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Dancing Through History

Lori Henry

Lori Henry

In Dancing Through History, Henry crosses Canada's vast physical and ethnic terrain to uncover how its various cultures have etc...

Aztec Ceremonial Landscape

William L. Fash (Foreword), David Carrasco (Author, Editor)

University Press of Colorado

Contents: Notes on the Oldest Structure of El Tempo Mayor at Tenochtitlan; A Study of Skeletal Materials from Tlatelolco; Discove etc...

They Sang for Horses

LaVerne Harrell Clark

University Press of Colorado

First published in 1966 and now considered a classic, THEY SANG FOR HORSES remains the only comprehensive treatment of the profou etc...


Aaron Abeyta

University Press of Colorado

Abeyta blends the contrasting rhythms of the English and Spanish languages, finding music in a simple yet memorable lyricism with etc...

Interpreting the Legacy

Brian Holloway

University Press of Colorado

Neihardt's work has recently been critiqued by scholars who maintain that the author filtered and corrupted Black Elk's t etc...

Mapping Identity

Laura Woodwork-Ney

University Press of Colorado

This book traces the formation of the Coeur d'Alene Indian Reservation in northern Idaho from the introduction of the Jesuit etc...

Encounter with the Plumed Serpent

Gabina Aurora Pérez Jiménez , Maarten Jansen

University Press of Colorado

The Mixtec, or the people of Ñuu Savi (Nation of the Rain God), one of the major civilizations of ancient Mesoamerica, made etc...

Cannibalism is an Acquired Taste

Carol L Howell

University Press of Colorado

Omer Stewart is most noted for his career-long study of the Peyote religion. His mentor, A L Kroeber, instilled in him an abiding etc...

Trusteeship in Change

Richmond L Clow , David H Getches , Imre Sutton

University Press of Colorado

This book explores the evolution of Indian Affairs policies and administrative practices regarding the management of trust lands etc...

The Carnegie Maya

John M. Weeks (Editor), Jane A. Hill (Editor)

University Press of Colorado

Book and CD-ROM. This complete set of reports from the Carnegie Institution's Maya program collects in one thematically and r etc...

Mesoamerican Ritual Economy

E Christian Wells (Editor) , Karla L Davis-Salazar (Editor)

University Press of Colorado

Scholars examine the extent to which economic processes were driven by and integrated with religious ritual in ancient Mesoameric etc...

Journey Of Navajo Oshley

Robert McPherson

University Press of Colorado

Ak'é Nýdzin, or Navajo Oshley, was born sometime between 1879 and 1893. His oral memoir is set on the northern fron etc...

Mexico's Indigenous Communities

Ethelia Ruiz Medrano

University Press of Colorado

A rich and detailed account of indigenous history in central and southern Mexico from the sixteenth to the twenty-first centuries etc...

Carnegie Maya IV

John M Weeks

University Press of Colorado

This is the fourth in a series of volumes that make available the primary data and interpretative studies originally produced by etc...

Tribal Government Today

James J Lopach , Margery Hunter Brown , Richmond L Clow

University Press of Colorado

An account of Fourth World peoples within a First World nation, TRIBAL GOVERNMENT TODAY is a critical analysis of the contemporar etc...
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