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What Fanon Said

Lewis R. Gordon, Foreword by Sonia Dayan-Herzbrun, Afterword by Drucilla Cornell

Fordham University Press

Antiblack racism avows reason is white while emotion, and thus supposedly unreason, is black. Challenging academic adherence to t etc...

Essays on Deleuze

Daniel W. Smith

Edinburgh University Press

Gathers 20 of Smith’s new and classic essays into one volume for the first time. Combining his most important pieces over the las etc...

Deleuze and Guattari's A Thousand Plateaus

Brent Adkins

Edinburgh University Press

The sheer volume and complexity of Deleuze and Guattari's A Thousand Plateaus can be daunting. What is an assemblage? What is etc...

The Practices of Global Ethics

Frederick Bird, Sumner B. Twiss, Kusumita Pedersen, Clark A. Miller, Bruce Grelle

Edinburgh University Press

The Practices of Global Ethics takes a unique look at global ethics: not as mere written statements but as a set of practices und etc...

The Political Theology of Schelling

Saitya Brata Das

Edinburgh University Press

Saitya Brata Das rigorously examines Schelling's theologico-political works and sets his thought against his more dominant co etc...

Gaston Bachelard: A Philosophy of the Surreal

Zbigniew Kotowicz

Edinburgh University Press

Gaston Bachelard (1884–1962) was a seminal figure in contemporary French philosophy. Together with Michel Foucault, Georges Cangu etc...

Plastic Sovereignties

Arne De Boever

Edinburgh University Press

Does sovereignty have a future in the 21st century? Through a sustained engagement with the work of the Italian philosopher Giorg etc...

From Violence to Speaking Out

Leonard Lawlor

Edinburgh University Press

Drawing on a career-long exploration of 1960s French philosophy, Leonard Lawlor seeks a solution to 'the problem of the worst etc...

Derrida's Secret

Charles Barbour

Edinburgh University Press

A new philosophical reflection on the secret and its importance to our contemporary political experience The Snowden Affair, Wiki etc...

First Measures of the Coming Insurrection

Eric Hazan and Kamo

Zed Books Ltd

We have witnessed a beginning, the birth of a new age of revolt and upheaval. In North Africa and the Middle East it took the peo etc...

Can Non-Europeans Think?

Hamid Dabashi

Zed Books Ltd

What happens with thinkers who operate outside the European philosophical 'pedigree'? In this powerfully honed polemic, D etc...

Human Life, Action and Ethics

Geach, Mary, B01; Gormally, Luke, B01; Anscombe, G.E.M., A01

Imprint Academic

Presents a collection of essays by the celebrated philosopher Elizabeth Anscombe. This collection includes papers on human nature etc...

Lectures in the History of Political Thought

O'Sullivan, Luke, B01; Oakeshott, Michael, A01

Imprint Academic

Oakeshott’s memorable lectures on the history of political thought, delivered each year at the London School of Economics, will n etc...

Philosophy and Living

Blumenau, Ralph, A01

Imprint Academic

Philosophy can be very abstract and apparently remote from our everyday concerns. In this book the author brings out for the non- etc...

The School of Freedom

O'Hear, Anthony, B01; Sidwell, Marc, B01

Imprint Academic

Liberal education is a term that has fallen from use in Britain, its traditional meaning now freely confused with its opposite. T etc...
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