• Self-help & personal development

      Master Key Arcana

      by Charles F. Haanel and others (Thomas Troward, Dr. T.R. Sanjivi, James Allen)

      When The Master Key System was first released circa 1916, it created quite a stir. It was supposedly banned by some groups and rumors abounded about it influencing some of the most wealthy and powerful people in the world. Master Key Arcana contains a wealth of new writings by Charles F. Haanel and others, some of which were “lost” as time passed. It is the perfect companion to those who have read The Master Key System. It is also a wonderful introduction to what many consider to be the finest book ever written on the powers of the mind and how to attain your goals, dreams, and desires. Included in this handy and illuminating tome are: ▪ A unique psychological chart to help assess where you stand and how you can improve. ▪ Writings about The Master Key System to help you better understand Haanel and his ideas. ▪ Writings that influenced Mr. Haanel, such as Judge Thomas Troward and Henry Drummond. ▪ Images of Haanel’s original and now rare correspondence courses. ▪ The “lost” parts of The Master Key System published for the first time in over sixty years. Master Key Arcana is a wonderful look at the influences of The Master Key System, how it influenced others, and how to best utilize it to attain your full potential. The “lost” parts are worth the price of admission alone. The results of reading this book, though, are priceless.

    • Self-help & personal development

      Keeping the Faith

      Daily Reflections to Build Strength, Serenity, and Passion in Your Life and the Lives of Others

      by John W. Pozzi

      THE TRUE FAITH THAT MUST BE FOUND AND KEPT IS THE FAITH IN ONESELF. Each day you give a part of yourself whether it is at work, at home, or in your daily interaction with others. How do you give of yourself? Do you hold back or go at life half-heartedly? You need to give of yourself with heart, mind, and soul all the time. You never know what interaction with a person will make a difference in their life — or yours. If you don’t believe in yourself and don’t have the confidence to grow each day, then you are missing out on what life has to offer you. This simple book will inspire you to help others. Or, at the very least, you will make another person’s day — and, therefore, your day — better.

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      March 2018

      Following The Celtic Way

      A New Assessment of Celtic Christianity

      by Ian Bradley

      Marking the 25th anniversary of Ian Bradley’s classic The Celtic Way – the scholarly and accessible popular introduction to Celtic Christianity – Following the Celtic Way is a completely new book that replaces the original. It incorporates the wisdom garnered by Bradley over more than thirty years of research, lecturing, broadcasting and retreat-leading, and identifies the themes of the Celtic Way which are most relevant to and can be followed today by twenty-first century Christians. The core chapters are: ‘Marks of the Church and the Faithful’, ‘Attributes of God’, ‘Our Appropriate Responses’ and ‘Ways Forward for the Church’.

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      June 2017

      Hidden Wings

      Emerging from troubled times with new hope and deeper wisdom

      by Margaret Silf

      Hidden Wings is a superb book of spiritual transformation and hope for the future, by Margaret Silf, the bestselling author of Landmarks and At Sea with God. As the world around us moves into a period of immense and tumultuous change, and the structures and values by which we have charted our lives seem to be collapsing around us, many people are struggling to plot their spiritual path through an unfamiliar landscape or to believe in tomorrow. Using the analogy of the caterpillar entering the devastating, world-altering stage of the chrysalis, before emerging - transformed - as the butterfly, Margaret Silf demonstrates that this moment could be an opportunity for immense spiritual transformation and hope for the future.

    • Christian spirituality & religious experience
      February 2016

      Into Extra Time

      Living through the final stages of cancer and jottings along the way

      by Michael Paul Gallagher (By (author))

      Into Extra Time comprises the powerful reflections of Fr Michael Paul Gallagher SJ which he wrote during the final months of his life following a diagnosis of cancer. ‘Never has faith seemed so real. This is not out of fear (as some atheists might suspect), but out of a discovery of the quiet reality of God with me in all this.’ While undergoing several cycles of chemotherapy and ultimately passing into palliative care, Fr Michael Paul documented his journey – physical, psychological and spiritual – in a diary which is included in this book alongside other notes and insights, and two theological essays: on death and on concern for unbelief. ‘I am, dare I say, enjoying God with me in this strange space. There is huge freedom at times, and of course a shrinking into small fears at times too. Each day has its lights and shadows, its pendulum from yes to no. But the ‘no’ is always weaker, provoked by some lack of energy or vision. The ‘yes’ music returns, not as joyful acceptance but as quiet readiness – unalone.’ The whole is a remarkable testament to the life, intellect and spiritual sensitivity of a much-loved author, theologian and priest, which offers light to others looking for guidance in times of struggle.

