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      What would you do if your father abandons you? What would you do if your mother and brother hate you because you look like him? What would you do if you find out that you were actually breastfed by a witch?What would you do if that witch's daughter - your milk sister - falls in love with you? A young man narrates, by way of a confession, the story of his relationship with Lorena, daughter of a witch and his milk sister, since her mother was his wet nurse. With a discursive voice that follows his most intimate thoughts, we also become witnesses of the relationship he maintains with his family, his mother and brother despising him for his physical resemblance to the father who abandoned them. Spellbound by Lorena, the narrator will be condemned both to love her and to hate her.

    • Fiction
      March 2020

      La cólera (Rage)

      by Santiago García and Javier Olivares

      A new work by the authors of Las Meninas, winner of the prestigious National Spanish Comic Award. La cólera (Rage), by Javier Olivares and Santiago García, is not an adaptation of the Iliad, nor even a version of it. But it takes the Iliad as a point of departure. La cólera is not a historical book, but rather a fantasy that deals with the contemporary political reality in mythological terms. In a certain way, it can be understood as the poetic-mythic formulation that gives way to questions like What is Europe? Where does the idea of Europe come from and where is it headed?

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
      December 2016


      by Emilio Ortiz

      THE YEAR'S STAND-OUT NOVEL. A SUCCESS IN SOCIAL NETWORKS. BASED ON REAL FACTS A funny story of friendship, love and achievement told through the eyes of a guide dog. Cross is a happy and mischievous guide dog. Mario is a blind young man who tries to make his way in life. Together they form an inseparable team. A través de mis pequeños ojos is a moving novel that tells of Cross's funny adventures in the human world. Emilio Ortiz offers the account of a reality that he knows very well, since he has his own guide dog, named Spock, who is almost as naughty as Cross.

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
      May 2018


      Diario de un gatuno primerizo

      by Pedro Zuazua

      THE ADVENTURES AND DISADVENTURES OF A NOVICE CAT ADOPTER Not so long ago, Pedro belonged to the Feline Resistance group, made up of all those people who unabashedly said "a cat won't come into my house, period". Until one day he met Mía, a white and brown kitten who settles in his apartment and not only takes over the space, but also conquers Pedro's heart. He couldn't imagine how much Mia would change his life. Fun, light-hearted and emotional, these feline memories reveal all the ins and outs of the cat world. And much more. Because, in fact, who has never been a first-timer?

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
      October 2020



      AN HISTORICAL THRILLER FULL OF LOVE, ACTION AND ENIGMAS. A JOURNEY TO ANCIENT GREECE WHERE YOU WILL DISCOVER UNEXPECTED SECRETS AND THE MOST DISQUIRING CHARACTERS. The elderly philosopher Pythagoras, one of the most powerful characters of his time, is about to choose a successor among the great masters when a series of murders begins in his community. Behind the crimes, a dark and powerful mind seems to surpass Pythagoras himself. The enigmatic Ariadne and the Egyptian researcher Akenón will try to discover who the murderer is while solving their own feelings. A challenge in which the ghosts of the past join the dark threats of the present.

    • Historical fiction
      September 2019

      Nigrino. La condena de la memoria

      by Xavier Cervera

      The greatest Roman of his time, Marco Cornelio Nigrino Curiacio Materno, suffers the damnatio memoriae (the condemnation of memory) for posing a threat to Trajan aspirations, the other candidate to Caesar’s chair. Nigrino carved the most brilliant military career of his time, became the most awarded general, was named consul and ruled the Aquitaine, Moesia, and Syria provinces. However, the emperor Nerva is forced to choose Trajan as his successor. The chance of a civil war disappears with a quick movement that leads to the cessation of Nigrino, his forced exile and the prohibition of mentioning his name. Nigrino and his family, from Edeta, fought to keep their memory alive no matter how regardless of the difficulties imposed by those who saw their disgrace as a chance to inherit their influences and great fortune. Historical novel thoroughly set in the 1st century, retrieving the character of one of the most important personalities of our history, forgotten during nearly twenty centuries. The Edetan Marco Cornelio Nigrino, condemned to memory due to his rivalry with Trajan to gain Caesar’s chair.

