military precision only reserved for the truly obsessed or the truly pregnant, Wiz compiled a file of everything she was going to need, from maternity wear, to nursery equipment, via sterilisers, nappies and toys. What she discovered was that with a little bit of research, some streetwise bidding tactics and patience you can pick up all you need in next-to-new condition for far, far less than normal retail prices; "I eventually managed to buy all of my son's items from 0 to way beyond 3, including all my maternity items, for about ?ú500", she writes.Some of Wiz's online triumphs have included:- A ?ú200 cot for ?ú11.50.- A ?ú400 designer buggy for ?ú200.- A ?ú175 one-off maternity dress for ?ú15.All brand new, boxed and delivered.In this unique book, Wiz tells other mums-to-be and their partners how to save themselves literally thousands of pounds by doing what she did, and have fun in the process. The first part of the book reproduces and builds upon her own detailed product research, telling parents what equipment they are going to need and - just as importantly - what they won't. The eighteen Buyer's Guides are the most comprehensive and up-to-date research of their kind, and invaluable for parents lost in the confusion of what to buy, when and for how much.The second part of the book offers a detailed explanation of how eBay works, with step-by-step instructions for readers new to the site, plus advanced tips and tricks for those who already have some experience. With humour and insight, Wiz reveals the mistakes she made, and shows how her techniques improved to the point where she could be confident of winning items that had previously eluded her. Basic errors are highlighted, myths exposed, and 'golden rules' stressed. There is even a section on how to avoid the much-publicised eBay scams.The final section of the book instructs parents in the 'selling' side of eBay. Wiz tells you how to turn the products that you have bought back into hard cash by listing them either in an eBay auction or in a Buy It Now sale. Threaded through the narrative is her desire not only to help other parents achieve what she did, but also to encourage the principles of recyclingWhether you are a mother-to-be, a father, or just know someone about to have a baby, 'How to Have a Baby on eBay' is an invaluable, money-saving, planet-friendly guide.

    • Pregnancy, birth & baby care

      Birth Space, Safe Place

      Emotional Well-being Through Pregnancy and Birth

      by Adela Stockton

    • Complementary therapies, healing & health

      Fully Fertile

      A 12-week Plan for Optimal Fertility

      by Elizabeth Heller

    • Health & Personal Development
      November 2012

      The Cookie Book

      Celebrating the Art, Power and Mystery of Women's Sweetest Spot

      by Maritza Breitenbach

      This international award-winning book offers an intimate guide for women of all ages. It gently weaves through a number of areas such as hygiene, puberby, virginity, the G-spot, masturbation, pregnancy, childbirth and the menopause, while offering amusing snippets from ancient times. The book is written in a conversational and humorous style, and has more than 100 colorful, non-invasive, non-pornographic images and classical art works from the masters. It addresses all the intimate questions women often have, and are too embarrassed to talk about. This valuable book is a beautiful gift to all women and young girls. "Recognising the importance and profundity of the vagin ... philosophical and humorous ... a tome that admirably attempts to unravel and ponder the history, impact and beauty of the vagina." - Oliver Roberts, Sunday Times

    • Pregnancy, birth & baby care
      August 2014

      Motherhood….through A Year Of Pregnancy

      by Pravesh Handa

      It's rightly said that Motherhood is one of the greatest blessings from God. To give birth to a Healthy Baby right from the day a woman conceives through almost a year, i.e., nine months is indeed a tough job! However, this job can be simplified by eating the right foods, consuming the right drinks and adopting the right and healthy habits. This book is a complete guide for a pregnant woman. It gives all the important facts, such as, Prior to Conception and after it, All the develop-ments and changes that occur in the body during the First, Second and Third Trimesters of Pregnancy, The Three Stages of Labour, Breast and Breast-feeding, How to prevent a Pregnant woman from getting affected from AIDS or other Vaginal and Infectious Diseases, etc. Planning for a baby is a matter of pleasure and joy but on the other hand, a big duty or responsibility. Therefore, correct knowledge about pregnancy and how to deal with it provides an expectant woman, not only a painless delivery but also a healthy and jubilant baby. This is the sole aim of the book and hope it serves as a helpful guide for all women, especially the ones who are becoming a mother for the first time!

