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      November 2007

      Shares Made Simple

      A Beginner's Guide to the Stock Market

      by Rodney Hobson

      At last a book that champions the small investor, the growing bank of potential shareholders who have cash to spare but fear entering the jungle that is the City of London. Shares Made Simple, written by highly respected financial journalist Rodney Hobson, tears away the mystique and jargon that surrounds the stock market. It takes you step by step through the most basic concepts of stock market investing, carefully explaining issues such aswhat shares are and how they are bought and sold, why share prices go up and down, why some companies' shares look cheap while others appear to be expensive, the hidden traps for the unwary. This book sets out to create a level playing field between the stock market professionals and the small investor. As rising living standards and inherited cash provide assets for investment, no-one needs to suffer pitiful bank interest rates when there is real money to be made in sharing the nation's wealth.

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      The Naked Trader's Guide to Spread Betting

      How to Make Money from Shares in Up Or Down Markets

      by Robbie Burns

      Have you dabbled in shares or the stock market? And wondered what spread betting was all about and whether you should be doing it? Perhaps you thought it all looked a bit complex or was just for City boys? Now here is a new beginner's guide that explains - in plain English - how to do it, and how to make money from it!Spread betting shares can be dangerous: most people lose - some even lose their shirts. But it's not a world populated by pinstriped men waiting to rob you, steal your savings and do nasty things to small kittens. You can win. (And you never have to pay a penny in tax!) This book shows you how.Robbie Burns, bestselling author of The Naked Trader, has been spread betting for years. He explains why it's an indispensable tool to use alongside normal investing or trading. Especially as you can make money even if the market goes down.Robbie takes you through everything from how it works, to managing your risk, working out exposure, and how, often, doing nothing is the best move!He explains the ins and outs of successfully betting on shares in his trademark down-to-earth style, covering everything you need to know. From the simple stuff through to proven strategies, including those that can be used in different markets - it's all here. There are also behind-the-scenes visits to two top spread betting firms.But it's a big, bad old world out there, and there are a whole heap of mistakes you can make, an awful lot of money you can lose. Rounding up spine-chilling traders' tales of spread bets gone wrong, and using all he has learnt from making silly mistakes himself, Robbie also helps you learn what not to do.This is the ultimate guide to spread betting - how to do it, have fun and hopefully make a few quid.

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      The Uk Trader's Bible

      The Complete Guide to Trading the Uk Stock Market

      by Dominic Connolly

      This is the only comprehensive UK-published guide to short-term trading, combining detailed reference information with the author's advice on strategy and tactics. Every serious trader in the UK needs this book - not a nice-to-have, but a must-have!The 10 key things you will learn:- Detailed description of the different trading platforms (SEAQ, SETS, SETSmm, SEATS Plus) on the London Stock Exchange.- How to deal inside the spread in market making stocks and get the best price.- How auctions work on the London Stock Exchange platforms.- The importance of direct market access for active traders.- The secrets of programme trading, index arbitrage and block deals.- How the cash, futures, lending and derivatives markets interact.- The secrets and risks of short selling.- Which directors' deals to follow and which are irrelevant.- How to make money from takeover situations.- Secret strategies from an established and successful trader.

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      March 2012

      The Dividend Investor

      How to Maximise Your Income By Investing in Shares

      by Rodney Hobson

      Rodney Hobson, author of bestseller Shares Made Simple, is back with a brand new book designed to help you build a balanced share portfolio that provides dividend income, whether you're just starting out or ready to retire.Dividends - the distribution of part of a company's earnings to shareholders, usually twice a year - can be a valuable income stream for anyone. Designed for longevity but particularly pertinent in times of low interest rates, The Dividend Investor is packed with real-life examples and analysis of how to gain suchadded income through reliable shares with healthy dividends.Topics made simple with Hobson's classic style include: ratios, yield, dividend cover, the dividend payout ratio, total return, cash flow, burn rate, gearing or leverage, interest cover, earnings per share and the price/earnings ratio. Plus the advantages and disadvantages of shareholder perks.If you're looking to make the most from your investments, then this book is for you.