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
      October 2019

      Nacida Libre

      by Minerva Piquero

      Primera novela de presentadora de televisión Minerva Piquero. Cora necesita reinventarse para salir del pozo en el que se ve inmersa tras la inesperada ruptura con el amor de su vida. El sexo se convertirá en el rito de iniciación hacia su nueva identidad, un mundo desconocido don¬de experimentar, reencontrarse y perdonar. Valentina llega a España huyendo de un oscuro secreto y un pasado traumático; necesita renacer para encontrar su sitio en el mundo. La vida no es fácil para una joven transexual extranjera. Las dos protagonistas de Nacida Libre, aun siendo de mundos tan distintos y alejados, coinciden en un momento crucial para ambas en el que deben recorrer un camino de autoconocimiento dejando atrás la traición y la venganza. Las circunstancias en las que se encuentran hacen que crezca entre ellas una profunda amistad y la fuerza necesaria para entender que, a pesar de todo, ellas nacieron libres.

    • Fantasy

      Where there were no wolves

      by Pepa G. Lillo

      Where there were no wolves is the epic of Anciana, the heroine who leads a group of unique characters involved in a serious ancestral conflict. Anciana is a wise woman and with immense power, an essential character of great inner strength capable of remaining as a colossal bond of union throughout the plot. *Anciana means "elder woman" in spanish language Fantastic adult literature

    • Crime & mystery
      July 2018

      Donde lloran los demonios

      by Martí Martínez, Pedro

      Inspector Cesar Giralt enjoys a period of happiness previously denied to him since the brutal murder of his sister by the criminal known as the locker seven years before. However, when life shows him its nicer side, the shadow of his worst fears comes back to Barcelona together with the coldest winter that the city has experienced for several years. The body of another dead girl reaches the same beach where, years before, had appeared, in the same circumstances, one of the locker's victims. El inspector César Giralt disfruta de una felicidad que le había sido negada desde el cruel asesinato de su hermana a manos del encerrador siete años atrás. Pero cuando la vida por fin le muestra su lado más amable, la sombra de sus peores miedos regresa a Barcelona de la mano del invierno más frío de los últimos años. El cadáver de una chica llega a la misma playa en la que apareció, en idénticas circunstancias, una de las víctimas del Encerrador. ¿Es posible que se trate de un imitador? ¿O acaso el asesino de Eva ha vuelto de entre los muertos? Ayudado por su equipo, el inspector Giralt emprenderá una última travesía por los recovecos de su pasado para descubrir qué tipo de persona es en realidad antes de afrontar un último baile con el mismísimo diablo.

    • Fiction
      May 2019


      En tierras de Urantia

      by Díaz Latorre, José Ignacio

      Are you ready to read the story of the second coming of Christ in full s. XXI? Do you want to know first-hand who he was, what he did and with whom? Do you know that this time she was a woman and that her mothers were lesbians?Get ready to explode your neurons with this groundbreaking, entertaining, and surprising novel, set in real settings in Spain (Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona) and Europe.Action, adventure, travel, sex, technology, chases, magical scenarios, extraterrestrial beings ...You have before you a new modern and daring thriller that will make you reflect on reality.

    • Fiction
      February 2020


      by Eloy Moreno

      The problem of finding the truth is not knowing what to do with it. A story that will change the way we see the world. A bestselling author who touches the most sensitive nerves. A group of people live together in a nameless place. Why are they there? How did they get there? And above all, who are they? Or who have they become? We know nothing about them. Just what their actions tell us. In a lawless world, where everything that made up society has disappeared, what is left of us? A story full of unknowns, of big questions about the world we live our lives in, that asks us if the things we think are important really are. The author’s major themes are feelings, absurdity, society, and the importance of following our dreams.