    • Pregnancy, birth & baby care
      August 2012

      Baby Care & Child Health Problems

      by Seema Gupta

      It is a fact that Baby Care begins right from the day or before a woman conceives. We all know that a mother plays the most significant role in a child's life. So, in order to bring a new life on this earth, a woman must be physically and mentally ready to go through the pleasures and pain of the nine-month long pregnancy and the precautions and care that she should take throughout this period to give birth to a healthy and happy baby. Baby Care & Child Health Problems presents complete and exhaustive information about the various facets of Pregnancy, how a baby grows inside the mother's womb and finally comes out of the mother's body as a newborn with a bundle of joy for everyone in the family. It also deals in detail how an expectant mother should get ready by making a list and collecting all the essential items required for her and her baby before his/her arrival in the family. The book is different from other Baby Care books as it explains in a unique and stepwise manner the various phases of a mother's life with the newborn, i.e., the first few weeks when a baby routine has to be planned, then the first three to six months, the food habits and ways of feeding, the sleeping patterns and duration, baby diapers, types of baby diapers and their correct usage, bathing the baby, keeping him/her in a clean and hygienic surrounding, etc. It also deals elaborately how to clean the baby's hair, skin, nose, ears, trim his/her nails, the application of oil or cream on the baby's body by a light massage, etc., in a detailed and systematic manner. Well, that's not all. The book also provides valuable information regarding Premature Baby Care, i.e., care of the child which is born before the due period of nine months, his/her feeding habits, growth chart, health problems and various other needs with special tips from specialists and pediatricians. How to deal with the common health problems, such as flu, teething fever, common cold, nappy rash, loose motions or constipation, vomiting and asthma. The vaccinations that are required for chicken pox, jaundice, measles, meningitis, etc., have also been explained thoroughly in this book. Hence, it will certainly serve as a complete guide and handbook for all those expecting mothers and the ones who have newly stepped into motherhood.

    • Pregnancy, birth & baby care
      January 2015

      Matrikala – Kya Aap Ma Banane Ja Rahi Hai…

      by Editorial Board

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    • Pregnancy, birth & baby care
      August 2012

      Premchand Ki Prasidh Kahaniya

      by Editorial Board

      Premchand ki sampurna kahaniya 'Maansarovar' naamak sheershak mein sangrahit hain, jo 8 khandon mein prakashit hai. Unn kahaniyon mein se 13 chuni hui prasidh kahaniyon ko iss pustak mein prakashit kiya gaya hai,. Ye kahaaniyan ek vishesh shaili aur drishtikon se prastut ki gayi hain. Pratyek kahaani ke purva Premchand ki rachna ki vishesh baatein taths ant mein unke sandesh evam unse milne vaali shiksha ko diya gaya hai jo iss kahaani sangraha ko unootha aur vishesh banaate hain.

    • Baby names
      April 2012

      Bacchho Ke 2001 Naam

      by Krishna Gopal Vikal

      Every religion gives great importance to naming their children. Little children are given very beautiful and meaningful names. In this book, 2001 best names have been suggested for your little one!

    • Health & Personal Development
      October 2014


      Baby care the natural way!

      by Angela J Spencer

      This baby book isn’t a new fad, it isn’t a poorly thought through regime that you and your baby will struggle to follow and it isn’t out to scaremonger. It is a mix of the author’s own experiences that led her to begin her research on sensory development and the human-nature connection and subsequently to introduce the Babyopathy (and Nascuropathy) programmes into her nurseries. It is an insight into how you can use the programme at home and advice that may help support you and your baby during the first year.

    • Health & Personal Development
      May 2019


      Relaxed Mum, Contented Baby!

      by Angela J Spencer

      Babyopathy – Relaxed Mum, Contented Baby is first and foremost about Angela’s research into the effects of stress during pregnancy and how to combat this using her sensory techniques to enjoy a positive and relaxed pregnancy and birth to have a relaxed and contented baby. It is also about having lots of information so that you, as parents, can do what is right for you and your family wherever possible. More and more people are recognising the need to de-stress in our busy lives. Angela wants to help empower mums with the information they need to know about their sensory journey when pregnant and their baby’s sensory experiences in the womb too, so they can make positive choices wherever possible. Just as important is giving parents ways to help nurture the sensory journeys and help de-stress and relax to enjoy their pregnancies, birth and beyond! Angela’s message is “we should be mums supporting mums through a journey that wherever possible should be positive, nurtured and supported. By giving mums as much information as possible they can make the right decisions for them and their family – then they are relaxed mums with contented babies!”

