• Science & Mathematics
      February 2018

      Animal Welfare

      by M Appleby, A Olsson, F Galindo (Eds)

      Updated and revised, this bestselling textbook continues to provide a broad introduction to the key topics in the welfare of animals both large and small, farm and companion, wild and zoo. It retains all the popular features of the previous editions with coverage of key issues such as ethics, animal pain and injury, health and disease, social conditions, and welfare dilemmas and problems. Importantly, it also offers practical advice for welfare assessment, with a full section dedicated to the implementation of solutions. The third edition:- Contains many more examples of welfare issues in different countries, particularly the implications for smallholders as well as larger scale agriculture- Covers fish welfare as well as welfare of amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates- Includes concepts of positive emotion and other positive aspects of welfare- Focuses on animal welfare and sustainability - Includes an integrated ebook with additional material and videosWith contributions from renowned international experts and a new editorial team, Animal Welfare, 3rd Edition is an essential resource for students and researchers in animal and veterinary sciences and other disciplines considering the science and practice of animal welfare, and for practitioners and decision-makers worldwide.

    • Science & Mathematics
      October 2017

      Blackberries and Their Hybrids

      by H Hall, R Funt

      This practical book provides a comprehensive and accessible overview of all aspects of the commercial production of blackberries and their hybrids, covering plant growth and development, cultivar description and selection, propagation, pruning, soil and water management, postharvest management, economics and marketing, and pest identification and management. Cultivated blackberries are a relatively new crop, but with new cultivars and cultural practices they are now grown and available worldwide. Production regions have expanded internationally due to innovative methods showing much promise and evidence of human health benefits. Blackberries and Their Hybrids explains the many complex steps involved in producing a conventional or an organic crop for the fresh and processed markets, and: - Contains information gathered from global sources - Is appropriate for areas that can produce blackberries for the local, domestic and/or export markets - Includes full-color images throughout Authored by a team of experts, this book is essential for growers, extension workers, fruit industry personnel, students, and lecturers involved in the commercial production of blackberries and their hybrids.

    • Science & Mathematics
      August 2018


      by E Heuvelink

      This new edition of a successful, practical book provides a comprehensive and accessible overview of all aspects of the production of the tomato crop, within the context of the global tomato industry. Tomatoes are one of the most important horticultural crops in both temperate and tropical regions and this book explores our current knowledge of the scientific principles underlying their biology and production.Tomatoes 2nd Edition covers genetics and breeding, developmental processes, crop growth and yield, fruit ripening and quality, irrigation and fertilisation, crop protection, production in the open field, greenhouse production, and postharvest biology and handling. It has been updated to:- reflect advances in the field, such as developments in molecular plant breeding, crop and product physiology, and production systems.- include a new chapter on organic tomato production.- present photos in full colour throughout.Authored by an international team of experts, this book is essential for growers, extension workers, industry personnel, and horticulture students and lecturers.

    • Science & Mathematics
      August 2018


      by G Creasy, L Creasy

      Fully revised with new content and full-colour figures throughout, the second edition of this successful book contains expanded content for all sections, particularly those covering the impact of climate change, seasonal management, mechanisation and organic management options. There is a new vine balance section, as well as significant updates to rootstocks and grafting. It includes information on wine grapes in addition to grapes for fresh consumption and raisin production.Covering a broad range of topics from grapevine growth and fruit development, to vineyard establishment, mechanisation and postharvest processing, this book provides historical and current information about the grape industry and sets out the theory and science behind production practices. It is an invaluable resource for grape producers, horticulture and plant science students, as well as enthusiasts of the vine and its products.

    • Science & Mathematics
      August 2018


      by J Retamales, J Hancock

      Blueberry cultivation has increased dramatically as production has shifted into new regions. Blueberries are now widely available as food and also processed to be used in medicine and pharmaceuticals for their antioxidant properties. This new and updated edition covers the major topics of interest to blueberry breeders and researchers including botany, physiology, nutrition, growth regulation, photosynthesis, environment, weeds, pests, diseases and postharvest management. The main focus is on the most important cultivated species, the highbush blueberry, although information on other blueberries and related species is also provided. It is an essential resource for soft fruit researchers, extension workers, academics, breeders, growers, and students.

