• Self-help & personal development

      I Believe Therefore I Am

      How to Deliberately Live Your Life by Programming Your Mind for Success, Happiness, Love, and Fulfillment

      by Claire McGee, M.Msc

      What do you need to do to get your subconscious mind to believe and work cooperatively with your conscious efforts to manifest what you desire in life? Your reality is composed of habits formed through many years of self-programming. These habits influence and define your beliefs, which cause you to experience the same patterns in your life over and over again — for good or bad. Whatever you believe is your “reality” becomes your reality. Through a process of self-reflection and realization guided by author, consultant, and coach Claire McGee, you will discover how to eliminate your bad habits and enhance your good habits. You will delve into what the “Law of Attraction” is and what you can do to master your own success using this most incredible tool. Even before you finish this incredible book, you will come to know that your journey is just beginning and that the only limits that you face are the ones that you believe are there. Because of the ideas, methods, and skills you will learn in this book, you will become balanced in all areas of your thinking and action and you will begin to deliberately live the life of your own choosing — a life of success, happiness, love, and fulfillment.

    • Self-help & personal development

      Keeping the Faith

      Daily Reflections to Build Strength, Serenity, and Passion in Your Life and the Lives of Others

      by John W. Pozzi

      THE TRUE FAITH THAT MUST BE FOUND AND KEPT IS THE FAITH IN ONESELF. Each day you give a part of yourself whether it is at work, at home, or in your daily interaction with others. How do you give of yourself? Do you hold back or go at life half-heartedly? You need to give of yourself with heart, mind, and soul all the time. You never know what interaction with a person will make a difference in their life — or yours. If you don’t believe in yourself and don’t have the confidence to grow each day, then you are missing out on what life has to offer you. This simple book will inspire you to help others. Or, at the very least, you will make another person’s day — and, therefore, your day — better.

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      July 2018


      Changing Concepts, Critical Approaches

      by Doris Bachmann-Medick, Jens Kugele

      Recent debates on migration have demonstrated the important role of concepts in academic and political discourse. The contributions to this collection revisit established analytical categories in the study of migration such as border regimes, orders of belonging, coloniality, translation, trans/national digital culture and memory. Exploring notions, images and realities of migration in their cultural framings, this volume sheds light on the powerful work of these concepts. Including perspectives on migration from history, visual studies, pedagogy, literary and cultural studies, cultural anthropology and sociology, it explores the complex scholarly and popular notions of migration with particular focus on their often unspoken assumptions and political implications. Revisiting established analytical tools in the study of migration, the interdisciplinary contributions explore new approaches and point to the importance of conceptual nuance extending beyond academic discourse.

    • Biography & True Stories
      March 2015

      American Authors Unplugged

      Interviews about Books

      by Martha Cinader

      Representative of modern American Literature, the conversations with authors in this book are evenly divided between men and women who bring to life the experiences of natives, immigrants, slaves and rebels. As a whole, they address the enduring themes of freedom and the pursuit of happiness. Following is a list of the authors interviewed. For further information about the interviews please refer to the supporting document. Rudolfo Anaya - Zia Summer Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni - Sister of My Heart Russel Banks - Cloudsplitter Nora Okja Keller - Comfort Woman Dr. Leonard Shlain - The Alphabet Versus the Goddess Barbara Chase-Riboud - The President's Daughter A.A. Carr - Eye Killers Lan Cao - Monkey Bridge Hal Sirowitz - My Therapist Said Kate Horsley - Crazy Woman Dennis McFarland - A Face at the Window

    • Philosophy of mind
      June 2002

      Is the Visual World a Grand Illusion?

      by Noe, Alva, B01

      There is a traditional scepticism about whether the world "out there" really is as we perceive it. A new breed of hyper-sceptics now challenges whether we even have the perceptual experience we think we have. According to these writers, perceptual...

    • Self-help & personal development

      Relaxation Techniques

      Reduce Stress and Anxiety and Enhance Well-Being

      by Lillian Nejad & Katerina Volny

      Designed as an introduction to relaxation exercises that have been shown to be effective in reducing and managing the symptoms of stress and anxiety. It can be used independently or in conjunction with psychotherapy. The program contains seven simple yet powerful techniques to help you experience everyday relaxation and each exercise is preceded by clear and simple instructions for its use. By repeated practice of the relaxation exercises the listener can overcome stress and anxiety for a more healthful, improved lifestyle.