    • Fiction
      January 2020


      by David Marín

      Appletown, el barri dels lleidatans de Nova York, torna a ser un lloc perillós. La lluita entre els dos clans mafiosos rivals, els Torra i els Vidal, s’ha agreujat. El detectiu Johnny Pelegrí va deixar el barri fa temps, però rebrà un encàrrec que no podrà rebutjar i que el portarà de nou als carrerons foscos d’Appletown, on els gàngsters parlen amb accent lleidatà, el jazz es barreja amb els garrotins i la vida d’un home val el mateix que un plat de caragols a la llauna. I a Lleida, l’aparició d’un cadàver al canal Segarra-Garrigues el dia de la seva inauguració i l’arribada d’una misteriosa poetessa del grup dels Irrefrenables canviaran la vida del jove Marcel Riera, cronista de comarques del diari pobre de la ciutat i indecís aspirant a novel·lista. Appletown és una novel·la que juga en diversos plans de realitat, on res no és el que sembla, on els personatges busquen el seu lloc en el món i on l’escriptor.

    • Fiction



      An improbable love story that becomes an unforgettable tale of redemption, by the author awarded the 2018 National Prize for Narrative that has sold over 130.000 copies in Spain alone In 1954, the young psychiatrist Germán Velázquez arrives at the Ciempozuelos asylum for women in the south of Madrid. He escaped from the Civil War with his father’s help and took shelter with the Goldstein family in Switzerland, where he studied. In the asylum, Germán will meet a patient, the extraordinary Aurora Rodríguez Carballeira, a highly cultured schizophrenic parricide, and her assistant, María, a modest young woman whom she has educated and taught to read. Attracted by María, Germán grows disturbed when she avoids him and refuses to see him alone, and he suspects that she harbors many secrets she can only speak about outside the hospital’s walls. Maria’s humble origins as the granddaughter of the gardener, her years as maid to a powerful family in Madrid, her disenchantment with her first lover, her relationship with Aurora and the nuns, will become clear to readers as they learn in parallel of Germán’s life in Switzerland, where he witnessed the devastation suffered by a Jewish family amid the ravages of the Second World War. Soulmates yearning to flee their respective pasts, Germán and María want a new opportunity. Unfortunately, they come to see they are living in a country on its knees, where every sin is a crime and puritanism and repression provide cover for abuses and vileness of all kinds.

    • Fiction

      El mensaje de Pandora

      Siempre que un dogma cae, un nuevo mundo nace

      by Javier Sierra

      On the day Arys turns eighteen, a large green envelope arrives from Athens. It contains a handwritten letter, filled with drawings and diagrams, that has been sent to her by her aunt. The letter’s tone in some ways feels like a farewell, and in its opening lines her aunt recalls some of her most treasured memories of Arys, including conversations and travels inspired by their shared passion for Greek mythology. Arys’s aunt reveals that over the course of her life she has faced many illnesses and, more importantly, a few pandemics like the one that has recently paralyzed the entire world. In fact, it’s the outbreak of covid-19 that has prompted her to write to her niece. She feels an urgency to do so because Arys represents the future...a future that finds itself sorely threatened. In turning to ancient myths and stories from Classical Greece, this epistolary novel explores various ways of approaching the meaning of life, as well as that of death. These two energies are mutually dependent upon each other, just as light relies on darkness to manifest itself in all its splendor. Arys’s aunt invites her niece to reflect upon the origin of plagues, pandemics, viruses, sickness – by situating them in a place we seldom explore. Pandora's Message is an inspiring text that utilizes simple direct language, akin to that of a fable, to transmit a fundamental, even lyrical, understanding of the fact that the Earth and its evolution are intrinsically related to what happens in the rest of the Universe. And that only from such a point of view will we manage to face the challenges that life presents us. If the letter is read in the heat of the covid-19 pandemic, it will help us to face the "monster," the Pestilence, in a different manner, more openly and optimistically.

