• Technology, Engineering & Agriculture
      May 2014

      Engineering optics

      by Gottfried Schröder, Hanskarl Treiber

      The text provides a solid foundation in technical optics including the use of optical components, equipment and techniques. Examples illustrate the broad applications spectrum. The latest standards and state-of-the art components such as diffractive optical elements and photonic crystals have been included in the 11th edition of this standard work. Contents extract: light and optical imaging radiation light sources and receivers interference and spectral devices colors gratings holography polarization and measurement of optical values Equations DIN standards

    • Acoustic & sound engineering

      Engineering acoustics

      Fundamentals of physical, hearing related electrical and building acoustics

      by Ivar Veit

      Engineering acoustics, once a sub-field of physics, has long since developed into a scientific discipline in its own right. With its systematic arrangement the book is both an excellent tutor and reliable reference source. The international SI system of units is used throughout. Everyone concerned with engineering acoustics in their practical work will find the book useful, as will students, laboratory staff, engineers from all disciplines, and hearing aid technicians. From the content: Sound, sound field, sound generation, sound propagation Acoustic processes in closed rooms and acoustics cables Electromechanical analogies, electroacoustic transducers Acoustic measurement technology, physiological acoustics Sound recording, noise abatement, sound insulation Ultrasound, Building acoustics Sound absorber and silencer Updates and further information in the online service InfoClick

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