• Teaching, Language & Reference

      80,000 Word English Dictionary

      by Zhang Bairan

      80,000 word English dictionary collection of nearly 80,000 words. Both included in the core vocabulary of English. But also to expand the derived words and phrases commonly used to meet large. Secondary school students and teachers and other needs of English learners queries. For the study. The practical difficulties in the use of English. the dictionary has special instructions field.

    • Reference works
      April 1995

      The Union Preserved

      A Guide to Civil War Records in the NYS Archives

      by Harold Holzer

    • Biography: general

      Alaska's Daughter

      An Eskimo Memoir of the 20th Century

      by Elizabeth Pinson

      Elizabeth B. Pinson shares with us her memories of Alaska's emergence into a new and modern era, bearing witness to history in the early twentieth century as she recalls it. She draws us into her world as a young girl of mixed ethnicity, with a mother whose Eskimo family had resided on the Seward Peninsula for generations and a father of German heritage. Growing up in and near the tiny village of Teller on the Bering Strait, Elizabeth at the age of six, despite a harrowing, long midwinter sled ride to rescue her, lost both her legs to frostbite when her grandparents, with whom she was spending the winter in their traditional Eskimo home, died in the 1918 influenza epidemic. Fitted with artificial legs financed by an eastern benefactor, Elizabeth kept journals of her struggles, triumphs, and adventures, recording her impressions of the changing world around her and experiences with the motley characters she met. These included Roald Amundsen, whose dirigible landed in Teller after crossing the Arctic Circle; the ill-fated 1921 British colonists of Wrangel Island in the Arctic; trading ship captains and crews; prospectors; doomed aviators; and native reindeer herders. Elizabeth moved on to boarding school, marriage, and the state of Washington, where she compiled her records into this memoir and where, now in her 90s, she lives.

    • The natural world, country life & pets

      Landscape Of Desire

      Identity and Nature in Utah's Canyon Country

      by Greg Gordon

      Landscape of Desire powerfully documents and celebrates a place and the evolutions that occur when human beings are intimately connected to their surroundings. Greg Gordon accomplishes this with a tapestry of writing that interweaves land use history, natural history, experiential education, and personal reflection. He tracks the geomorphology of southern Utah as well as the creatures and plants his student group encounters, the history lessons (planned and unplanned), the trials and joys of gathering so many individuals into a cohesive will, and his own personal epiphanies, restraints, insights, and disillusionments. Landscape of Desire examines the plight of the western landscape. It discusses a wide range of issues, including mining, grazing, dams, recreation, wilderness, and land management. Since recreation has replaced extraction industries as the primary use of wilderness, especially in southern Utah, Gordon addresses its impactful qualities. He overviews the history of the conflict between preservation and development and places these issues in a cultural context. The text is presented in a narrative format, following the individuals of one field course Gordon lead that explored Muddy Creek and the Dirty Devil River from Interstate 70 to Lake Powell. Though each chapter focuses on the geologic formation the group is traveling through, the plants, animals, ecology, and human impacts are all tightly woven into the narrative. Not only does the land affect the members of the field course, but their attitudes and insights affect the land. In Landscape of Desire Gordon achieves a vision of wholeness of this popular and contested region of Utah that centers around the implications of being human and also stewards of the wild.

    • The natural world, country life & pets

      Castle Valley, America

      Hard Land, Hard-won Home

      by Nancy Taniguchi

      This is American history told through the stories of an atypical, for Utah, region. Castle Valley is roughly conterminous with two counties, Carbon and Emery, which together formed a rural, industrial enclave in a mostly desert environment behind the mountain range that borders Utah's principal corridor of settlement. In Castle Valley, coal mining and the railroad attracted diverse, multiethnic communities and a fair share of historic characters, from Butch Cassidy, who stole its largest payroll, to Mother Jones, who helped organize its workers against its mining companies. Among the last major segments of the state to be settled, it was also a generally poor region that stretched the capabilities of people to scratch a living from a harsh landscape. The people of Castle Valley experienced complex, unusual combinations of both social cohesion and conflict, but they struggled through poverty, labor disputes, major mining disasters, and other challenges to build communities whose stories reflected the historical course of the nation as a whole. In order to convey her subject's both unique and representative qualities, Nancy Taniguchi has written an epic history that is not just local history, but American history written locally. Nancy J. Taniguchi, who lived for thirteen years in Castle Valley and was previously on the faculty of the College of Eastern Utah in Price, is professor of history at California State University, Stanislaus. She is the author of numerous published articles in mining, legal, women's, western, and Utah history and of one book, Necessary Fraud: Progressive Reformand Utah Coal.

