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Transparency in Financial Reporting

Ruth Ann McEwen

Harriman House

By January 2012 all major economies, apart from the US, will provide financial reports using International Financial Reporting St etc...

Risk Pricing: Using Quantum Electrodynamics for Higher Order Risks

Dimitris N. Chorafas

Harriman House

Every industry experiences strategic inflection points which offer promises as well as threats. The crisis of 2007-2009 was one o etc...

Company Valuation Under IFRS

Kenneth Lee

Harriman House

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are now mandatory in many parts of the world, including Europe, Australia and etc...

Understanding Company News

Rodney Hobson

Harriman House

This book looks at company announcements, focussing on those issued through the London Stock Exchange by listed companies.Almost etc...

Bean Soup - Beyond Bean Counting

Stuart Bilbrough

Stuart Bilbrough

Bean Soup is an innovative and engaging story capturing real-life challenges in getting Finance teams within businesses to add va etc...

Mergers and Acquisitions Basics

Donald DePamphilis

Elsevier B.V.

This book provides a "macro" overview of mergers and acquisitions, business alliances, and corporate restructuring. It etc...

Dividend Policy

George Frankfurter

Elsevier B.V.

Dividend Policy explores the puzzle presented by dividends: irrational and subject to fashion, yet popular and desirable, they re etc...

Principles of Cash Flow Valuation

Joseph Tham

Elsevier B.V.

The valuation of assets, both tangible and intangible, is an important element of corporate finance. Putting a price tag on ideas etc...



Elsevier B.V.

This Handbook presents a synopsis of the current state of various aspects of the theory of financial economics and its applicatio etc...

Real R & D Options

Dean Paxson

Elsevier B.V.

Real R&D options are among the earliest modelled real options, with now ten primary practical uses: general R&D planning, etc...

Initial Public Offerings

Greg N. Gregoriou

Elsevier B.V.

After the cooling off of IPOs since the dot com bubble, Google has rekindled the fire for IPOs. This IPO reader contains new arti etc...

International Mergers and Acquisitions Activity Since 1990

Greg N. Gregoriou

Elsevier B.V.

It is now a well-know fact that mergers and acquisitions activity comes in waves. The most recent wave, the 5th takeover wave of etc...

Controls, Procedures and Risk

David Loader

Elsevier B.V.

'Controls, Procedures and Risk' covers the skills and procedures needed to enable the monitoring and managing of risk and etc...


Joshi, Vasant C

SAGE Publications

Information technologies especially the internet have truly changed the way we think and do business. Financial institutions acro etc...

Handbook of the Economics of Finance

George M. Constantinides

Elsevier B.V.

Volume 1A covers corporate finance: how businesses allocate capital - the capital budgeting decision - and how they obtain capita etc...
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