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      Thinking Thin

      The Truth About Weight Loss

      by Tom Nicoli, BCH, CI

      Have you suffered through too many trendy diet programs without lasting results? Have you worked yourself to the point of exhaustion in the gym? Have you ever taken a “miracle” pill to help you lose weight? Does your weight still fluctuate more than the stock market? Are you pleading for a weight solution that actually works? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you must read Thinking Thin — a startling new approach to weight-loss and fitness developed by Tom Nicoli, BCH, CI, one of America’s most successful Board-certified hypnotists who has been seen on Dateline NBC and praised by SHAPE Magazine as the “Hippest of the Hyp!” Tom has shown thousands of people around the world how to live free from the anguish of obesity — all without the struggle associated with most weight-loss programs and diets. Why put up with dangerous diet pills or waste another day of self-starvation or dreaded workouts when you don’t have to? Make the decision today to embark upon the joyous path to a better you. It all begins with Thinking Thin…

    • Health & Personal Development
      July 2013

      Pregnancy Made Confortable With Yoga & Dietetics

      by Nishtha Saraswat

      This unique and must read book by Nishtha Saraswat is the only one of its kind that deals with pregnancy related problems with the help of unique combination of yoga and dietetics, two of the most relevant subjects in today`s social context. The effort has been put behind understanding various stages involved in pregnancy in a simple and easy to understand manner. The stress has been laid on providing practical solutions to the common problems faced by women before, during and after pregnancy. A combination of yogic exercises, meditation and special menu plans has been recommended keeping in mind the needs of Indian women. The book has been divided into various sections for ease of reference. The extensive use of pictures, tables, illustrations and testimonials lends practicality to the book and makes it user-friendly. The book aims at becoming a complete reference manual during the journey from planning pregnancy to getting back in a healthy shape post pregnancy. Aspiring mothers will find this book indispensable in their daily lives. Regular reference and usage of the book during pregnancy will ensure that pregnancy becomes a comfortable and pleasant experience for all women.

    • Diets & dieting
      January 2017

      Vegan Nutrition: Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Nutritional Supplements

      by Markus Keller | Edith Gätjen

      All the best for mother and baby Vegan, pregnant and optimal nutrition – with this book, you’ll find sound answers to all questions of vegan nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Dr. Markus Keller and Edith Gätjen, experts in the field of vegan nutrition, explain optimal nutrition for mother and baby, the right selection of foodstuffs, and everything you need to know when it comes to breastfeeding and supplementary diets. The first guide to be written on the basis of current scientific findings with more than 100 nutritious recipes for consultants, advisors and vegan parents-to-be.

    • Diets & dieting
      June 2017

      Detox, Baby!

      by Christine Volm

      Health for the body, spirit and soul Detox, baby! With this programme, you can really look after your health – an all-round wellbeing programme with which you can rid your body and soul of all toxins, regardless of whether they’re material or thought in nature. The basis of this special programme is freshly squeezed juices from wild plants, fruits and vegetables that are rich in vital ingredients. Numerous recipes offer you completely individual options for every requirement and taste. What’s more, Detox, Baby! presents a holistic programme including exercise, natural body care and mental exercises. Why not treat yourself to something good – you’ve earned it!

    • Diets & dieting
      October 2017

      Healing Power of Fruit and Vegetables

      by Ursel Bühring | Bernadette Bächle-Helde

      Everyone knows medicinal herbs, but what about medicinal fruit and vegetables… do they exist? Indeed they do! In fact, all plants develop active substances against bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens. And we can make use of these substances: they protect cells and vessels, prevent diabetes and cancer, and benefit the eyes and skin. You’ll be amazed at just how many medicinal remedies are present within our fruit and vegetables. In comprehensive profiles, Ursel Bühring and Bernadette Bächle-Helde examine 36 regional fruit and vegetable species, together with their unique health benefits. They provide tips for seasonal purchases, and how best to cook with them. A wealth of recipes for remedies and culinary delights will whet your appetite for a daily “kitchen medicine cabinet”.

    • Health & Personal Development
      June 2018

      One Body One Life

      Don't Screw It Up!

      by Andrew C E Green

      Are you always stressed, constantly busy, prioritising others over yourself, and realising that time is slipping by and your health is now not what it was? Do you recognise what is “good” and what is “bad” for your health? Do you keep procrastinating on making the healthy changes you know will benefit you and your loved ones? Is stress making you sick and shortening your life? The Solution: Assess where you are now, and then follow a series of easily sustainable changes that you can stick to, get the balance right, and reclaim your health. You only have One Body and One Life! Don’t Screw it Up!

    • Health & Personal Development
      April 2019

      Gut Well Soon

      A Practical Guide to a Healthier Body and a Happier Mind

      by Catherine Rogers

      Gut Well Soon navigates the turbulent waters of health and wellness in the 21st century. It explores the science underpinning the health claims and misconceptions we have all heard but never fully understood. In particular it explains why our gut bacteria is crucial to our mental and physical health, and explains what you can do to support it in a simple and accessible way. Not satisfied with just words, Catherine has created an informative and individualised online programme called Reset Your Gut to help put the fully-referenced information in this book into your everyday life.