    • Christian mysticism
      June 2016

      Living with the Mind of Christ

      Mindfulness and Christian Spirituality

      by Stefan Gillow Reynolds (By (author))

      Living with the Mind of Christ - introduced by Fr Laurence Freeman OSB - is a book based around the practice of ‘Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction’ (MBSR) combined with the teachings on contemplative prayer from the Christian mystic tradition. MBSR has its origins in Buddhist meditation practices and is to do with learning to ‘be’, letting go of self-analysis through fixing attention on one thing before developing awareness of the quality of the attention itself. The Christian mystical tradition is the part of Christianity which speaks of personal experience of God normally in the context of silence and stillness. Most Christian mystics talk of both finding and losing themselves in God. There is a lot of debate as to the compatibility of ‘Mindfulness’ and Christian belief. Stefan Gillow Reynolds argues that the mystical side of Christianity supports the practice of mindfulness. It aims to show how MBSR is equivalent to the essential stages on the journey of Christian self-knowledge and does not contradict advice on prayer from Christian mystics from across the centuries. By recognising the long cultural roots of contemplative practice in the west MBSR is affirmed by the mystical voices of Christianity.

    • Christian spirituality & religious experience
      June 2006

      Roots and Wings

      The Human Journey from a Speck of Stardust to a Spark of God

      by Margaret Silf (By (author))

      There is a story growing inside you – a story as big as the universe, and as mind-blowing and as beautiful. And you are growing inside that story. Your personal story is an essential strand of the Big Story. Life’s story begins, we are told, from elements released into space in the death of a star. But what of our destiny? Does that speck of stardust also hold within it a 'spark of God'? Is life evolving towards levels of consciousness that we cannot begin, as yet, even to imagine? This is a book full of questions. It invites you to participate in the 'great conversation' about our origins and our destiny and what it might mean to become fully and truly human, and to discover your own response to that challenge. Here science and spirituality meet, and a bold new synthesis emerges between them.

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      July 2016

      Thérèse Vanier

      Pioneer of L'Arche, palliative care and spiritual unity

      by Ann Shearer

      Therese Vanier, founder of L'Arche in the UK, was also a distinguished doctor who worked with Cecily Saunders at the world-renowned St Christopher's Hospice in London, and a tireless contributor to Christian ecumenism and interfaith understanding. This biography draws on the memories of nearly fifty people who knew her, as well as her own published and unpublished writings, to offer a tribute to Therese and a critical assessment of her lasting legacy in the three areas of her work. Includes photo section.

    • Christian spirituality & religious experience

      A Candle in the Darkness

      Celtic Spirituality from Wales

      by Patrick Thomas

    • Mind, Body, Spirit
      December 2004

      A New Light On Ascension

      by Diana Cooper

      A revised and enlarged new edition of the best seller 'A Little Light on Ascension' gives us all we need to fulfill our highest spiritual aspirations. In her down-to-earth way, Diana Cooper introduces us to important aspects of ourselves as well as being of the spiritual world and shows how we can connect more deeply with ourselves as with the unseen spiritual guides.

    • Sacred & religious music

      States of Bliss & Yearning

      The Marks and Means of Authentic Christian Spirituality

      by John L. Bell

    • Christian spirituality & religious experience

      The Dream of Learning Our True Name

      by Kathy. Galloway

    • Christian spirituality & religious experience

      The Green Heart of the Snowdrop

      by Kate. McIlhagga

      The green heart on the underside of the tiny snowdrop flower, which so captured Kate's imagination, symbolised for her an aspect of God's purpose for our lives, as did so much else in her surroundings. Her passion for the integrity of creation and right relationship with the environment, in city or countryside, and with one another clearly provided inspiration for her writing. The wonderful inclusiveness of her work reflects an ecumenical outlook in the truest sense.

