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Jimmy Hoffa Called My Mom A Bitch: Profiles in Stupidity

Jason H. Vines

Waldorf Publishing

The book is broken up into various chapters of stupidity: Stupid Democrats, Stupid Republicans, Stupid Atheists, Stupid Christian etc...

Muslims and the Making of America

Amir Hussain

Baylor University Press

"There has never been an America without Muslims"—so begins Amir Hussain, one of the most important scholars and teache etc...

American Imperialism

Adam Burns

Edinburgh University Press

Provides a critical re-evaluation of US territorial expansionism and imperialism from 1783 to the present The United States has b etc...

Black Nationalism in American History

Mark Newman

Edinburgh University Press

Provides a concise up-to-date introduction to and overview of black nationalism in American history This analytical introduction etc...

Dancing Through History

Lori Henry

Lori Henry

In Dancing Through History, Henry crosses Canada's vast physical and ethnic terrain to uncover how its various cultures have etc...

The Lincoln-Douglas Debates

Edited and with a new introduction by Harold Holzer

Fordham University Press

The seven debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas held during the Illinois senatorial race of 1858 are among the most etc...

Emma Spaulding Bryant

Edited by Ruth Douglas Currie

Fordham University Press

Emma Spaulding left behind rural Maine for a life in Georgia as the wife of radical Republican carpetbagger John Emory Bryant. Em etc...

The Civil War Confiscation Acts

John Syrett

Fordham University Press

This book is the first full account in more than 20 years of two significant, but relatively understudied, laws passed during the etc...

Freedom, Union, and Power

Michael Green

Fordham University Press

Freedom, Union, and Power analyzes the beliefs of the Republican Party during the Civil War, how those beliefs changed, and what etc...

Army GI, Pacifist CO

Frank Dietrich, and Albert Dietrich, Edited by Scott H. Bennett

Fordham University Press

Frank and Albert Dietrich were identical twins whose lives took very different directions during World War II. Drafted into the A etc...

The Western San Juan Mountains

Rob Blair

University Press of Colorado

This book has four parts. The first part concerns the physical environment and includes a description of landform evolution, geol etc...

The Yellowstone Story, Revised Edition, Volume II

Aubrey L Haines

University Press of Colorado

First published in 1977, former park historian Aubrey Haines's two-volume set on Yellowstone National Park has long been ackn etc...

Aztec Ceremonial Landscape

William L. Fash (Foreword), David Carrasco (Author, Editor)

University Press of Colorado

Contents: Notes on the Oldest Structure of El Tempo Mayor at Tenochtitlan; A Study of Skeletal Materials from Tlatelolco; Discove etc...

Sacred Objects and Sacred Places

Andrew Gulliford

University Press of Colorado

Sacred Objects, Sacred Places combines native oral histories, photographs, drawings, and case studies to present current issues o etc...

Hell's Belles

Clark Secrest

University Press of Colorado

This newly updated and revised edition of HELL'S BELLES takes the reader on a soundly researched, well-documented, and amusin etc...
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