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Get Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

David R. Portney

Kallisti Publishing

We are in an age where the battle to g etc...

Mustard Seeds, Shovels, & Mountains

J.F. (Jim) Straw

Kallisti Publishing

J.F. (Jim) Straw began his business ca etc...

129 Seminar Speaking Success Tips

David R. Portney

Kallisti Publishing

129 Seminar Speaking Success Tips is c etc...

Accelerating Profitability

Alan K. Lund

Waldorf Publishing

A hands-on, participation-based book f etc...

People Centricity

Stephen Hewett

Kallisti Publishing

“Stephen is the life guru for our time etc...

Corporate Skills

Prof. Shrikant Prasoon

V&S Publishers

In this book an attempt has been made etc...

Creating Business Advantage

Daryl Woodhouse, Garry smith

Sue Richardson Associates Ltd (SRA Books)

Whether you are just dusting off the p etc...

The Four Colors of Business Growth

Anjan V. Thakor

Elsevier Rights

Defining an organization by its growth etc...

Managing Risk

John Stevens

Elsevier Rights

This handbook is a one-stop guide that etc...

Nonlinear Time Series Analysis of Business Cycles

Costas Milas

Elsevier Rights

The business cycle has long been the f etc...

Marketing Financial Services

Mike Wright

Elsevier Rights

Within a practical business context of etc...

Managing People

Rosemary Thomson

Elsevier Rights

'Managing People' addresses th etc...

Making Marketing Happen

Brian Smith

Elsevier Rights

'Making Marketing Happen' is p etc...

Strategic Management for Hospitality and Tourism

Fevzi Okumus

Elsevier Rights

Strategic Management for Hospitality a etc...

Perspectives On Intellectual Capital

Bernard Marr

Elsevier Rights

Perspectives on Intellectual Capital b etc...
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