    • Fiction

      The Cook of Castamar

      by Fernando Muñez

      La cocinera de Castamar tells the story of an agoraphobic cook, at the house of a Spanish nobleman whose heart she conquers, against all odds. Clara, the main character, lives in her own small universe, the kitchen of Castamar, where the only windows to the outside world are the dishes she cooks with so much passion. But she also is an independent woman, who knows how to read and write and who lives on her own, in a world full of enemies and lies. The Duke of Castamar, on the other hand, is a young widower who lost his beloved wife in an accident, a modern man for his times… The characters of the novel are very beautifully drawn, the setting shows a tremendous amount of research. The recipes grant additional value to the book, inspiring us with lovely descriptions of the kitchen scenery, the smells and the ingredients of the dishes, very much in the style of Laura Esquivel’s Como agua para chocolate. Yet, at the same time, La cocinera de Castamar, with all its mysteries, intrigues and surprising twists, takes a new turn on sagas like Downton Abbe

    • Women's Fiction
      July 2020

      War Toys

      by Carolina Pobla

      A woman struggles to bring up her family while love and friendship break through in times of war. One autumn afternoon in Barcelona, ​​Violeta, the author's mother, is told about the death of her brother Victor. And the great revelation comes with more news: Victor was adopted. In 1942, Elsa, widow of a Luftwaffe aviator and mother of six children, including Violeta, returns to the village of Bavaria where she spent the summers of her childhood. She wants to take her children away from the war, but upon her arrival she finds out the family mansion is now a military hospital and she has to accommodate her family in a humble cottage on the mountain. While the country crumbles, her children grow up and live experiences that will make them mature quickly. Elsa, a struggling mother and an efficient worker, uses her knowledge as a midwife to help in the hospital, but is also a young woman who, despite the prevailing chaos, will through herself into an intense love story.

    • Fiction
      July 2020

      Las batallas silenciadas

      by Nives Muñoz

      MUCHAS VIDAS SE PERDIERON. PERO TAMBI & Eacute; N MUCHAS ALMAS PERMANECERON EN SUSPENSI & Oacute; N ... Verdun, 1916. Cuando comienza la Guerra Mundial, Ir & egrave; ne Curie toma una decisi & oacute; n: estar & aacute; lo m & aacute; s cerca posible del frente. Convencido de que puede ayudar a salvar muchas vidas, pasar & aacute; su & uacute; ltimo aliento ense & ntilde; ando radiolog & iacute; aa cirujanos en hospitales de campa & ntilde; a, gracias a los dispositivos port & aacute; tiles dise & ntilde; ados por su madre, Marie Curie. Pero ella quedarse en Barleduc se convertirá en una lucha para ganarse el respeto de los soldados e incluso del resto del personal de la guardería y el infierno; Y, de repente, estalla la batalla. Alemania bombardea a Verdun, y luego todo será una carrera contra el tiempo para quitar la mayor cantidad de vidas posible de la muerte. Junto con Berthe y Shirley, Ir & egrave; ne se enfrentará al infierno durante la batalla más sangrienta y prolongada de la guerra. Y no solo lucharán por su propia supervivencia. El cielo y la tierra arden ... y están en medio de la batalla. span style = "vertical-align: heredar;"> Llenas de conciencia y feminidad y escritas en una prosa vibrante y literaria, las Batallas silenciadas nos muestran la Batalla de Verdún como nunca antes la hab & iacute; amos visto. Nieves Mu & ntilde; oz describe las vidas de todos los que participaron, porque no solo los soldados estaban todos & iacute ;, y todos podemos verlos y sentirlos: desde las trincheras, en las aldeas, en el aire, en los hospitales de campa & ntilde; a ... Porque como, En cualquier guerra, hubo vencedores y perdedores, pero todos ten & iacute; an un alma, y ​​en esta primera novela Nieves Mu & ntilde; oz abre su propio molde y lo transfiere a sus personajes para darnos un bien eterno: la esperanza. Llenas de conciencia y feminidad y escritas en una prosa vibrante y literaria, las Batallas silenciadas nos muestran la Batalla de Verdún como nunca antes la hab & iacute; amos visto. Nieves Mu & ntilde; oz describe las vidas de todos los que participaron, porque no solo los soldados estaban todos & iacute ;, y todos podemos verlos y sentirlos: desde las trincheras, en las aldeas, en el aire, en los hospitales de campa & ntilde; a ... Porque como, En cualquier guerra, hubo vencedores y perdedores, pero todos ten & iacute; an un alma, y ​​en esta primera novela Nieves Mu & ntilde; oz abre su propio molde y lo transfiere a sus personajes para darnos un bien eterno: la esperanza. Llenas de conciencia y feminidad y escritas en una prosa vibrante y literaria, las Batallas silenciadas nos muestran la Batalla de Verdún como nunca antes la hab & iacute; amos visto. Nieves Mu & ntilde; oz describe las vidas de todos los que participaron, porque no solo los soldados estaban todos & iacute ;, y todos podemos verlos y sentirlos: desde las trincheras, en las aldeas, en el aire, en los hospitales de campa & ntilde; a ... Porque como, En cualquier guerra, hubo vencedores y perdedores, pero todos ten & iacute; an un alma, y ​​en esta primera novela Nieves Mu & ntilde; oz abre su propio molde y lo transfiere a sus personajes para darnos un bien eterno: la esperanza.

