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Ian Rotherham

The White Horse Press


Solid Waste

I. Twardowska

Elsevier Rights

This book covers a broad group of wast etc...

Olive Processing Waste Management

M. Niaounakis

Elsevier Rights

The book contains a comprehensive revi etc...

Compost Science and Technology

L.F. Diaz

Elsevier Rights

Composting is a widely used biological etc...

Deep Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste

W. R. Alexander

Elsevier Rights

This book presents a critical review o etc...

Pollution Prevention Through Process Integration

Mahmoud M. El-Halwagi

Elsevier Rights

The environmental impact of industrial etc...

Sustainable Industrial Design and Waste Management

Salah El Haggar

Elsevier Rights

Sustainable Industrial Design and Wast etc...

Handbook of Groundwater Remediation Using Permeable Reactive Barriers

David Naftz

Elsevier Rights

Over the last century and a half, grou etc...

Oil Pollution and Its Environmental Impact in the Arabian Gulf Region

M. Al-Azab

Elsevier Rights

Situated within the richest oil area i etc...

Design Aspects of Used Lubricating Oil Re-refining

Firas Awaja

Elsevier Rights

Design Aspects of Used Lubricating Oil etc...

Waste Materials in Construction

J.J.J.M. Goumans

Elsevier Rights

This book presents the proceedings of etc...

Waste Disposal in Rock

R. Pusch

Elsevier Rights

This is an overview of all the importa etc...

Handbook of Radioactive Contamination and Decontamination

Jan. Severa

Elsevier Rights

The objective of this book is to prese etc...

Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator Residues

A. John. Chandler

Elsevier Rights

This text covers a broad spectrum of t etc...
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