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Get Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

David R. Portney

Kallisti Publishing

We are in an age where the battle to get your customers’ attention is fierce and advertising options are becoming more expensive etc...

129 Seminar Speaking Success Tips

David R. Portney

Kallisti Publishing

129 Seminar Speaking Success Tips is comprised of 129 tips. Each tip is based on David R. Portney’s real-world experience doing l etc...

129 More Seminar Speaking Success Tips

David R. Portney

Kallisti Publishing

Public speaking and seminars remain as the perfect marketing and advertising solution to promote any business, service, product, etc...

What Did Jesus Drive: Crisis PR in Cars, Computers and Christianity

Jason H. Vines

Waldorf Publishing

Isn’t it time that we are told the insider TRUTH regarding the intentional and unintentional cover-ups made by the big boys in “D etc...

People Centricity

Stephen Hewett

Kallisti Publishing

“Stephen is the life guru for our times.”—Mark Price, MD, Deputy Chairman of the John Lewis Partnership Would you like to have an etc...

Better Negotiating

Jutta Portner


Do you still argue or start negotiating with family and friends? With business partners? Nearly every day, we’re called on to sol etc...

Phone Genius

Michelle Mills-Porter

Sue Richardson Associates Ltd (SRA Books)

Everyone has a technical manual that tells them how to use their telephone efficiently. Yet there has never been a manual that te etc...

eCommerce MasterPlan 1.8

Chloe Thomas

Sue Richardson Associates Ltd (SRA Books)

Successful eCommerce businesses follow a pattern - the eCommerce MasterPlan. This book identifies the 7 eCommerce Business Struct etc...

Motivating Business Mums

Debbie O'Connor

Harriman House

Motivating Mum ( is a website that offers support and advice to mums who are running businesses and those etc...

The Small Business Guide to Apps

David Howell

Harriman House

If you thought that the app market was just about games and big brands, think again. Businesses of every size in every sector hav etc...

Twitter Your Business

Mark Shaw

Harriman House

Making an impact, 140 characters at a timeTwitter is not 'a get rich quickly tool'. You will achieve very little by just etc...

Successful Selling for Small Business

Jackie Wade

Harriman House

Every new business owner and aspiring entrepreneur will face one common challenge as they set out on their exciting journey - SAL etc...

The Small Business Guide to China

David Howell

Harriman House

Since China opened its doors to the world in 1978 its growth has been nothing short of meteoric. The 2007-09 credit crunch had li etc...

365 Social Media Tips

Karen James

Harriman House

365 Social Media Tips does exactly what it says on the tin. There are 365 tips that cover specific social media platforms such as etc...

Communication Excellence

Ian R. McLaren

A ten-lesson course is provided in this book that aims to transform the reader into an excellent communicator. Drawing on psychol etc...
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