• Health & Personal Development
      January 2012

      Balance on All Levels with the Crystal and Indigo Energies

      by Anni Sennov

      This book is an expanded and updated version of Anni Sennov’s previous book “Crystal Children, Indigo Children and Adults of the Future” and it gives you good all-round insight into what it means to be a New Time Indigo and Crystal child/person and how the Indigo and Crystal energies, now and in the future, will affect everyone’s lives, life values and day to day existence on Planet Earth.The Indigo and Crystal energies have already arrived on Earth. Not in the form of a strong white light or a great holy Angel descending from above but through all the children of the New Time born from the mid-1980s onwards and many more New Time children are yet to come. They are born with pure spiritual energy and total balance fully integrated in their bodies.However, for adults with a soul aura structure, the New Time energy does not appear by itself. It must be chosen consciously. You can achieve this through an AuraTransformation™, which is a permanent and radical expansion of your personal consciousness. It gives you more radiance, drive and intuition and also helps you to better define who you are and what you want.It is a condition of being aura-transformed that you read this book so that you are fully informed and aware of the effects of integrating the New Time energy into your aura.

    • Health & Personal Development
      May 2016

      The Drug Conversation

      How to talk to your child about drugs

      by Owen Bowden-Jones

      The Drug Conversation is a guide for parents about how to raise the thorny issue of drugs with their children. It will help you begin a useful conversation about drugs with your child. The book provides information on the different types of psychoactive drugs available, their attractions and harms, how they work in the brain, and who uses them and why. It covers issues such as how to detect drug use, drug testing, synthetic drugs (‘legal highs’), accessing help, effective treatments and what to expect from professional medical services. The Drug Conversation also gives practical advice on how to prepare for and have a conversation about drugs with your child – including examples of actual conversations between parents and children. Case studies from the author’s own clinical practice are used to illustrate the main points. All parents will need this book at some stage. It will help you to feel properly informed about drugs, more confident in talking to your child, more able to keep drug-related problems from developing and better equipped to tackle problems if they do arise

    • Health & Personal Development
      April 2016

      Learning with Children

      by Fabian Grolimund

      The school years are a major challenge, not only for your child but also for you as a parent. You may be asking yourself questions like: • How can I motivate my child to study and learn? • How should I handle homework conflicts? • How can I help my child to become more independent? • What learning strategies are appropriate for primary school children? • How can I help if my child has problems with math, reading, or spelling? Answers to these and many other questions about homework, learning, and studying can be found in this book. It describes practical methods and effective strategies, and shows how providing just a little support can be a big help to your child. Target Group: psychologists, education specialists, parents.

    • Child care & upbringing

      Meeting Special Needs

      A Practical Guide to Support Children With Epilepsy

      by Rachel. Baker

    • Parapsychological studies

      Messages from Thomas

      Raising Psychic Children

      by James F. Twyman

      In 2001, James Twyman travelled to Bulgaria to meet a group of psychic children living at a very special monastery. His book "Emissary of Love: The Psychic Children Speak to the World" recounts this adventure. In this follow-up volume, Thomas, one of the children he met, shares his insights on how to raise a child that exhibits psychic abilities. Over 40,000 people receive regular messages from Thomas through a special Web newsletter, but this is the first time he has provided such detailed information. Other well known authors and teachers have contributed to this special book, adding their insights on how to help our children change the world.

    • Complementary therapies, healing & health

      The Mama Bamba Way

      The Power and Pleasure of Natural Childbirth

      by Robyn Sheldon

    • Pregnancy, birth & baby care
      July 2012

      Natural Wellness Strategies for Pregnancy

      Women's Wisdom

      by Laurel Alexander

      Like menopause, pregnancy brings about profound shifts in mind, body, and spiritual energy that create challenges and opportunity. This second book in the series offers sage advice for working with these shifts, a broad range of techniques that will connect those expecting with the joyful rite of passage in womanhood while helping them move towards a positive birth experience. These self-help strategies span from the physical, such as nutrition, diet and herbs, to the mental through meditation, imagery and ritual to help calm and focus the mind, as well as the more esoteric, such as using crystals, flower essences, and archetypes of the Goddess to balance the subtle energy system.

