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A Greater Love

Olga Watkins

Splendid Books Limited

The true story of a woman's incredible journey into the heart of the Third Reich to find the man she loves. When the Gestapo etc...

A Pact with Vichy

Emanuel Rota

Fordham University Press

Angelo Tasca, a pivotal figure in 20th-century Italian political history, and indeed European history, is frequently overshadowed etc...

The Saint Who Would Be Santa Claus

Adam C. English

Baylor University Press

With his rosy cheeks and matching red suit—and ever-present elf and reindeer companions—Santa Claus may be the most identifiable etc...

The Burghers of Ceylon

Andrew Elsby

CentreHouse Press

The Burghers of Ceylon traces the origins and history of the mixed-race populations of imperial Ceylon. It explains how, and why, etc...

Northern Neighbours

John Bryden, Ottar Brox, Lesley Riddoch

Edinburgh University Press

BCC approved (with endorsements) "How is it that two broadly similar countries, neighbours with roughly equal populations an etc...

Across Great Divides

Monique Roy

Monique Roy

Across Great Divides is a timeless story of the upheavals of war, the power of family, and the resiliency of human spirit. When H etc...

City of Fortune

Roger Crowley

Andrew Lownie Associates

A magisterial work of gripping history, City of Fortune tells the story of the Venetian ascent from lagoon dwellers to the greate etc...

Fighting Fascism in Europe

Lawrence Cane

Fordham University Press

On his first day in basic training in 1942, Lawrence Cane wrote to his wife Grace from Fort Dix, New Jersey. "I'm in the etc...

Red Tail Captured, Red Tail Free

Alexander Jefferson, with Lewis H. Carlson

Fordham University Press

This book is a rare and important gift. One of the few memoirs of combat in World War II by a distinguished African-American flie etc...

Medieval Education

Edited by Ronald B. Begley, and Joseph W. Koterski, S.J.

Fordham University Press

This volume offers original studies on the subject of medieval education, not only in the formal academic sense typical of school etc...

Five Days That Shocked the World

Nicholas Best

Andrew Lownie Associates

This is the story of five momentous days at the end of the war, from the execution of Mussolini and the surrender in Italy to the etc...

Dust Clouds in the Middle East

Christopher Shores

Grub Street

Originally appearing as a series of magazine articles, the valuable research into air operations, over the old-style Middle East etc...

Japanese Army Air Force Fighter Units and Their Aces, 1931-1945

Ikuhiko Hata

Grub Street

Originally published only in Japanese, this in-depth study provides an in-depth review of the fighter units of the Imperial Japan etc...

Luftwaffe Fighter Ace

Norbert. Hannig

Grub Street

Herr Norbert Hanning's wartime career makes for fascinating and highly informative reading on an aspect of the 1939-45 air wa etc...

Spreading My Wings

Diana Barnato. Walker

Grub Street

The daughter of a millionaire racing driver, Woolf Barnato and granddaughter of Barney Barnato who co-founded the De Beers mining etc...
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