• Relationships

      Crazy Town: Money. Marriage. Meth.

      A Riveting Personal Account and a Thorough Global History of Methamphetamine Abuse and Addiction

      by Sterling R. Braswell

      Sterling Braswell was a millionaire—palatial ranch, stock options, and money in the bank. Then he met his high school sweetheart after not seeing her for over ten years. With their love rekindled, they were married. Life was beautiful. They had no real worries, a lovely son, and a bright future. Then she started using meth. The craziness of the next few years would leave Sterling almost completely broke—financially, emotionally, and spiritually—and nearly murdered. Welcome to crazy town . . .

    • True crime
      August 2017

      Operation ACID

      The Downfall of Charlie Kray

      by Steve Wraith

      Operation Acid was devised by the Police in 1996, it’s sole intent to facilitate the arrest of Charlie Kray, eldest brother of the notorious Kray Twins.Could the Kray who was scraping a living from appearing at events and living off the royalties from his book really be capable of organising a £78M drugs deal?This book gives a unique insight into the case from beginning to end and includes over 250 pages of undercover transcripts, newspaper articles, letters and previously unseen photographs, allowing the reader to decide whether Charlie Kray was the mastermind behind an elaborate, multi-million-pound drug deal or simply the victim of an elaborate police sting.Krays

    • Political activism
      July 2014


      An Autobiography

      by Assata Shakur

      In 2013 Assata Shakur, founding member of the Black Liberation Army, former Black Panther and godmother of Tupac Shakur, became the first ever woman to make the FBI's most wanted terrorist list. Assata Shakur's trial and conviction for the murder of a white state trooper in the spring of 1973 divided America. Her case quickly became emblematic of race relations and police brutality in the USA. While Assata's detractors continue to label her a ruthless killer, her defenders cite her as the victim of a systematic, racist campaign to criminalize and suppress black nationalist organizations. This intensely personal and political autobiography reveals a sensitive and gifted woman, far from the fearsome image of her that is projected by the powers that be. With wit and candour Assata recounts the formative experiences that led her to embrace a life of activism. With pained awareness she portrays the strengths, weaknesses and eventual demise of black and white revolutionary groups at the hands of the state. A major contribution to the history of black liberation, destined to take its place alongside The Autobiography of Malcolm X and the works of Maya Angelou.

    • Memoirs
      January 2013

      Pain and Gain-The Untold True Story

      by Marc Schiller

      The True Story Behind The Movie Pain & GainThis book proves that sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction! What if you were kidnapped, tied to a wall for a month, starved, humiliated, tortured and then they tried to murder you, but you survived? What stories would you tell of how you were able to survive and the struggles you went through? What if you went to the police and they did not believe you? What would you do to evade those trying to kill you and how would you bring the criminals to justice before they struck again? How would that change your life and the way you perceived the world and people? Read this amazing book to find out! The year was 1994, Marc and his family lived and ordinary middle class life in Miami, Florida. Little did he know that in November of that year his life and that of his family would change forever. The events that were to unfold could not be conceived by the wildest imagination. In this amazing book he narrates the events that led to his kidnapping and his attempted murder. It will transport and place you in the warehouse where he was held and give you a unique perspective of the events that transpired during that horrific month and the physical and mental struggle to beat the odds and survive. Marc chronicles his story in torturous detail. His humiliation, pain and suffering at the hands of the Sun Gang Gym and his miraculous survival. You will understand how and why he survived and that everything can be taken from a human being, but the one's spirit and determination to survive can never be. No one believed his story, not the police or anyone else. Nevertheless, he maintained steadfast and determined to bring the criminals to justice before they struck again. Truly a harrowing tale and one that not only you soon won't forget but will uplift and inspire you!!