    • Humour

      Where Do Daddies Come From?

      A Pregnancy Guide for Men

      by Steve Cummins

      Steve Cummins is the father of two strong, beautiful boys, one of whom came as a bigger shock than George W getting elected to a second term while the other was more planned than Stalin's first five years in power. One was an emergency caesarean while the other was pushed out in a shower of urine and expletives (mostly from the author - not his wife!). Steve is a professional comedian which has had the added benefits of him having taken care of his boys since his wife finished maternity leave since he works mostly at night (Yes,he is a yummy mummy!). This book is a seriously funny take on pregnancy and childbirth but, don't worry, you will also learn lots and have a laugh while doing so. Pregnancy and babies are an amazing experience and a huge challenge at the same time. You are about to be given an incredible gift, one you will love in a way you heretofore never thought possible. You are also going to feel left out, alienated, confused, terrified and grossed out. Horny too, but what else is new. While everyone accepts and makes allowances for the mother, no one ever thinks of the father. This is a book for men. By all means read her the odd excerpt (Steve even put in a few paragraphs that keep her sweet for this very reason) but for the love of God don't let her get her hands on it! Steve Cummins is a comedian, broadcaster and writer. He is currently the resident host of The Laughter Lounge, Ireland's largest and most prestigious comedy club. He has performed comedy on national and international TV and regularly performs abroad. Steve has written and performed comedy for TV and Radio shows and also wrote the Dad's Diary column in Mothers & Babies magazine of the Irish Independent for over a year.

    • Fitness & diet

      Nutrition for Children

      A No-nonsense Guide for Parents

      by Wyndham. Boobier

      How nice it would be to find a book about children's nutrition that was written for parents by a parent. Such a book would be straightforward, easy to understand, and would not be full of obscure facts and statistics. Written by a father and nutritionist with over five years experience giving lectures on nutrition and health promotion to parents and children of all ages, this is such a book. There is no claim for it to be the most comprehensive 'text' on nutrition, but it is written for parents and carers of children who are truly concerned about their health. Contents include: Diet and Health - the Basic Building Blocks Vitamins Requirements of Pre-School Children Minerals Healthy Eating for School-Aged Children Physical Activity Healthy Eating for Adolescents Reading Food Labels Healthy Eating - The Balanced Diet Diabetes - Some Basics.

    • Internet guides & online services

      How to Have a Baby On Ebay

      Your One-stop Shopping Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

      by Wiz Wharton

      Research suggests that parents now spend in the region of ?ú50,000 on their children in the first five years of their lives, ?ú7,000 of it in the first 12 months alone! When Wiz Wharton found out she was pregnant in 2005, she was living in rented accommodation in London with no regular income. Determined to provide her baby with everything he might need but knowing she'd have to do it at a fraction of the normal cost, she found her solution on eBay, the world's largest online auction site.With the sort of military precision only reserved for the truly obsessed or the truly pregnant, Wiz compiled a file of everything she was going to need, from maternity wear, to nursery equipment, via sterilisers, nappies and toys. What she discovered was that with a little bit of research, some streetwise bidding tactics and patience you can pick up all you need in next-to-new condition for far, far less than normal retail prices; "I eventually managed to buy all of my son's items from 0 to way beyond 3, including all my maternity items, for about ?ú500", she writes.Some of Wiz's online triumphs have included:- A ?ú200 cot for ?ú11.50.- A ?ú400 designer buggy for ?ú200.- A ?ú175 one-off maternity dress for ?ú15.All brand new, boxed and delivered.In this unique book, Wiz tells other mums-to-be and their partners how to save themselves literally thousands of pounds by doing what she did, and have fun in the process. The first part of the book reproduces and builds upon her own detailed product research, telling parents what equipment they are going to need and - just as importantly - what they won't. The eighteen Buyer's Guides are the most comprehensive and up-to-date research of their kind, and invaluable for parents lost in the confusion of what to buy, when and for how much.The second part of the book offers a detailed explanation of how eBay works, with step-by-step instructions for readers new to the site, plus advanced tips and tricks for those who already have some experience. With humour and insight, Wiz reveals the mistakes she made, and shows how her techniques improved to the point where she could be confident of winning items that had previously eluded her. Basic errors are highlighted, myths exposed, and 'golden rules' stressed. There is even a section on how to avoid the much-publicised eBay scams.The final section of the book instructs parents in the 'selling' side of eBay. Wiz tells you how to turn the products that you have bought back into hard cash by listing them either in an eBay auction or in a Buy It Now sale. Threaded through the narrative is her desire not only to help other parents achieve what she did, but also to encourage the principles of recyclingWhether you are a mother-to-be, a father, or just know someone about to have a baby, 'How to Have a Baby on eBay' is an invaluable, money-saving, planet-friendly guide.