    • Cognition & cognitive psychology

      Rapid Cognitive Therapy

      The Professional Therapists Guide To Rapid Change Work

      by Georges Philips & Terence Watts

      As well as describing the art of RCT, the authors have provided the therapist with the means to get started, outlining the structures for the first few sessions and giving full scripts for analytical and non-analytical work with the client. “… a wealth of practical material.” Dr Chris Forester, Chairman, The Hypnotherapy Society/Hypnotherapy Research Society

    • Complementary medicine

      Analytical Hypnotherapy Vol 1

      Theoretical Principles

      by Jacquelyne Morison & Georges Philips

      A unique investigation into the way that the analytical approach has influenced a range of current therapeutic philosophies, presenting the ultimate means of treating even the most challenging therapeutic disorders. “… will become the new bible for hypnotherapists.” Vera Peiffer, hypnotherapist and author

    • Popular psychology

      7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence

      by Patrick E. Merlevede, Denis Bridoux & Rudy Vandamme

      Goleman taught us the importance of Emotional Intelligence. Since the publication of his EQ 'exposition', a whole array of Emotional Intelligence books has appeared, with each title purporting to put those theories of EQ into practice. This book goes deeper. Revealing the structure beneath Emotional Intelligence, 7 Steps utilises its unique framework to combine EQ and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) - the study of excellence that examines how behaviour is neurologically formulated. 7 Steps confidently integrates the insights of EQ and NLP to promote a greater understanding of how emotions work - and how they can be worked upon. This book is driven by one important message: 'don't just think about it, do it.' A model-based guide packed with powerful NLP exercises and self-assessment techniques, it allows you to generate your own trics, and to partake in an intensive EQ excellence course that utilises the self-programming practices of NLP. A thoroughly structured, functionally formatted guide to improving your EQ, 7 Steps serves as a textbook of EQ theory, a manual of NLP techniques, and a workbook that systematically leads you through the process of dynamic EQ improvement.;It answers the essential EQ questions: - what do my emotions mean? - how do I manage my emotions? - how can I deal with conflicts in an emotionally intelligent way? - what motivates people and how can I take that into account? - how can I handle situations in the best possible way? - how do I get what I want?

    • Cognition & cognitive psychology
      March 2003

      Cognitive Approach to Conscious Machines

      by Haikonen, Pentti O., A01

      Could a machine have an immaterial mind? The author argues that true conscious machines can be built, but rejects artificial intelligence and classical neural networks in favour of the emulation of the cognitive processes of the brain—the flow of...

    • Psychology

      Life Coaching Handbook

      Everything You Need to Be an Effective Life Coach

      by Curly Martin

      If you are considering life coaching as a career, this book provides a guide to creating and sustaining your practice, a resource for coaching yourself towards a more fulfilled life, and a reference and companion designed to serve you through your professional life. It sets out to promote a thorough understanding of what life coaching entails and to lead you through a course of applied neuro-linguistic programming techiques and exercises aimed at improving your coaching abilities. These include state control, rapport-building, metaphor, meta-programs, and meta-linguages. The book also introduces the spiral coaching model, a new coaching tool that identifies and utilises people's thinking patterns.

    • Philosophy of language

      Communication Magic

      Exploring the Structure and Meaning of Language

      by L. Michael. Hall

      Michael Hall has revised and expanded his classic book, "The Secrets Of Magic". This thoroughly updated and restructured work explores the Meta-model, which lies at the heart of communication excellence in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Dr Hall demonstrates how your life can be dramatically enriched by having complete control over how you relate and interpret what you are communicating to others. In a clear and logical manner the author examines: how language affects the mind-body system; how language can perform magic-like feats in the nervous and immune systems; and how the magic can bless, empower and enable us to take charge of running our own brains.;"After many years it's good to return to the Meta-model and learn more of its secrets from Michael Hall." - Ian McDermott, NLP Trainer.

    • Anthropology

      Stone Tools & the Evolution of Human Cognition

      by April Nowell (Editor) , Iain Davidson (Editor)

      Stone tools are the most durable and common type of archaeological remain and one of the most important sources of information about behaviours of early hominins. This book develops methods for examining questions of cognition, demonstrating the progression of mental capabilities from early hominins to modern humans through the archaeological record. Dating as far back as 2.5-2.7 million years ago, stone tools were used in cutting up animals, woodworking, and preparing vegetable matter. Today, lithic remains give archaeologists insight into the forethought, planning, and enhanced working memory of our early ancestors. Contributors focus on multiple ways in which archaeologists can investigate the relationship between tools and the evolving human mind-including joint attention, pattern recognition, memory usage, and the emergence of language. Offering a wide range of approaches and diversity of place and time, the chapters address issues such as skill, social learning, technique, language, and cognition based on lithic technology. Stone Tools and the Evolution of Human Cognition will be of interest to Paleolithic archaeologists and paleoanthropologists interested in stone tool technology and cognitive evolution.