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      A History of the London Stock Market 1945-2009

      by George G. Blakey

      This book is a unique record of the people, deals and events that have driven the stock market since 1945.Written in a down-to-earth, journalistic style, this book reads almost like a novel as it takes you through over 60 years of stock market history. Blakey provides a fascinating perspective on the movers and shakers - the winners, the losers, and the reasons why - giving a rare insight into the workings of the stock market, plus profiles of key players and the movements and effects of new, upcoming markets.The book includes coverage of all the major economic and political developments that have influenced the market, as well as the individuals and corporations themselves. It provides an invaluable reference for anyone wishing to understand and anticipate current and future trends in the market.This updated 6th edition now also covers the tumultuous period of 2007-2009.

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      Beyond the Zulu Principle

      Extraordinary Profits from Growth Shares

      by Jim Slater

      A brand new edition of the classic bestsellerThe goal of all investors is to make the maximum possible profit from their investments. 'Beyond The Zulu Principle' shows you how to do this by focusing on growth shares. Jim Slater believes he has discovered a major market anomaly that should enable both private and institutional investors to enjoy exceptional returns in the stockmarket.A number of important factors are crucial to successful investment. Jim Slater explains how to choose a company operating in the right sector with an advantage over its competitors. He also highlights the importance of directors' dealings, CEO changes, relative strength, cash flow accelerating earnings, and the capacity of some companies to clone their activities.Simple but enormously effective, the guidance offered here should help readers to make stockmarket profits well beyond the market averages.

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      How to Build a Share Portfolio

      A Practical Guide to Selecting and Monitoring a Portfolio of Shares

      by Rodney Hobson

      Effective share portfolios for the private investorRunning an efficient portfolio of shares means buying and selling the shares that make the most sense for you, and at the right time and price. Rodney Hobson, author of the bestselling Shares Made Simple, sets out how to do this without having to be a financial expert or full-time trader. Using plain language, he takes the reader simply and logically through the process, giving helpful examples and real-life case studies at every turn.In How to Build a Share Portfolio you can:- find out how to determine the right objectives for your portfolio- learn how to pick shares that fulfill your investment ambitions, and when to drop those that no longer do so- understand how best to set your portfolio's size and ensure it is diversified against risk- discover the best ways of monitoring your portfolio, and of reducing losses and rebalancing it when necessary.Anyone who is thinking of investing, however much or however little, will benefit from the information, advice and guidance contained in this book. Similarly, those who already have a portfolio will find it helps them to stand back and reassess whether they are making the most of their money and whether their portfolio is meeting their needs.

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      Millard On Channel Analysis

      The Key to Share Price Prediction

      by Brian Millard

      Brian J. Millard uses channel analysis to determine how certain share price cycles, made up of both random movement and predictable cyclical movement, should behave in the near future, giving the investor a powerful prediction tool.A considerable proportion of price movement is random and as such, investors cannot achieve 100‰ success in predicting price movement. However, cycles are present in share price data, and channel analysis can be used to determine their position.Channel analysis enables investors to:- Rapidly scan a pool of 50-100 shares for new opportunities- Identify the start and end of trends only a few days after the event- Use one of three stop-loss methods as added insurance against extreme random movementsThe author also discusses how probability analysis allows the investor to attain a better estimation of channel turning points, leading to greater profit potential. 'Millard on Channel Analysis' is an invaluable guide for any investor who wants to make money by looking at share price cycles.

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      The Naked Trader

      How Anyone Can Make Money Trading Shares

      by Robbie Burns

      Completely updated and expanded 3rd editionThe most entertaining book on the markets is back - and this time it's even more revealing. In this completely updated and expanded third edition, top trader Robbie Burns gives you the lowdown on the strategies you need to make money from the stock market without having to sit at a screen for every second of the day. Robbie quit the rat race more than ten years ago, and believes you can do it too.The first two editions of The Naked Trader flew off the shelves as the glowing reviews from readers mounted up. This brand-new third edition contains even more essential content than before: more vital tips, more key facts, more ideas, more insights, more real-life tales and an awful lot more toast. Not to mention twice the number of secret trading strategies: 20 proven techniques that you can use to make money from the markets.Trading shares, eating toast, making moneyRobbie, aka the Naked Trader, is your expert and highly entertaining guide to the often baffling world of the stock market. In between cups of tea, rounds of toast and watching "Cash in the Attic", he describes the straightforward techniques that have enabled him to succeed in the markets, escape the rat race and ensure he never has to wear a tie again.This book tells you all you need to know to become a successful investor. From how to find good shares in the first place, ensuring you don't buy a complete stinker, to getting your timing right, minimising your losses and learning how to let your profits run. And for the first time, find out how Robbie even made money and protected himself during market meltdowns and how you too can defend your trading when the market throws a wobbly. He also happily reveals his mistakes too.If you're a complete beginner you can start here. And if you're currently trading but want to learn some new ideas, get reading now! The Naked Trader is packed with practical and easy-to-follow advice, with none of the incomprehensible jargon found in so many other books. Robbie hates jargon and writes in plain English! Whether you just want to make a few quid on the side while you're at work or eventually you want to go on to make money from the markets full-time and quit work like Robbie, this book is all you need to get started.So grab some tea, toast and relax - and start trading the naked way.