    • Mind, Body, Spirit

      Flight Into Freedom and Beyond

      by Eileen Caddy

      Eileen Caddy co-founder of the world famous Findhorn Community in the North of Scotland is an ordinary woman who has lived an extraordinary life. She has allowed herself to be a channel for her still small voice within that she recognises as the word of God. She has always followed it fearlessly and with total obedience. Her early life showed no sign that it would be anything other than thousands of others of her generation - marriage children a quiet life of domesticity and child rearing. However when Peter Caddy burst into her life everything changed. Eileen's life was turned upside down and the journey both outer and inner to Findhorn had begun. It is now 50 years ago since Eileen first heard that voice announcing Be still and know that I am God. Her life since then has not been easy. There was the hell of her dark night of the soul when life seemed to hold no more meaning for her. Losing her home and living for years in a tiny caravan next to a rubbish dump with Peter and their three boys. Eventually even losing her husband and partner to another woman - the man with whom she had worked to create the Findhorn was suddenly no longer there to support her. But somehow Eileen's faith and trust in God have helped her to adjust to all the challenges and changes in her life. Now in her 80s she continues to be an inspiration and beacon of hope to millions around the world. She still lives in the centre of the Findhorn Community and is a source of stability continuity and wisdom for each new generation of people drawn there.

    • Christian spirituality & religious experience

      Ten Things They Never Told Me About Jesus

      -a Beginner's Guide to a Larger Christ

      by John L. Bell

    • Christian spirituality & religious experience

      Reclaiming the Sealskin

      Meditation in the Celtic Spirit

      by Annie. Heppenstall-West

      In the spirit of modern Celtic Christianity, one of the purposes of this book is to discover parallels between traditional scripture and the contemplation of nature, and to harmonise the two. Often - perhaps as a hangover from the witchcraft hysteria of previous centuries - Christians have a superstitious fear of the the natural world. This author believes that the creatures and plants around us have a voice to help us in our search for the sealskin, our spiritual freedom.;A special feature is perforated full-colour cards bound into the back of the book. These can be detached and used as an aid to meditation. For example, a card chosen at random directs the reader to a specific contemplation.

    • Mind, Body, Spirit: thought & practice

      The Findhorn Book of Unconditional Love

      by Tony Mitton

      Though "unconditional love" has only recently entered out general thinking, its realization has always been part of the Findhorn Community's work and purpose. In a perceptive and personal book, Tony Mitton, a five year resident at Findhorn, explores its implications and applications in everyday life, also clarifying confusions about its meaning. He argues that unconditional love is built into our physical nature and can be given and received by everyone, of whatever faith or none. He suggests that in our present critical times we need to make it part of us, and the exercises in the book help readers to make it come naturally to them. Unconditional love pops up in our life in countless ways - with a pet, a lover or a friend - we just need to recognize it.;Learning at Findhorn is experiential, so Tony Mitton draws on incidents from his own life and discusses the effect of prior ones. Because Findhorn is a group experience, he has asked family and friends to add their insights. The result is a comprehensive roadmap and prospectus, embracing humans, angels, animals, art, landscapes and God.

    • Christian spirituality & religious experience

      Praying for the Dawn

      A Resource Book for the Ministry of Healing

      by Ruth. Burgess

      A compilation of material from several writers with a strong emphasis on liturgies and resources for healing services. Includes a section on how to introduce healing services to those who may not be familiar with them and suggestions for starting group discussions about healing. The book is completed by a section of worship resources: prayers, responses, litanies, poems, meditations and blessings.

    • Mind, Body, Spirit: thought & practice

      Opening Doors Within

      by Eileen Caddy

    • Mind, body, spirit: meditation & visualisation

      The Christ Blueprint

      13 Keys to Christ Consciousness

      by Padma Aon Prakasha

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