• Teaching of a specific subject


      Activities for 3-5 Year Olds

      by Adrienne Walton

      Food: Activities for 3-5 Year Olds contains enjoyable activities to help foundation stage children to develop essential skills. Talking about, handling, preparing and eating food have an instant appeal for young children and offer a variety of learning experiences. These fun, easy-to-use ideas can be used in all early years settings, from preschools and nurseries to reception classes and day nurseries.

    • Pre-school & kindergarten

      Meeting Special Needs.

      by Collette. Drifte

    • Teaching of a specific subject
      May 2012

      Planning for the Early Years: Homes and Families

      by Jennie Lindon

    • Teaching of specific groups & persons with special educational needs

      Practical Guide to Support Children With Speech and Language Difficulties

      by Mary Mountstephen

    • Teaching of a specific subject
      April 2012

      Planning for the Early Years: The Local Community

      by Jennie Lindon

    • Teaching skills & techniques

      Play Activities for the Early Years

      Practical Ways to Promote Purposeful Play across the Foundation Stage

      by Herjinder Uppal

      Play Activities for the Early Years is full of fun ideas to encourage purposeful play in the early years. Includes practical play ideas for personal, social and emotional development, language and literacy, mathematics, physical development, creative development and knowledge about the world. Charts show clearly which activities cover which learning opportunity. This book will be an invaluable resource for all early years settings from preschools and day centres to reception classes and nurseries.

    • Pre-school & kindergarten

      Fun With Action Rhymes and Poems

      A Collection of Original Action Rhymes and Poems for 3-6 Year Olds

      by Brenda Williams

      Use Fun with Action Rhymes and Poems to foster a love of rhythm and rhyme, create a sense of beat and rhythm. Lay the foundations for understanding patterns in language, music and mathematics.The book contains 83 delightful new rhymes and poems, written by Brenda William, a well-known children's poet and author. The rhymes are ideal for use in a variety of settings, from nurseries and schools to preschools and mother-and-toddler groups. The rhymes are grouped by common themes used in early year settings, making it easy to find the right poem for your needs.

    • Organization & management of education


      A Step-by-step Guide to Creating a Sustainable Early Years Setting

      by Anthony. David

    • Pre-school & kindergarten
      March 2012

      Early Years Foundation Stage in Practice

      by Liz Wilcock

    • Teaching of a specific subject
      May 2012

      Planning for the Early Years: Ourselves and Our Bodies

      by Jennie Lindon

    • Educational: Art & design

      Stepping Stones to Creativity

      by Judith. Harries

    • Extra-curricular activities

      Early Years Gardening Handbook

      A Step-by-step Guide to Creating a Working Garden for Your Early Years Sett

      by Sue Ward

    • Teaching of a specific subject
      April 2012

      Early Literacy Handbook

      Making Sense of Language and Literacy With Children Birth to Seven - A Prac

      by Christine Parker

      The Early Literacy Handbook is a comprehensive and practical guide on how to teach children to read and write. The title incorporates both a phonics and context-based approach to literacy to help children achieve their literacy targets while also ensuring they are engaged and encouraged to become life-long learners. Split into clear, easy-to-understand sections by age, this title covers: [] How to build on what children already know, [] Assess children's needs, [] Work with parents, [] Motivate for reading and writing, [] Teach phonetics and unit in context. [] Suitable from Birth to 7, this must-have guide explains the theory behind best practice, followed by practical examples and case studies that can be considered in the context of any setting.

    • Pre-school & kindergarten

      The Early Years Communication Handbook

      A Practical Guide to Creating a Communication Friendly Setting

      by Janet. Cooper

    • Teaching of specific groups & persons with special educational needs
      July 2013

      How Children Learn 4: Thinking on Special Educational Needs and Inclusion

      by Shirley. Allen

      An invaluable guide for anyone studying special education either at college or university, this title is also an essential read for anyone working in special education. This book evaluates the ideas of the great thinkers, from Steiner to Gardner, and examines their influence today. Covering issues from inclusion to assessing learning potential, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in or working with children with additional needs.

    • Teaching skills & techniques
      June 2012

      Developing a Forest School in Early Years Provision

      A practical handbook on how to develop a Forest School in any early years setting

      by Jenny Doyle

      This book explores what ‘Forest School’ really means and combines theory with practice on the importance of play and risk assessment.

    • Pre-school & kindergarten

      Enabling Environments in the Early Years

      Making Provision for High Quality and Challenging Learning Experiences in the Early Years Setting

      by Liz Hodgman

    • Pre-school & kindergarten

      Transition in the Early Years

      A Practical Guide to Supporting Transitions Between Early Years Settings and Into Key Stage One

      by Sue. Allingham

    • Pre-school & kindergarten

      Inclusion and Diversity in the Early Years

      A Practical Resource to Support Inclusive Practice in Early Years Settings

      by Anne. Rodgers

    • Child & developmental psychology

      Understanding Behaviour in the Early Years

      by Kay Mathieson

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