    • Popular psychology

      Emotionally Intelligent Living

      Strategies for Increasing Your EQ

      by Geetu Bharwaney

      Emotionally Intelligent Living contains a unique programme of emotional improvement that will revolutionise your ability to use your emotions effectively. Packed with brilliant strategies for emotional management, and inspirational ideas for focusing your feelings, it offers you the very best methods for living an emotionally intelligent life. “ A must-read book for those interested in gaining a better understanding of emotional intelligence.” Reuven Bar-On, co-editor of The Handbook of Emotional Intelligence.

    • Abnormal psychology
      June 2013


      A practical breakdown of the myths and realities of dyslexia

      by Laughton King

      Finally, an insightful, clear and practical breakdown of the realities of dyslexia, from the author’s own life experience. This exposition of the thinking, learning and living style that characterise the dyslexic individual is written equally for the educator, the parent and the struggling dyslexic himself. Eighteen myths dispelled, 61 personal characteristics outlined, and a raft of indicators examined, this book will help a large section of the population understand their own normality, their own intact and integrated thinking style, and allow them to take positive charge of their learning processes and their functioning in society. There is nothing wrong with their brain wiring, they are not deficient, they do not need medication. As a diesel motor differs from a petrol engine, the so-called ‘dyslexic’ differs from the non-dyslexic in a simple and rudimentary way. The Western world has a modern education system based around language as the prime learning tool – teaching, learning and assessment are typically language-based. The ‘dyslexic’ person is disadvantaged in this system, not only because is he a pictorial thinker, but because of a lesser capacity to use 'internal dialogue', he is unable to process the language-based education system at a competitive level.

    • Family & relationships


      A compendium of positive parenting strategies

      by Laughton King

      Written with the busy parent in mind, this book is orientated to taking the head-on fight out of parenting, and is based on the author’s thirty years of clinical work with parents of young children. This book is written as a practical manual, has a simple, bite-size presentation and is free from the pages of theory that commonly restrict easy access to useful information. The book focuses on the small things parents do that make it difficult for children to comply and co-operate, and gives examples and illustrations of how we can easily work with our children to achieve happier households. Includes; Bedtime strategies, Behaviour management, Language of parenting, Toileting, Mealtime behaviour, Arguments, use of Praise and Humour, amongst other issues that can make parenting a lonely and difficult role.

    • Family & relationships
      July 2013


      A manual of strategies for teachers and parents

      by Laughton King

      This very practical and helpful manual focuses on the learning difficulties that come under the ‘umbrella’ notion of ‘Dyslexia’. The author examines why such difficulties are so common in our schools - right around the English-speaking world - and before giving parents and teachers insights as to how to work usefully with these children, demonstrates what the world is like from the inside for these children. He looks at how these children think, at how they understand the world, at the impact on their behaviour, and at what life is like for them – on the inside. He includes a biographical section based around his own personal experiences as a ‘dyslexic’ child. In clarifying the fundamental differences between linguistic and pictorial thinking styles, and the connection between learning difficulty and behaviour problems, this book opens the way for parents and teachers to reach, and therefore to effectively teach so-called reluctant learners.

    • Children's & YA
      July 2013

      Dear Daughter

      what i wish I'd known at your age

      by Roy Sheppard

      Includes a total of over 1,500 years of female wisdom from a collection of amazing women of all ages. This book is packed with practical, 'real-world' advice on what it is to be a woman in the 21st-century. What I wish I'd known about: being a woman looking after yourself improving the relationship you have with yourself; being genuinely happy in life with self-confidence, self-esteem and a healthy attitude relationships with others (friends and frenemies) sex-from 'the first time' onwards how to understand men spotting (and avoiding) the dangerous ones what no one tells you about marriage and divorce the secret 'rules' in the workplace what the rich know about money, the poor don't.

    • Health & Personal Development
      July 2013

      Dear Son

      what I wish I'd known at your age

      by Roy Sheppard

      With contributions from dozens of fathers, this book is packed with practical, 'real-world' advice and wisdom on what it is to be a man in the 21st-century. It includes: the unexpected differences between 'real' and 'pretend' men the secret 'rules' in the workplace impress women without looking as though you're trying to what the rich know about money, the poor don't what you need to know about love, marriage and divorce build a solid personal and professional reputation improve the relationship you have with yourself; being genuinely happy in life with self confidence, self-esteem and a healthy attitude relationship building with others confident conversations spot (and avoid) truly dangerous women what it takes to be a success and how to design your preferred future.

    • Teaching, Language & Reference

      West Coast Reins

      by Beverley Bassett Broad

      Book 1 of a historical saga based on a true story. How this book came to be written is a spooky story in itself. The author believes that 'an angel on her shoulder ' wrote it!

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