• Technology, Engineering & Agriculture
      May 2013


      A Roadmap for Entrepreneurs and Leaders in The Digital Age

      by Declan Kavanagh

      Advantage is what creates value for your customers and your organisation. By having a focus on advantage and the sources of advantage through the life cycle of a business, whether it is commercial or not for profit ensures entrepreneurs and leaders minimise risk and maximise value. This book presents a framework called “The Business Advantage Model (BAM™)” that supports leaders in the identification, creation, proving, securing, leveraging and changing of advantage. It is about “Doing the right things, the right way at the right time” across every aspect of starting, scaling and readjusting a business. Its goal is to help create more high performing organisations.

    • Inventions & inventors
      March 2014

      Alfred Nobel. Der Erfinder des Dynamits und Gründer der Nobelstiftung. Biographie

      by Hennig, Richard

      Alfred Nobel – for generations his name has been the symbol of the foundation that honors exceptional scientific, literary and peacekeeping achievements every year. Few people know, however, that the outspoken opponent of war invented dynamite. This biography was first published a few years after his death and portrays his existence and legacy from the perspective of a contemporary, adding some fascinating insights about his solitary lifestyle, his social position and his astounding versatility as a researcher and an inventor.

    • Inventions & inventors
      October 2013

      Geschichte der Dampfmaschine

      by Matschoss, Conrad

      Until this day, the steam engine is the most important symbol of Industrialization and the revolutionizing of technology. This book, first published in 1901, offers a lively depiction of its fascinating historical development and its socio/cultural significance. Matschoss depicts the historical origin of the steam engine from its beginnings with a multitude of pictures, graphics, and a detailed timeline. Conrad Matschoss (1871/1942) was an engineer, a university teacher, historian, publicist and director of the German Society of Engineers (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure, VDI). In addition to multiple publications, one of his main achievements was introducing history of technology as a scientific disciple and subject for study. Furthermore, he was founder and publisher of the annual edition ‘Contributions to the History of Technology and Industry’, which was published from 1909 to 1941.

    • Inventions & inventors
      October 2013

      Carl Benz. Lebensfahrt eines deutschen Erfinders

      by Benz, Carl

      This book consists of original writings by Carl Benz, who looks back on his life as well as the invention of the automobile, from the first idea to the functioning vehicle. With the help of diagrams, sketches and technical drawings the genius inventor describes the obstacles that needed to be conquered on the road to the completed automobile. The fascination of humans with cars persists to this day, making this book an inspiring read for everyone interested in the life of a man who wrote history. Carl Friedrich Benz, born in Mühlburg, Germany, in 1844, is considered one of the essential creators of the automobile. After his studies in engineering he worked as a locksmith and constructor and founded his first company in 1871. In 1883, he founded the company that was later to become the Daimler/Benz AG and turned to creating automobiles, for which he obtained the first patent in 1886. In 1889 and 1889, he presented his three/, later four/wheeled automobiles at expositions in Munich and Paris. In 1903, he left the company and founded Carl Benz Sons in Ladenburg, which was a car factory. He was married to Bertha Ringer; they had five children. He died in Ladenburg in 1929. This book is a revised edition of the 1925 original.

    • Inventions & inventors
      January 2013

      Rudolf Diesel: Die Entstehung des Dieselmotors

      by Diesel, Rudolf

      This script was written in 1912 after Diesel’s lecture at the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (Schiffsbautechnische Gesellschaft) in Berlin and deals with Diesel’s experiments in his laboratory. In this reprint of the 1913 original, Diesel offers insights into the idea for and development of his invention, which had been heavily doubted and not considered feasible. His ingenious discoveries went on to revolutionize the automotive industry and accompany it into the present.

    • Science & Mathematics
      December 2017

      Technological Innovation

      An Introduction

      by Laurier Schramm

      The book provides a basic introduction on innovation technology in research and industry, mainly chemical/ technical industry and therefore bridges the gap between academic and corporate markets. The different innovation stages are discussed and tools presented how to successfully apply this knowledge within a research organization.

    • Science & Mathematics
      May 2017

      Innovation Technology

      A Dictionary

      by Laurier Schramm

      Innovation from A to Z presents a glossary, including: Terms, older terms whose meanings have changed, acronyms, synonyms, famous names, selected abbreviations, and cross-references. A highly interdisciplinary approach incorporating strategy and entrepreneurship with technology and engineering sciences, economics, marketing, organizational behavior and theory. Ideal for engineers, managers, sales people and economists.

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