    • Pregnancy, birth & baby care

      Birth Space, Safe Place

      Emotional Well-being Through Pregnancy and Birth

      by Adela Stockton

    • Child & developmental psychology

      First Steps to a Physical Basis of Concentration

      An Initial Strategy for Parents and Teachers Relating to Learning and Behaviour Problems

      by Roy Y. Anderson

      Children’s conduct and learning problems can be due to poor concentration, and this is frequently viewed as a behavioural problem. First Steps challenges this view, demonstrating how simple physical exercises for only a few minutes a day can greatly improve a child’s concentration. All ages.

    • Complementary therapies, healing & health

      Fully Fertile

      A 12-week Plan for Optimal Fertility

      by Elizabeth Heller

    • Advice on parenting

      Happy Kids Happy You

      Using NLP to Bring Out the Best in Ourselves and the Children We Care for

      by Sue Beever

      Every child, every family situation is different and parenting is a journey of constant change. There are no “right answers”, only what works for you and your family. This book will give you a toolkit of practical NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) methods flexible enough to cover all situations. It focuses equally on the needs of you, the parent, as well as your child and will help you get your family life running more smoothly; understand your children; support and encourage them and their development more effectively; recognise and meet your own needs so you can be more resourceful in family life; feel more confident and positive so you can have fun and enjoy being a parent more of the time! Rather than giving prescriptive advice, Happy Kids Happy You will enable you to develop your own solutions to situations. You will learn to speak and behave more positively with your children and experience outstanding results!

    • Health & Personal Development
      November 2012

      The Cookie Book

      Celebrating the Art, Power and Mystery of Women's Sweetest Spot

      by Maritza Breitenbach

      This international award-winning book offers an intimate guide for women of all ages. It gently weaves through a number of areas such as hygiene, puberby, virginity, the G-spot, masturbation, pregnancy, childbirth and the menopause, while offering amusing snippets from ancient times. The book is written in a conversational and humorous style, and has more than 100 colorful, non-invasive, non-pornographic images and classical art works from the masters. It addresses all the intimate questions women often have, and are too embarrassed to talk about. This valuable book is a beautiful gift to all women and young girls. "Recognising the importance and profundity of the vagin ... philosophical and humorous ... a tome that admirably attempts to unravel and ponder the history, impact and beauty of the vagina." - Oliver Roberts, Sunday Times

