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Healing Logics

Erika Brady

University Press of Colorado

Scholars in folklore and anthropology are more directly involved in various aspects of medicine—such as medical education, clinic etc...

Australian Bush Flower Essences

Ian White

Findhorn Press Ltd.

Using the healing properties of flowers essences is an ancient art, spanning many cultures. Flower essences are safe and powerful etc...

Anything Can Be Healed

Martin Brofman

Findhorn Press Ltd.

This title offers a healer's tutorial and reference. It is also a user's manual for the body/mind interface through the c etc...

Knowing Through Changing

Giorgio Nardone & Claudette Portelli

This book details the epistemology and evolution of Brief Strategic Therapy. It covers the most advanced therapeutic intervention etc...

Analytical Hypnotherapy Vol 1

Jacquelyne Morison & Georges Philips

A unique investigation into the way that the analytical approach has influenced a range of current therapeutic philosophies, pres etc...

Bach Flower Remedies for Animals

Helen Graham

Findhorn Press Ltd.

This text aims to provide the reader with information on the use of flower essence remedies in the treatment of animals of all ki etc...

The Photographic Atlas of Acupuncture

Antoine Bereder

Findhorn Press Ltd.

This unique and exceptional acupuncture atlas is a high quality reference book that will last a lifetime. It is close to 600 page etc...

Winning the Mind Game

John H. Edgette

Hypnosis is an invaluable tool that can quickly and effectively influence the subconscious mind and promote lasting change. This etc...

Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution

C. Roy Hunter

Parts therapy will help provide the answer! Counsellors and hypnotherapists often use proven techniques to help their clients cha etc...

Ericksonian Approaches

Rubin. Battino

This is the definitive training manual in the art of Ericksonian Psychotherapy. Accessible and elucidating, it provides a systema etc...

The Wisdom of Milton H. Erickson

Ronald Havens

Milton H. Erickson was one of the most creative, dynamic and effective hypnotherapists and psychotherapists of the twentieth cent etc...

Traditional Herbal Medicines

Lakshman Karalliedde, Rita Fitzpatrick, Debbie Shaw

Hammersmith Press Ltd

The part played by traditional medicines in our health care continues to increase year on year. Used for many centuries, they hav etc...

Hypnotherapy Training

Shaun Brookhouse

A comprehensive investigation into the development of hypnotherapy and the issues faced by the modern hypnotherapist, written by etc...

Practising Safe Hypnosis

Roger Hambleton

This unique book comprehensively explores the damage that can be caused by the misapplication of hypnotic techniques in therapy, etc...

Scripts and Strategies in Hypnotherapy

Roger P. Allen

Scripts and Strategies in Hypnotherapy Volumes 1 and 2 have been combined to create the single most comprehensive source of scrip etc...
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