    • Health & Personal Development
      April 2019


      How to look and feel fantastic every day

      by Adele Stickland

      Tried every diet under the sun? Confused, upset and disappointed in yourself for failing again? This book will hold your hand and help you dig deep to find your personal emotional trigger: the trigger that has held you back from finding your true ‘you’. It will guide you through the simple food changes that will allow your ‘body love’ transformation to occur. Key features of the book: • A simple mix of practical advice, tools and insights into how you tick • Authentic and inspiring case studies of real ‘life-changing’ stories • A practical, easy guide on how to change your food habits and recognise your personal mindset blocks

    • Health & Personal Development
      November 2019

      First Steps 2 Keto

      Getting started with a ketogenic lifestyle

      by Ian Prather, Jim Withers

      It's never too late to start living your best life... Many people worry about having health issues that will impact their quality of life. However, it is our personal dietary choices that determine our long-term health and quality of life. • Everyone has lost someone to poor health... • Take responsibility for your own health... • We are designed to eat ketogenic... • Simple steps to implementing the ketogenic lifestyle... First Steps 2 Keto provides information to help people understand why the typical dietary choices put our health at risk and how government, big food and pharma companies, and the education system have worked together to create a system that is good for profits, but not for health.

    • Diets & dieting
      October 2008

      Nutrition Promotion

      Theories and methods, Systems and Settings

      by Tony Worsley

      With the media highlighting the growing obesity epidemic in western society, dieticians, nutritionists, and other health professionals increasingly have to promote healthy eating to the general public. Although nutrition education has been established for decades, health promotion and media communication are now part of the toolkit needed to solve wide ranging nutritional issues that cause major health problems. Nutrition Promotion sets nutrition education firmly in a public health context and provides practical applications in a variety of settings and age groups. It draws on international research and theory, and includes international case studies and examples.

    • Health & Personal Development

      Vibrant Health

      Comprehensive Guide to Achieve Perfect Health, High Energy, and Strong Immunity

      by Diana Polska

      Phenomenal health guidebook with over 550 scientific studies! Vibrant Health is a highly comprehensive holistic health guidebook with over 550 scientific studies referenced. It is a must-read for anyone looking to achieve high energy levels, strong immunity, and perfect physical health, as well as prevent or treat illness naturally.

    • Health & Personal Development

      Mediterranean Diet Cookbook

      Meal Plans and Recipes for a Healthy and Slim Body

      by Diana Polska

      THE BEST WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT AND ACHIEVE HEALTH A 4-week meal plan and 100 recipes for a slimmer and healthier body. The Mediterranean diet is the best way of eating to achieve a slim body and low body mass index. Studies show that it reduces weight gain and slows down age-related weight gain. It also prevents the development of obesity.

    • General cookery & recipes

      The Everyday Diabetic Cookbook

      by Stella. Bowling

      Diabetes now affects over one million people in the UK and the number is growing every day amongst all age groups and all racial groups. It is now generally recognized that, in the main, we are what we eat and that the best food for diabetics is to be found in the high-fibre, low-fat, low-sugar diet that today's nutritionalists are recommending for everyone.;This cookbook contains 200 tasty recipes that provide healthy, high energy meals and is written by Stella Bowling, the British Diabetic Association's Head of Diet Information Service. It is fully endorsed by, and published in association with, the BDA. Each recipe is accompanied by nutritional analysis listing calories per serving, fat protein and carbohydrate content.

    • Diets & dieting

      Life Transformation Diet

      An Inspiration Guide for Changing Behaviours, Releasing Weight and Living a Better Life

      by Joanne Reid Rodrigues

    • Diets & dieting
      January 2013

      Natural Energy

      by Basant K. Puri

      Aims to extend the principles of treating M E with a diet rich in phospho-lipids to the promotion of greater energy in any individual. This book also shows that modern lifestyles are blamed for tiredness, but poor diet has a much more significant role to play, and that there are ways to combat this trend and increase personal energy levels.

    • Health & wholefood cookery

      The Everyday Wheat-free & Gluten-free Cookbook

      by Michelle. Berriedale-Johnson

      Coeliacs are people who suffer from a sensitive reaction to gluten, which is the protein found in wheat and rye. Similar substances are found in barley and oats.;Since gluten damages the lining of the small intestine of coeliacs, it makes their ability to absorb adequate nutrients from food difficult, which results in severe illness resembling malnutrition. Coeliacs may be acutely ill with weight loss, tiredness, lethargy and breathlessness.;The only treatment which can rectify a coeliac condition is a gluten-free diet. A coeliac must not eat any food which contains flour or wheat, barley or rye in any form. Ths means excluding bread, biscuits, crispbreads, cakes, pastry, pasta, breadcrumbs, semolina and food cooked in batter. Flour is also an ingredient in many tinned, packaged and processed foods as well as ready meals. A gluten-free diet can therefore pose major difficulties for the coeliac.;This recipe book offers 200 recipes using special gluten-free flours, breads and pasta now available on the market, many of which coeliacs can obtain on a doctor's prescription.

    • Diets & dieting

      The Asian Diet

      Simple Secrets for Eating Right, Losing Weight, and Being Well

      by Jason Bussell

    • Lifestyle, Sport & Leisure

      The Lifestyle Diet

      How to create the perfect eating pattern for you

      by Judy ridgway

      The book offers a revolutionary new way to find the perfect diet for you. A detailed questionaire enables the reader to ascertain their own personal diet profile and to develop a personal eating plan to remain fit and healthy. There are hints and tips on how to keep to the new way of eating along with a selection of healthy recipes.

    • Diets & dieting
      December 2011

      500 Plus Health And Happiness Tips

      by Jane Thurnell-Read

    • Diets & dieting
      March 2012

      200 Plus Weight Loss Tips

      by Jane Thurnell-Read

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