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Krishna Charitra

Alo Shome

V&S Publishers

Krishna Charitra is a famous Bengali c etc...

All That is Wales

M. Wynn Thomas

University Of Wales Press

A collection of essays on a range of W etc...

Mary Shelley

Angela Wright

University Of Wales Press

Mary Shelley provides a detailed study etc...

Gerald of Wales

Georgia Henley; A. Joseph McMullen

University Of Wales Press

This collection of essays re-evaluates etc...

Catalan Culture

Lloyd H. Davies; D. Gareth Walters; John B Hall

University Of Wales Press

This is a wide-ranging survey of moder etc...

Beginning Postmodernism

Tim Woods

Manchester University Press

The first volume of Manchester Univers etc...

Beginning theory

Peter Barry

Manchester University Press

Beginning theory has been helping stud etc...

Theatricality as Medium

Samuel Weber

Fordham University Press

Ever since Aristotle's Poetics, bo etc...

Interpreting the Legacy

Brian Holloway

University Press of Colorado

Neihardt's work has recently been etc...

May Swenson

R. R. Knudson & Suzzanne F. Bigelow

University Press of Colorado

A major figure in American letters, Ma etc...

Who Can Afford to Improvise?

Ed Pavlić

Fordham University Press

More than a quarter-century after his etc...

Simply Joyce

Margot Norris

Simply Charly

Generally considered one of the greate etc...

Simply Austen

Joan Klingel Ray

Simply Charly

One of the most beloved novelists of a etc...

Simply Faulkner

Philip Weinstein

Simply Charly

Nobel Laureate and two-time Pulitzer P etc...

Simply Dickens

Paul Schlicke

Simply Charly

Oliver Twist. A Christmas Carol. David etc...
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