    • Abnormal psychology
      June 2013


      A practical breakdown of the myths and realities of dyslexia

      by Laughton King

      Finally, an insightful, clear and practical breakdown of the realities of dyslexia, from the author’s own life experience. This exposition of the thinking, learning and living style that characterise the dyslexic individual is written equally for the educator, the parent and the struggling dyslexic himself. Eighteen myths dispelled, 61 personal characteristics outlined, and a raft of indicators examined, this book will help a large section of the population understand their own normality, their own intact and integrated thinking style, and allow them to take positive charge of their learning processes and their functioning in society. There is nothing wrong with their brain wiring, they are not deficient, they do not need medication. As a diesel motor differs from a petrol engine, the so-called ‘dyslexic’ differs from the non-dyslexic in a simple and rudimentary way. The Western world has a modern education system based around language as the prime learning tool – teaching, learning and assessment are typically language-based. The ‘dyslexic’ person is disadvantaged in this system, not only because is he a pictorial thinker, but because of a lesser capacity to use 'internal dialogue', he is unable to process the language-based education system at a competitive level.

    • Family & relationships


      A compendium of positive parenting strategies

      by Laughton King

      Written with the busy parent in mind, this book is orientated to taking the head-on fight out of parenting, and is based on the author’s thirty years of clinical work with parents of young children. This book is written as a practical manual, has a simple, bite-size presentation and is free from the pages of theory that commonly restrict easy access to useful information. The book focuses on the small things parents do that make it difficult for children to comply and co-operate, and gives examples and illustrations of how we can easily work with our children to achieve happier households. Includes; Bedtime strategies, Behaviour management, Language of parenting, Toileting, Mealtime behaviour, Arguments, use of Praise and Humour, amongst other issues that can make parenting a lonely and difficult role.

    • Family & relationships
      July 2013


      A manual of strategies for teachers and parents

      by Laughton King

      This very practical and helpful manual focuses on the learning difficulties that come under the ‘umbrella’ notion of ‘Dyslexia’. The author examines why such difficulties are so common in our schools - right around the English-speaking world - and before giving parents and teachers insights as to how to work usefully with these children, demonstrates what the world is like from the inside for these children. He looks at how these children think, at how they understand the world, at the impact on their behaviour, and at what life is like for them – on the inside. He includes a biographical section based around his own personal experiences as a ‘dyslexic’ child. In clarifying the fundamental differences between linguistic and pictorial thinking styles, and the connection between learning difficulty and behaviour problems, this book opens the way for parents and teachers to reach, and therefore to effectively teach so-called reluctant learners.

    • Family & health
      July 2012

      My Boy - A memoir

      by Anthony James

      This little book tells of the sad but inspiring story and his addicted son coming together in the valley of the shadow of death. There is poignancy, sadness but also love and redemption. It is inspiring and will give hope and help to thousands who struggle with drug addiction in thier families.The book will give comfort to those who are experiencing loosing their loved ones. You are not alone, the wonderful Hospice movement and the palliative care forces are there to hold you up and give you hope.

    • Health & Personal Development
      May 2006

      Crystal Children, Indigo Children and Adults of the Future

      by Anni Sennov

      Once upon a time people believed that the Earth was flat and this was their truth, until somebody discovered otherwise. The world had changed, but in reality it was only people's view of the world that had changed, since the Earth had been round from its beginning. Now the Earth is moving into a new time and a new spiritual dimension opens up within peoples' hearts. A spiritual dimension that has been there all the time, but which people were formerly incapable of comprehending and thus reacting to. The pure spirit energy is right now about to invade the Earth completely. Not as a strong white light or a great holy Angel descending from above, but through all the children of The New Time who are born now and in the years to come. They are born with the pure spiritual energy fully integrated in their body. 1995 was the year where all children were born with a pure indigo aura. 2012 is the year where pure Crystal Children will be born on this Earth but already from 2004 we will start seeing crystal energy being slowly integrated into the aura of the Indigo Children. Common to the children born from 1995 and onwards is that they all possess some characteristics and values very different from their parents and previous generations. Parents, grandparents, kindergartens, schools, well the whole of society stand at the threshold of great challenges concerning the fulfilment of these children's future needs such as education and human development. For how are the children, what needs do they have and what impact will they have on our society in general? The book contains illustrations in black and white of the crystal aura, the indigo aura and the old time aura.

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