    • Science & Mathematics
      July 2018

      Practical Feline Behaviour

      Understanding Cat Behaviour and Improving Welfare

      by Trudi Atkinson

      Practical Feline Behaviour contains all the relevant information that a veterinary nurse or technician needs to understand and handle the behaviour and welfare of house cats, and to offer safe and practical advice to clients. There have been ground-breaking advances in our understanding of feline behaviour in recent years and, to protect the welfare of cats, it is increasingly important that anyone involved with their care, especially those in a professional capacity, keep up to date with these developments. This approachable and down-to-earth text describes the internal and external influences on feline behaviour; on communication, learning, social behaviour, the relationship between behaviour and disease, and the cat - human relationship. It also provides practical advice on how the welfare of cats in our care may be protected and how behaviour problems should be addressed and how to avoid them. In this book Trudi Atkinson draws on her extensive experience as a veterinary nurse and a Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist to provide a rapid reference and an intensely practical feline behaviour resource for owners, breeders, veterinary professionals, shelter and cattery workers and anyone involved in the care of our feline companions. - Practical, down to earth guide detailing all aspects of feline behaviour - Rapid reference for instant access to information - Written by a well-known animal behaviourist who has extensive experience in treating feline behaviour problems and in advising clients to protect the welfare of their cats - Includes a foreword by John Bradshaw, School of Veterinary Science at University of Bristol, UK

    • Science & Mathematics
      June 2017


      Botany, Production and Uses

      by José Quero Garcia, Amy Lezzoni, Joanna Pulawska, Gregory A Lang

      Sweet and sour cherries (Prunus avium and Prunus cerasus) are important fruit crops for which demand is high and growing. A significant number of new varieties, rootstocks and training systems have been released or developed in recent years in order to improve the efficiency and profitability of cherry orchards. Cherries: Botany, Production and Uses covers the genetics, ecophysiology, production, protection and uses of cherries. Presenting up-to-date scientific data and applied information, this book is invaluable for researchers, teachers and all professionals working in the cherries value chain.

    • Science & Mathematics
      September 2017

      The Ethology of Domestic Animals

      An Introductory Text

      by Per Jensen

      Completely updated, revised and redesigned in colour throughout, this classic bestselling text continues to provide a concise introduction to the important fundamentals of animal behaviour from genetics, physiology, motivation, learning and cognition, through to social and reproductive behaviour, abnormal behaviour and human-animal interactions.- Concise but comprehensive coverage of all the fundamentals of animal behaviour in companion, farm and laboratory animals.- Expert authors and key opinion leaders from around the world provide the latest evidence-based information on animal behaviour and welfare.- A revised layout and design, means it is easy to find key information at a glance, making it an ideal rapid revision tool.- New for the third edition: new chapters on fur animals with the inclusion of more species and expanded sections on canine behaviour.This text remains a highly respected, essential resource for both students and lecturers in animal and veterinary science, animal welfare, zoology and psychology.

    • Botany & plant sciences
      January 1992


      Biology, Pathology and Control

      by Edited by J A Bailey, Michael J Jeger

      This work discusses the Colletotrichum including their biology, pathology and control mechanisms.

    • Microbiology (non-medical)
      January 1970

      South American Leaf Blight of Hevea Brasiliensis

      by P Holliday

      Paper on the South American Leafl Blight of Hevea Brasilinesis

    • Mycology, fungi (non-medical)
      January 1968

      Genus Pythium

      by G M Waterhouse

      Mycological papers on the fungi genus Pythium

    • Microbiology (non-medical)
      January 1968

      Gliomastix Gueguen

      by C H Dickinson

      Mycological papers on Gliomastix Gueguen

    • Microbiology (non-medical)
      January 1963

      Foot rot of Piper nigrum. L.

      by P Holliday

      Paper on the Foot rot disease of Piper nigrum. L

    • Microbiology (non-medical)
      January 1962

      Fusarial Wilt (Panama Disease) of Bananas and other Musa Species

      by R H Stover

      paper on the Fusarial Wilt (or Panama Disease) of Bananas and other Musa species

    • Microbiology (non-medical)
      January 1959

      Papers on Species of Corynespora

      by M B Ellis

      Mycological papers on species of the Corynespora

    • Microbiology (non-medical)
      January 1957

      Witches' Broom Disease of Cacao

      by Hanns Johst

      paper on witche's broom disease of cacao

    • Microbiology (non-medical)
      January 1956

      Revision of the British Helotiaceae in the Herbarium of the Royal Botanic Gardens, with notes on related European Species

      by Maryann Wells, STYLUS PUB LLC

      mycological paper on a revision of the British Heloticeae in the Herbarium of the Royal Botanic Gardens (including some notes on related European species)

    • Mycology, fungi (non-medical)
      January 1953

      Fungi from the Gold Coast

      by S J Hughes

      Mycological paper on fungi from the gold coast

    • Mycology, fungi (non-medical)
      January 1951

      Studies on four species of Ceratocystis, with a discussion on fungi causing sap-stain in Britain

      by B K Bakshi

      Mycological papers on the studies on Ceratoystis, with a discussion in fungi causing sap-stain in Britain.

    • Mycology, fungi (non-medical)
      January 1949

      Revision of the British Hyaloscyphaceae, with notes on related European species

      by Susan Kleinbeck

      Mycological paper on a revision of the British Hyaloscyphaceae

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