    • Fiction
      July 2020

      La playa y el tiempo

      by Ernesto Calabuig

      "Writing is daring, like taking your clothes off on a beach”. This is the start to the first of the short stories that make up this book, the story of a writer who, at the age of forty-seven, decides to stop the inertia and decline of her life and not come back from her summer holiday. The main character of Beijing-Xàtiva, on board of a train, will also find out the almost unfathomable implications of trying to bring the past back. Through this collection we see a whole gallery of diverse characters that share the common denominator of a fight against the frantic pace of time: school teachers, flamenco dancers, old sea men, Japanese engineers, fathers that watch their children grow and drift away, impossible lovers from an old translation academy, high school lovers who lost track of each other, men visited by Greek philosophers and tormented by a dream, French guitarists, voyeurs of other people’s lives… Even Leonard Cohen portrayed in detail during his years in a Buddhist monastery, in silence, away from the stage. “Escribir es un atrevimiento, como quedarse desnuda en una playa”. Así comienza el primero de los relatos que componen este libro, la historia de una escritora que, a sus cuarenta y siete años, decide detener la inercia y el declive de su vida y no regresar de un veraneo. También el protagonista de Pekín-Xàtiva, a bordo de un tren, descubrirá las implicaciones casi fantasmales de intentar recuperar el pasado. Por esta colección desfila toda una galería de variados personajes que comparten el denominador común de afrontar el vértigo del paso del tiempo: maestras infantiles, bailaoras de flamenco, ancianos del mar del Norte, ingenieros japoneses, padres que ven a sus hijos crecer y alejarse, amantes imposibles de una vieja academia de traducciones, amores de instituto a los que se les perdió la pista, hombres visitados por filósofos griegos y atormentados por un sueño, guitarristas franceses, voyeurs de las vidas ajenas… Y hasta el propio Leonard Cohen retratado al detalle en sus años de silencio, apartado de los escenarios en un monasterio budista."

    • Fiction

      La Forastera

      by Olga Merino

      A contemporary western set in the rugged, unforgiving territory ofrural Spain. A thrilling story about human resilience. For the locals, Angie is the village crazy lady. She lives isolated and alone in the country, surrounded by ghosts who torment her with childhood memories of a poor working-class neighbourhood in Barcelona and a passionate love affair in her youth with an artist from London. One morning, Angie discovers the lifeless body of the local landowner hanging from the branch of a walnut tree. This news endangers her own land and the future of the entire village. In her struggle to keep what’s hers, Angie uncovers a series of secrets deeply buried in that land. This leads to a liberating realisation: once you lose everything, they can’t take anything away from you. And then you’re invincible.

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