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Project Human Being

Antonio Meneghetti

Ontopsicologia Editrice - F.O.I.L. srl

It is a marvellous excursus on the various details that arouse curiosity and pain in every person's solitary life. It is a cl etc...

Good Thinking | Psychology Today

Denise Dellarosa Cummins

ACI Information Group

Ideas that influence the way we think.


Romeo Vitelli

ACI Information Group

A biased look at psychology in the world.

The Power of Metaphor

Michael Berman

Packed with original stories and visualisations, this is a must-buy resource for teachers, trainers and therapists who are lookin etc...

Understanding NLP

Peter Young

Understanding NLP opens a doorway into a more imaginative and coherent way of understanding and using NLP. This completely revise etc...

Stories We Need to Know

Allan Hunter

Findhorn Press Ltd.

A combination of therapy and expertise in literature, this book explains the six archetypes derived from 4,000 years of literatur etc...

Ego State Therapy

Gordon Emmerson

Emmerson’s innovative book presents the theory and practice of working with ego states, helping to understand them, recognize and etc...

Winning the Mind Game

John H. Edgette

Hypnosis is an invaluable tool that can quickly and effectively influence the subconscious mind and promote lasting change. This etc...

Hypnotherapy Training

Shaun Brookhouse

A comprehensive investigation into the development of hypnotherapy and the issues faced by the modern hypnotherapist, written by etc...

Communication Excellence

Ian R. McLaren

A ten-lesson course is provided in this book that aims to transform the reader into an excellent communicator. Drawing on psychol etc...


Richard Bolstad

The RESOLVE framework integrates NLP's effective brief therapy and the personal encounter of psychotherapy. Using techniques etc...

Practising Safe Hypnosis

Roger Hambleton

This unique book comprehensively explores the damage that can be caused by the misapplication of hypnotic techniques in therapy, etc...

Everyday Alchemist's Happiness Handbook


Findhorn Press Ltd.

Happiness has been holding out its hand to you since the day you were born, longer perhaps, waiting for the time when you run out etc...

The New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism

Ormond. McGill

This phenomenal work by the ‘Dean of American Hypnotists’ is the most comprehensive text ever to be published on stage hypnotism. etc...

Life Coaching Handbook

Curly Martin

If you are considering life coaching as a career, this book provides a guide to creating and sustaining your practice, a resource etc...
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