    • Pregnancy, birth & baby care
      April 2015


      50 nutrient-packed recipes for pre-conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding

      by Katherine Burke

      Deciding to start a new family can be an exciting time, but with so much information thrown at you it can also feel quite daunting. This authoritative book has been written with first-time parents in mind and starts with an introduction that will help you to understand your nutritional needs when trying for a baby, during pregnancy and after birth. The recipe section that follows includes over 50 nutrition-packed dishes. Choose from fertility-boosting Spicy Crab Cakes, calcium-rich Miso Broth with Beancurd or high-fibre Date and Apple Muffins. Illustrated throughout, this book will be invaluable for anyone trying for a baby or already pregnant. FOOD FOR FERTILITY: THE CONCEPTION AND PREGNANCY COOKBOOK 50 nutrient-packed recipes for pre-conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding Katherine Burke CLICK HERE TO READ THE WHOLE BOOK IN DIGITAL FORM

    • Pregnancy, birth & baby care
      August 2015


      Conceiving, giving birth, and raising your child the way nature intended, from birth right through to age 5; an essential companion for every parent and carer

      by Anne Charlish

      This definitive guide offers a balanced and comprehensive approach, combining natural therapies with conventional options and up-to-the-minute research. The biology of natural fertility, conception, pregnancy and birth is explained and practical issues after birth are also covered, with advice on childcare, feeding, sleeping, and how to encourage development. For parents of toddlers there is much-needed help with temper tantrums, toilet training, bed-wetting, and encouraging social skills. Finally a reference section offers advice on common illnesses, health checks, first aid, healthy eating plans and enticing recipes for your child. The ultimate natural guide for new parents, from conception to pre-school, illustrated throughout with over 1000 commissioned photographs and artworks Practical information on a healthy diet, using natural therapies and massage to alleviate problems, keeping fit and counting down to delivery Sensitive advice on being a parent, from the first exciting days to the age of five, with guidance on how to deal with everyday issues and common childhood illnesses CLICK HERE TO READ THE WHOLE BOOK IN DIGITAL FORM

    • Pregnancy, birth & baby care
      January 2017


      Boost your chances of getting pregnant and prepare for a successful birth and a healthy baby using natural therapies, diet and simple exercise regimes

      by Anne Charlish and Kim Davies

      This invaluable guide is an ideal companion for anyone seeking to maximize their chance of conception, offering a healthy start to pregnancy through alternative regimes and holistic techniques. All the most commonly-asked questions are answered thoroughly and sensitively: the issues surrounding the decision to have a baby; planning an approach that includes eating the correct foods and the right type of exercise; understanding which factors count for and against a successful conception; and knowing when to seek professional help. Despite a strong emphasis on how natural therapies support conception, all the conventional wisdom is also found here. The perfect approach for the modern parent-to-be: how making the right kinds of lifestyle and diet decisions can help optimize your chances of conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy. How natural therapies can support conventional medical knowledge to help potential parents prepare in the best way possible for a successful conception. Includes information on how we conceive, the best preconceptual care, understanding cycles and timing, foods and fertility, coping with problems and understanding treatments and holistic therapies. CLICK HERE TO READ THE WHOLE BOOK IN DIGITAL FORM

    • Pregnancy, birth & baby care


      Your pregnancy week by week - diet, exercise and preparing for the birth

      by Alison Mackonochie

      A comprehensive guide to every aspect of having a baby, from conception through pregnancy and birth, to taking care of a new baby. Part One, Pregnancy, deals with fertilization to birth; an invaluable month-by-month approach, with features on what to expect and preparing for the baby. Part Two, Babycare, is a comprehensive guide to caring for a new baby: feeding, changing, bathing, simple medical advice and learning how to understand their needs. Part Three, The First Year, charts a baby's physical and mental progression. With helpful advice and reassurance throughout, this is an indispensable guide for new and expecting parents. A complete guide in one volume, which covers all aspects of pregnancy and caring for your new baby. Structured month-by-month to allow for quick reference and at-a-glance facts and reassurance. Includes a directory section that offers advice and guidance on all issues of health, care and medical advice for you and your baby. Accessible, supportive, and easy-to-follow text is illustrated throughout with over 500 photographs.

    • Health & Personal Development
      November 1999

      Mothering with Soul

      Raising Children as Special Work

      by Joan Salter

      Women share their experiences of what mothering means to them. This 'career of the heart' can be seen as a soulful and spiritual activity, not just a practical job. Mothering with soul brings a profound intimacy with your child through pregnancy, birth and the early years. ;

    • Pregnancy, birth & baby care

      NLP for New Mums

      by Judy. Bartkowiak

      You will find NLP exercises, tips and techniques for dealing with these important life changes. There are chapters on: using the power of your mind to help you get pregnant; anchoring a calm, confident and resourceful state; understanding the new 'you' and adjusting to the life changes; building rapport and self esteem; coping with the emotional highs and lows; dealing with sibling rivalry.

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