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The Global Minotaur

Yanis Varoufakis

Zed Books Ltd

In this remarkable and provocative book, Yanis Varoufakis, former finance minister of Greece, explodes the myth that financialisa etc...

Rogue State

William Blum

Zed Books Ltd

This is not a book for anyone who wishes to maintain any cosy illusions about their own liberty - let alone the liberty of anyone etc...


John Aravosis,Gaius Publius,AMERICABlog,Jon Green,Chris Trejbal,Chris Andoe

ACI Information Group

News and opinion about US politics from one of America's top liberal political blogs.

Dale & Co.

Iain Dale

ACI Information Group

Politics, current affairs, sport, lifestyle articles.

The Biopolitics of Stalinism

Sergei Prozorov

Edinburgh University Press

Western theories of biopolitics focus on its liberal and fascist rationalities. In opposition to this, Stalinism is oriented more etc...

Crises of Imagination, Crises of Power

Max Haiven

Zed Books Ltd

Today, when it seems like everything has been privatized, when austerity is too often seen as an economic or political problem th etc...

Leadership in the Cuban Revolution

Antoni Kapcia

Zed Books Ltd

Most conventional readings of the Cuban Revolution have seemed mesmerised by the personality and role of Fidel Castro, often miss etc...

The Racket

Matt Kennard

Zed Books Ltd

During his time at the Financial Times, investigative journalist Matt Kennard uncovered a scam, a deception and rip-off of immens etc...

Ghost Cities of China

Wade Shepard

Zed Books Ltd

Featuring everything from sports stadiums to shopping malls, hundreds of new cities in China stand empty, with hundreds more set etc...

Africa's New Oil

Celeste Hicks, Stephanie Kitchen

Zed Books Ltd

The development of Africa’s oil has greatly accelerated in recent years, with some countries looking at the prospect of almost un etc...

Contested Powers

Owen Logan, John-Andrew McNeish, Axel Borchgrevink

Zed Books Ltd

In the global North the commoditization of creativity and knowledge under the banner of a creative economy is being posed as the etc...

An Alternative Labour History

Dario Azzellini

Zed Books Ltd

The global financial crisis has led to a new shop floor militancy. Radical forms of protest and new workers' takeovers have s etc...

A Kingdom in Crisis

Andrew MacGregor Marshall

Zed Books Ltd

Struggling to emerge from a despotic past, and convulsed by an intractable conflict that will determine its future, Thailand stan etc...

North Korea: State of Paranoia

Paul French

Zed Books Ltd

North Korea continues to make headlines, arousing curiosity and fear in equal measure. The world’s most secretive nucle etc...

Africa's Peacemakers

Adekeye Adebajo

Zed Books Ltd

As Africa and its diaspora commemorate fifty years of post-independence Pan-Africanism, this unique volume provides profound insi etc...
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