    • Sports & outdoor recreation

      Welsh Sporting Stars

      by Alun Wyn. Bevan

    • Reference works

      The A-z Guide to Common Habits

      Overcoming Them Through Affirmations

      by Ann Gadd

    • Reference works
      February 2012

      Encyclopedia of Thai Massage

      A Complete Guide to Traditional Thai Massage Therapy and Acupressure.


    • Humour
      March 2012

      From Astral Sex to Zen Tea Bags


      A handy guide for anyone who wishes to sound pompous, affected and self-obsessed, especially in the alternative, eco-friendly or mind-body-spirit realms. A hilarious antidote to self-developers and social media geeks; a no-holds-barred parody of those navel-gazers and karmic sojourners who may just be taking themselves a little too seriously. Sample entries:·Beaverweaver: Male who poses as a shaman purely in order to pick up women.·Macroneurotics: An obscure food cult and eating disorder, which came to the West from Japan in the nineteen-fifties, and gained a considerable following among reformed drug dealers in the USA. Macroneurotics holds that food is the only important thing in the Universe. The three main foods, held to be able to create total health, happiness, success, fulfilment and enlightenment, are brown rice with miso soup, brown rice with seaweed, and brown rice on its own.·Mistake: There isn't any such thing as a mistake there are only 'learning experiences'.

    • Travel & holiday guides

      Price Action Trading

      Day-trading the T-bonds Off Pat

      by Bill. Eykyn

    • Travel maps & atlases

      The Glasgow Almanac

      An A-z of the City and Its People

      by Stephen Terry

      The contents of this book first appeared in the "Glasgow Evening Times" over the course of the last decade as 250-word vignettes on people, places and happenings. They are concise and to the point and are fully cross-referenced. Arranged thematically, "The Glasgow Almanac" covers the social history of the city from its earliest beginnings, taking in architecture, entertainment, food and drink, law and crime, medicine, newspapers, religion, shipbuilding, sport, and more.

    • Politics & government

      Iain Dale's Guide to Political Blogging in the Uk

      by Iain Dale

      - Articles by thirty leading bloggers and commentators- Profiles of more than fifty leading blogs- A directory of 1,200 political blogs- The best 500 political blogs in the UK- The best 100 Conservative, Labour and LibDem blogs

    • Family history, tracing ancestors

      Flint Architecture of East Anglia

      by Stephen Hart

      East Anglia has a unique and very substantial heritage of flint-built churches and secular buildings over a wide area that range from Saxon times to the 20th century, many of them of exceptional beauty, and most in a good state of preservation. Stephen Hart considers that these buildings, in which a large number of different flintwork techniques and designs are used that are partly functional, partly dependent upon local materials, and partly aesthetic in inspiration, constitute an important part of our heritage. His book is the first comprehensive one to be written on English flint architecture and is likely to become the definitive work on the subject.

    • Business & management

      Harriman's Financial Dictionary

      Over 2,600 Essential Financial Terms

      by Simon Briscoe

      - A comprehensive dictionary focusing on financial and investment terminology.- An essential reference work for anyone working in the City or related industries.- More than 2,600 essential financial terms and acronyms covering the stock, options, futures and capital markets, as well as personal finance.- Based on the popular website, www.Finance-Glossary.com.- The majority of terms are cross-referenced and any relevant URLs are also provided.- Edited by two highly experienced financial writers.

    • Dictionaries of biography (Who's Who)

      No Quarter Given

      The Muster Roll of Prince Charles Edward Stuart's Army, 1745-46

      by Alastair. Livingstone

    • Reference works

      Ebay Q&a

      200 of the Most Asked Questions About Ebay.co.uk

      by Robert Pugh

      New from the best-selling author of The eBay Business Handbook200 of the most asked eBay questions answered by top eBay PowerSeller Robert Pugh - including:- How can I be sure that an item is not a fake?- How do I know that I can trust the seller?- Does the timing of my bid really make a difference?- Are there certain types of item I should avoid selling?- Is it possible to sell my house on eBay?- When is the best time to end an auction?- What should I include in my returns policy?- What start price should I set when I list an item?- How can I entice more visitors to my auctions?- Does the style of my listing impact on its success?- How can I encourage a bidding war for my items?- What should I do if I have received a faulty product?- My seller is no longer registered; what should I do?- How should I record my business activities on eBay?- When should I register my eBay business with the taxman?and many more...all answered in the author's friendly and approachable style.Robert shares his wealth of eBay knowledge to give you the answers you need to take your eBay trading to the next level.Compiled from the questions regularly sent to Robert by readers of his weekly eBay email bulletin, this is a must read for all eBayers.

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