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      January 2012

      A History of the London Stock Market 2011

      Fourth Quarter, October to December

      by George G. Blakey

      This book is a unique record of the people, deals and events that drove the stock market in the third quarter of 2011.Written in the author's down-to-earth, journalistic style, this book reads almost like a novel as it takes you through the last twelve months of stock market history. Blakey provides a fascinating perspective on the movers and shakers - the winners, the losers, and the reasons why - giving a rare insight into the workings of the stock market, plus profiles of key players and the movements and effects of new, upcoming markets.The book includes coverage of all the major economic and political developments that have influenced the market, as well as the individuals and corporations themselves. It provides an invaluable reference for anyone wishing to understand and anticipate current and future trends in the market.Histories of previous years are available in A History of the London Stock Market 1945-2009 (9781906659622), 2010 (978085719098) and 2011 (9780857191335, 9780857191571).

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      Wall Street and Witchcraft

      An Investigation Into Extreme and Unusual Investment Techniques

      by Max Gunther

      Or, how to beat the Street with a broomstick...Since that first tulip was traded on that madly speculative exchange in 17th-century Amsterdam, some very special individuals - plungers not in the Merrill Lynch tradition - have been picking winners and harvesting huge profits with uncanny success. How?They play the market in ways that seem weird to the rest of us - but they win! There are those who feel vibrations, play by the stars, read tarot cards, rely on extrasensory perception, dream dreams, play by numbers. Crazy? Maybe. Yet every single one of them is rich. You'll meet them all in this peek at the occult side of the street.If you want to play the game their way, there's an appendix to teach you their specialised techniques; with astrology, tarot cards, witchcraft, magic squares, and other uncanny devices.Each method is carefully explained by the author, a veteran writer of unimpeachable reputation who researched this book with the objectivity of a scientist and who vouches for the accuracy of the results described in it.

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      The Mejt System

      A New Tool for Day Trading the S&p 500 Index

      by Jeffrey Tennant

      A new technical analysis tool for S&P 500 day tradersThe MEJT system is a brand new and exclusive tool for use alongside other technical analysis techniques in day trading the Standard and Poor's 500 Index. It is based on the principle that price action at certain times of the day can allow traders to make predictions regarding future support and resistance levels. The system also defines, well in advance, which trends might have staying power and which ones should retrace.Here, in the first book on this new trading tool, the rules of the MEJT system are explained and carefully illustrated with real price charts. Readers are encouraged to analyse price chart examples for themselves, before reading the author's analysis of the trading situation. The final chapter of the book follows three weeks of consecutive trading days on the S&P 500, examining, for each, what the MEJT tool suggested for the day and how reliable the prediction was.The ideas in this book will appeal to experienced day traders who are already familiar with technical analysis of the stock market and who are interested in learning about - and putting into practice - a new, profitable trading technique.If you use technical analysis to trade the markets, this book will give you information you can, and will, use every day.

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      The Zulu Principle

      Making Extraordinary Profits from Ordinary Shares

      by Jim Slater

      A brand new edition of the classic bestsellerJim Slater makes available to the investor - whether the owner of only a few shares or an experienced investment manager with a large portfolio - the secrets of his success. Central to his strategy is The Zulu Principle, the benefits of homing in on a relatively narrow area.Deftly blending anecdote and analysis, Jim Slater gives valuable selective criteria for buying dynamic growth shares, turnarounds, cyclicals, shells and leading shares. He also covers many other vitally relevant aspects of investment such as creative accounting, portfolio management, overseas markets and the investor's relationship with his or her broker.From The Zulu Principle you will learn exactly when to buy shares and, even more important, when to sell - in essence, how to to make 'extraordinary profits from ordinary shares'.