    • Memoirs
      June 2013

      Dolor y Dinero-La Verdadera Historia

      Pain and Gain-The Untold True Story

      by Marc Schiller

      La verdadera historia tras la película Dolor y Dinero Este libro demuestra que a veces la verdad es más extraña que la ficción! Era el año 1994, Marc y su familia vivian una vida normal en Miami, Florida. No se imaginaba que en Noviembre de ese año, su vida y la de su familia iba a cambiar para siempre. Los acontecimientos que se iban a desarrollarse no podían ser concebidos por la imaginación más vivida.En este sorprendente libro narra los acontecimientos que condujeron a su secuestro y su intento de asesinato. Lo transportara y colocara en la bodega donde fue encarcelado y le dara una perspectiva única de los hechos ocurridos durante ese mes horroroso y la lucha física y mental para vencer los obstáculos y sobrevivir.Marc narra su historia en detalle tortuoso. Su humillación, dolor y sufrimiento a manos de la banda Sun Gym y su supervivencia milagrosa.Usted va a entender cómo y por qué él sobrevivió y que a un ser humano le pueden quitar todo pero nunca su espíritu y la determinación de sobrevivir.Nadie creyó su historia, ni la policía ni ninguna otra persona. Sin embargo, mantuvo firme y decidido a llevar a los criminales ante la justicia antes de que vuelvan cometer otro crimen similar. ¡Una historia verdaderamente desgarradora y que no solamente usted no podrá olvidar pronto, sino que le motivará e inspirará!

    • Biography: business & industry
      September 2001

      The Rose Man of Sing Sing

      A True Tale of Life, Murder, and Redemption in the Age of Yellow Journalism

      by James M. Morris

      Notorious city editor-tyrant of Pulitzer's "New York Evening World", Charles E Chapin was the greatest newspaperman of his day. In 1918, at the pinnacle of fame, Chapin, sunk in depression, took not his own life, but shot and killed his beloved wife. After his trial - and one hell of a story for the World's competitors - he was sentenced to life in Sing Sing Prison. Set in the most thrilling epoch of American journalism, this story tracks Chapin's rise from legendary street reporter to celebrity powerbroker in media-mad New York, a human tragedy played out in sensational stories of tabloids and broadsheets. The first portrait of a founding figure of modern American journalism and a vibrant chronicle of scoops and scandals, "The Rose Man of Sing Sing" is also a hidden history of New York at its most colorful.

    • True crime

      Hell's Belles

      Prostitution, Vice, and Crime in Early Denver, With a Biography of Sam Howe, Frontier Lawman

      by Clark Secrest

      This newly updated and revised edition of HELL'S BELLES takes the reader on a soundly researched, well-documented, and amusing journey back to the early days of Denver. Clark Secrest details the evolution of Denver's prostitution, the gambling, the drug addicts, and the corrupt politicians and police who, palms outstretched, allowed it all to happen. Also included in HELL'S BELLES is a biography of one of Denver's original police officers, Sam Howe, upon whose crime studies the book is based. The popular veneer of Denver's present-day Market Street -- its fancy bars, posh restaurants, and Coors Field -- is stripped away to reveal the street's former incarnation: a mecca of loose morals entrenched in prostitution, liquor, and money. Hell's Belles examines the neglected topics of vice and crime in Denver and utilises a unique and invaluable historic source -- the scrapbooks of Detective Sam Howe.

    • True crime

      Lynching in Colorado, 1859-1919

      by Stephen J Leonard

      In this examination of more than 175 lynchings, Stephen J Leonard illustrates the role economics, migration, race, and gender played in the shaping of justice and injustice in Colorado. One of the first comprehensive studies of the phenomenon in a Western state, LYNCHING IN COLORADO provides an essential complement to recent studies of Southern lynchings, demonstrating that at times the land of purple mountain's majesty was just as lynching-prone as was the land of Dixie. Written for general fans of Western history as well as scholars of American culture, LYNCHING IN COLORADO shows Westerners at their worst and their best as they struggled to define law and order.

    • True crime

      Their Deadly Trade

      Murders in Monmouthshire

      by Roger. Williams

    • True crime

      The Bigmen

      Personal Memories of Glasgow's Police

      by Joe Pieri

      The Northern Division was the name given to the police force which operated within Glasgow City boundaries prior to the creation of the Strathclyde Police Force. Its recruits were drawn largely from ex-servicement who were demobbed after World War II and, as a result, they became known as The Big Men. Their name was well-deserved as they set about clearing Glasgow's streets of the gangland "neds" who had overrun the city during the war. They took no prisoners and gained a fearsome reputation for no-nonsense street policing.;This biography is written by a man who was close to them. Joe Pieri's cafe, the Savoy in Cowcaddens, was a haunt for policemen on the beat, with a blue police box situated just outside. The back shop often had a policeman in it, keeping an eye on the blue light atop the box as he made out his beat journal or had a drink. Cowcaddens was a tough city which added to the reputation of Glasgow as a mean city, but Joe has maintained a living record of what those days were really like. In this volume, he offers an insight into how the city was tamed and crime kept in check by the Big Men.

