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You & the Law in Spain (2015 Edition)

David Searl

Ediciones Santana, S.L.

With this information-packed new edition You & the Law in Spain celebrates some thirty years of helping foreigners navigate t etc...

Corporate Skills

Prof. Shrikant Prasoon

V&S Publishers

In this book an attempt has been made to present the famed tales of Vikram and Vetala with focus on their underlying wisdom and e etc...

National Law Review

National Law Review

ACI Information Group

Hourly updates of legal news and analysis written by America's premier law firms and legal thought leaders.

Better Negotiating

Jutta Portner


Do you still argue or start negotiating with family and friends? With business partners? Nearly every day, we’re called on to sol etc...

Angel Financing in Asia Pacific: A Guidebook for Investors and Entrepreneurs

John Y. Lo

Emerald Publishing Ltd.

Angel investment and finance have been spreading from Silicon Valley to other parts of the world, including Asia, at an accelerat etc...

Mastering Digital Transformation: Towards a Smarter Society, Economy, City and Nation

Nagy K. Hanna

Emerald Publishing Ltd.

The information and communication technology revolution offers the promise of transforming economies and societies, and the risks etc...

The Current Global Recession: A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation into Developed and BRICS Economies

Akhilesh Chandra Prabhakar

Emerald Publishing Ltd.

By using empirical understanding and new policy data, this important new title investigates the world-wide economic crisis. The g etc...

Reimagining Business Education: Insights and Actions from the Business Education Jam


Emerald Publishing Ltd.

his new title discusses the rationale for, and design of, the first Business Education Jam, an initiative reviewing key challenge etc...

Dynamic Linkages and Volatility Spillover

Bagchi; Dandapat; Chatterjee

Emerald Publishing Ltd.

This book examines the dynamic relationship and volatility spillovers between crude oil prices, exchange rates and stock markets etc...

Innovation Strategy for Enterprises in Emerging Economies

Anurag Satpathy (author); Arjun Agrawal (author); Sanjay Mohapatra (author)

Emerald Publishing Ltd.

For a company to grow it needs to generate more margin of profit. It can generate more profit if it provides more value to custom etc...


Ken R. Blawatt

Emerald Publishing Ltd.

Marconomics is about human economics. This text introduces marconomics, examining how the use of the social sciences, consumer be etc...

Leisure, Sport and Tourism, Politics, Policy and Planning

A.J. Veal

CABI (Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International)

The gap between theory and practice in the leisure, sport and tourism studies areas seems to have widened as scholars have become etc...

Research Methods for Leisure, Recreation and Tourism

Ercan Sirakaya-Turk, Muzaffer Uysal, William E Hammitt, Jerry J Vaske, Jerry J Vaske, Begum Aybar-Damali, Yuksel Ekinci, Sheryl Kline, Edward J Ruddell, Harriet E T Dixon, L Brent Igo, Francis A McGuire, Gayle Jennings, Harmen Oppewal, Frederic Dimanche, Tom Griffin, Seyhmus Baloglu, Ahmet Usakli, Kathleen Andereck, Jacinta M Gau, Dogan Gursoy, Chenchen Huang, Lori Pennington-Gray, Patrick Tierney

CABI (Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International)

Praise for the previous edition: 'To write a good textbook is only possible with pedagogic sensitivity, significant education etc...

Virginia Business Litigation Lawyer Blog

Lee E. Berlik

ACI Information Group

Lee E. Berlik provides commentary on business litigation in Virginia.


LawNewz,Ronn Blitzer

ACI Information Group is the only site for live court video, high-profile criminal trials, crazy crime, celebrity justice, and smart legal etc...
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