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Science and Hope

John Dargavel and Elisabeth Johann

The White Horse Press

A HISTORY OF THE SCIENCE AND IDEAS OF FORESTRY OVER THE PAST THREE CENTURIES This book tells the story of the hopeful science and etc...

British Urban Trees

Paul A. Elliott

The White Horse Press

GREENING THE VICTORIAN URBAN WORLD Whether we consider the great London Planes which are now the largest trees in many British ur etc...


Ian Rotherham

The White Horse Press


Quality Assurance & Quality Control of Environmental Field Sampling

Chunlong Zhang, Jochen F Mueller, Munro R Mortimer

Future Science Group

In environmental laboratory analysis, quality issues related to the taking and handling of samples are commonly unrecognized, und etc...

Applications of nanomaterials for water quality

Bart Van der Bruggen

Future Science Group

Nanotechnology offers the potential to boost quality of potable and industrial water supplies and to enable us to deal with the c etc...

Contaminated soils: a guide to sampling and analysis

Maria Gavrilescu, Laura Bulgariu

Future Science Group

Soil contamination is caused by diverse human activities. Requirements for monitoring and quantification of soil contaminants sho etc...

Earth Is Our Business

Polly Higgins

Shepheard-Walwyn (Publishers) Ltd

Earth is our Business takes forward the argument of Polly Higgins’ first book, Eradicating Ecocide. This book proposes new Earth etc...

Maximum Power

Charles A. S. Hall (Editor)

University Press of Colorado

"Maximum Power" is a synthesis of the creative genius of Howard Thomas Odum as seen through his own words and those of etc...

George W. Bush's Healthy Forests

Jacqueline Vaughn, Hannah Cortner

University Press of Colorado

Jacqueline Vaughn and Hanna J. Cortner detail how the Bush administration, by changing the terms and processes of debate, side-st etc...

Environmental Politics and Policy in the West

Zachary A Smith (Editor) , John C Freemuth (Editor)

University Press of Colorado

Population growth and industrial development have put the wide-open spaces and natural resources that define the West under immen etc...

Trusteeship in Change

Richmond L Clow , David H Getches , Imre Sutton

University Press of Colorado

This book explores the evolution of Indian Affairs policies and administrative practices regarding the management of trust lands etc...

Island of Grass

Ellen Wohl

University Press of Colorado

This book tells the story of the Cathy Fromme Prairie Natural Area, a 240-acre preserve surrounded by housing developments in For etc...

The Green Investing Handbook

Nick Hanna

Harriman House

There is a huge change taking place as the world moves inexorably towards a low-carbon economy. 'The Green Investing Handbook etc...

Natural History of the Colorado Plateau & Great Basin

Kimball T Harper , Larry L St Clair , Kaye H Thorne , Wilford M Hess

University Press of Colorado

The remote Colorado Plateau and Great Basin portions of the Intermountain West are areas of spectacular natural beauty and divers etc...

Listening to Cougar

Marc Bekoff (Editor) , Cara Blessley Lowe (Editor)

University Press of Colorado

This spellbinding tribute to Puma concolor honours the big cat's presence on the land and in our psyches. In some essays, the etc...
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