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      The Harriman Book of Investing Rules

      Collected Wisdom from the World's Top 150 Investors

      by Philip Jenks

      For the first time, the tactics, strategies and insights relied on by 150 of the world's most respected financial experts are revealed in a concise, digestible form. Learn how you really make money in the markets from:- fund managers of billion-pound equity funds- traders in the options and futures markets- industry-rated analysts- economists from top business schools- writers on leading financial newspapersEach provides focused and practical rules on how to succeed in the market. Often counter-intuitive, their rules tell you exactly what to do and what not to do. No padding; just a rock-hard list of do's and don'ts.The contributors to this book are the elite of investing. They consistently beat the market because they know which shares to buy, at what price, and when. And, just as importantly, they know when to sell.Never before has so much quality advice been packed into a single book. If you want to increase your wealth through investing, this is an unmissable opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills from the best in the world.

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      Initial Public Offerings

      The Mechanics and Performance of Ipos

      by Arif Khurshed

      An initial public offering (IPO) - the occasion when a firm's shares are issued to the public for the first time - is one of the most exciting events in the life of a company, providing new opportunities for the business, its managers and for investors. IPOs thus attract a lot of attention from stock market researchers, academics and investors seeking to understand more about how they work and how the shares of IPO companies perform once they are listed.In this new book, Arif Khurshed delves into the history of IPOs on the London Stock Exchange, explains the mechanics of how IPOs are arranged and how they are priced, and provides an analysis - with detailed but lucid reference to past academic studies - of how the shares of IPO companies perform in the short and long term.The book provides valuable insight into many fundamental IPO matters, including:-- the different methods of flotation that are used,-- the alternative ways in which IPO shares are priced,-- how common it is for IPO shares to over or underperform,-- the survival of IPO firms once they are listed.There are also detailed case studies of a number of high-profile IPOs, including those of Google, Visa and MoneySupermarket.If you are an academic, finance professional or serious investor looking to broaden your knowledge of stock market flotations then you will find Initial Public Offerings to be an indispensable guide.

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      The Guts and Glory of Day Trading

      True Stories of Day Traders Who Made (Or Lost) $1,000,000

      by Mark Ingebretsen

      A rediscovered trading classicVery few day traders make money - let alone $1 million or more - in the daily stock-trading battle. 'The Guts and Glory of Day Trading' tells the true stories of twelve otherwise ordinary people who have made or lost at least $1 million trading stocks. Their triumphant and tragic tales pull back the curtain from the gritty world of day trading to give a rare glimpse of the human emotion, the lives transformed, and the lessons learned, aside from the hype.Day traders aren't only market gurus and stock brokers, but regular people - classical pianists, burned-out photographers, moonlighting business consultants - who decided to pursue an exciting and treacherous phenomenon to achieve independent success and wealth beyond their wildest dreams. Their stories will inspire you, and - more importantly - show how you can improve your own trading strategies by learning from their successes and avoiding their mistakes.Every battle has its winners and losers. Every day, thousands of day traders take their battle positions in front of their computers to go head-to-head against the world's best, and most powerful, trading institutions. There are casualties, many casualties. But there are also victories - moments when an individual trader reaches the pinnacle of our capitalist system to take a profit.Making money isn't easy - with a 75 to 90‰ failure rate, only the strong survive, and only the most savvy live to trade another day. But despite the negative press, a wildly unpredictable market, and the possibility of losing their shirts on any given trading day, these market mercenaries continue to trade, and day trading continues to grow as a profession. What drives them? In 'The Guts and Glory of Day Trading', you'll read the astounding stories of those traders who have been skilled enough to make significant money, and the gut-wrenching dramas of those who were unfortunate to lose vast fortunes.Their stories and strategies will keep you on the edge of your seat. These valuable lessons from this trading dozen tell more than just the pits and peaks of stock trading. They teach the survival skills and tactics necessary to live to trade another day. You can learn how to improve your own trading techniques by learning what most of them did right - and what some of them did wrong.

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      February 2012

      The Business of Trading

      101 Steps to Trading Success

      by John Piper

      John Piper has been trading successfully since the 1980s. To him it is a business, and one that he runs from all over the world. He would not swap the lifestyle - the freedom, the financial rewards, the barbecued seafood - for anything. And in this course he reveals how others can enjoy it for themselves too.Over 101 short and easily digestible chapters, this eBook takes readers behind the scenes of the life of a professional trader: from how to get started all the way through to staying in the game for the long term. Find out what a profitable strategy looks like. Discover the cardinal rules of effective risk management. Get a true handle on the kind of mindset you need to succeed. And watch some of Piper's own trades in action with exclusive links to online videos.Collecting his acclaimed 'Trading Intelligence 101' emails together for the first time, this is one of the most candid guides to making a living in the markets that you will ever read.

    • Finance

      The Investor's Guide to Understanding Accounts

      10 Crunch Questions to Ask Before Investing in a Company

      by Robert Leach

      Many investors ignore company accounts because they think they are too difficult. But, as the great investor Peter Lynch said "Investing without looking at the numbers is like playing bridge without looking at the cards".The mission of this book is to explain to ordinary investors, with no accounting knowledge, what to look for in a set of accounts and how to interpret what you find - so that you have an accurate 'health check' on a company in ten simple steps.Robert Leach considers the entire subject from an investor's point of view, by asking - and then answering - the questions which matter most. He also looks at the techniques which companies sometimes use to flatter their accounts, and shows how accounts for companies in different sectors have to be looked at differently.The 10 Crunch questions:1. Is the company growing?2. Are costs under control?3. Does it make a profit?4. How much cash does it have?5. Is its market value supported by assets?6. Is it using debt wisely?7. Are there any hidden nasties?8. Is management good enough?9. Can I expect a reliable income?10. Are there any threats to my interests?

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      Alpesh B. Patel On Stock Futures

      Strategies for Profiting from Stock Futures

      by Alpesh B. Patel

      This book is for all stock traders, and some longer-term investors, who are interested in learning about one of the most efficient instruments for short-term trading: stock futures.Alpesh B. Patel explains everything you need to know about stock futures, from basic characteristics to practical trading strategies. He highlights their special advantages, especially as a low-cost way of gaining exposure to non-UK equities, and shows how they can be employed to enhance returns and control portfolio risk.The book is divided into the following sections:- Essentials of stock futures- Trading stock futures- Trading strategies- Risk and money management- Directory of stock futures resources- AppendicesNo previous experience of futures is assumed, and no great knowledge of mathematics is required.Stock futures are growing rapidly in popularity, both in the UK and in continental markets. To trade them successfully, you need to understand how they work. This book provides that knowledge.

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      An Insider's Guide to the Mining Sector

      How to Make Money from Gold and Mining Shares

      by Michael Coulson

      - In 2003, four mining shares rose over four times in price, with one gaining ten times.- In just the first two months of 2004, 26 mining shares increased more than 20‰, with five shares doubling.- Merrill Lynch's World Mining Trust is the UK's best performing fund over the past three years, having risen by over 200 per cent.But is the mining boom about to end?Not according to this book, by Michael Coulson, Chairman of the Association of Mining Analysts. Coulson argues that, if anything, we are still in the early stages of prolonged strength in mining stocks and despite what some commentators are saying, the boom is far from over.FROM THE BACK COVERThe prospect of instant riches gives the mining sector an obvious glamour. And when the mining sector begins to run it can be an awesome sight and the excitement generated can be every bit as seductive and heady as that which enveloped markets during the internet boom. But due to the counter-cyclical nature of many mining stocks, they can also offer a valuable refuge when stock markets turn down.In this book, Michael Coulson gives a masterly overview of the sector, explains both the rewards and the pitfalls of investing in mining shares and argues convincingly that mining should once again form a core sector for all investors.The book is for anyone interested in mining, and particularly mining as an investment. Whilst it contains material which will be useful to even experienced followers of the sector, its main target is those who are interested in mining but perhaps not particularly familiar with the sector, and would like to know more. All the subjects are covered that are fundamental to acquiring sufficient knowledge about the mining sector to invest in it with confidence.While the mining sector's global focus is both educational and rewarding, on a more basic level the sector has been (indeed still is) enormous fun to follow and invest in. This book reflects that and also provides some thoughts as to how this fun can be turned to profit.

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