    • True crime

      The Oscar Slater Murder Story

      New Light On a Classic Miscarriage of Justice

      by Richard. Whittington-Egan

      Oscar Slater, a disreptuable German immigrant, living on the fringe of the Glaswegian underworld and off the proceeds of gambling and prostitution, was sentenced to death in 1909 for the brutal murder of Marion Gilchrist, a rich spinster who lived with a secret hoard of precious jewels hidden in her wardrobe in Edwardian Glasgow's fashionable West Princes Street. Slater, travelling with his mistress under a false name, was tracked down and arrested in New York. Extradited and tried in Edinburgh, he actually heard the gallows being erected for him, but was repreieved at the 11th hour and spent the next 18 years in the granite fortress of Peterhead prison, ceaselessly protesting his innocence.;Arthur Conan Doyle, turned real-life Sherlock Holmes, eventually managed to get the unjust conviction quashed and since then, argument has raged as to who really was responsible for the murder of Marion Gilchrist. One name, that of a respectable Glasgow doctor, has been an "open secret". Accused too, was Miss Gilchrist's nephew. Neither was the true killer. The author of this reinvestigation of the case argues that all previous theories have been based upon false information and the too-ready acceptance of recently honoured Detective Lieutenant Trench's investigations. All, he says, have got it wrong. Whittington-Egan looks again at the whole case and offers a new solution.

    • True crime

      The Cardiff Five

      Innocent Beyond Any Doubt

      by Satish Sekar (Author)

      Satish Sekar shows how a miscarriage of justice destroyed families, divided communities and undermined confidence in the criminal justice system. The Cardiff Five case is the first example in the 1st of a homicide in which the original suspects were vindicated by the conviction of the true killer in the DNA age. By then, they had shared 16 years in prison for a crime they did not commit. Based on a 20 year quest for the truth Scrutinises this disturbing case from day one A wake-up call for British justice Calls for a fully independent judicial inquiry Takes the reader from the sadistic killing of a prostitute in Butetown, Cardiff in 1988 to the end of 2011 when aspects of the case were referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission and HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate in the aftermath of the acquittal of a number of police officers and civilians facing conspiracy charges. Reviews 'One of the most important books ever written about criminal justice': Michael Mansfield QC 'As the local MP I came to respect and admire Satish Sekar’s thoroughness and persistence': Alun Michael 'No-one is better suited to explaining and unravelling the complexities': Duncan Campbell 'Tireless work and extraordinary insight': Bob Woffinden Author Satish Sekar is a freelance journalist and researcher. His work includes that for the feature film 'In the Name of the Father' (about the Guildford Four) and TV and radio programmes such as Panorama, Trial and Error, Law in Action, Today and Channel 4 News. He has written for the Guardian, Independent, Daily Telegraph and other newspapers as well as the satirical magazine Private Eye. A consultant on forensic issues, he has been involved in various high profile issues, including police reform, complaints against the police and the use of DNA-testing and DNA-databases. He lives in North London.

    • True crime

      No Truth No Justice

      A David and Goliath Story of a Mother's Successful Struggle Against Public Authorities to Secure Justice for Her Son Murdered While in Their Care

      by Paul Edwards (Author), Audrey Edwards (Author)

      In 1994, Christopher Edwards was found dead in his cell at Chelmsford Prison battered beyond recognition by a paranoid schizophrenic prisoner with whom Christopher - himself also mentally ill - had been made to share a cell. This book tells the story of a mother's struggle against public authorities to secure justice for her son.

    • True crime

      The Cameo Conspiracy

      A Shocking True Story of Murder and Injustice

      by George Skelly (Author)

      The definitive book on the case - updated, freshly edited, typeset and with new images and fully indexed for the first time in this new third edition. The true story of Liverpool’s Cameo Cinema murders vividly demonstrates the need to guard against police corruption and legal manipulation. George Kelly was hanged in 1950 for shooting dead two men early in 1949: the manager of the Cameo Cinema, Wavertree and his assistant. Undeniably from the wrong side of the tracks and involved in petty crimes of the post-Second World War era, Kelly and his coaccused Charles Connolly (who went to prison for ten years) found themselves expertly ‘fitted-up’ as riff-raff in a Kafkaesque nightmare. This is the definitive book on the Cameo case — a superbly worked account of an astonishing miscarriage of justice. It is also a snapshot of social History, of a time when fabrication of evidence and denial of the right to a fair trial could be a means of ensuring ‘good riddance to bad rubbish’. Nothing can put right a wrongful execution although in 2003 — following publication of the original version of this book — Kelly and Connolly were posthumously cleared by the Court of Appeal. The judgement condemned the ‘unsafe convictions’ and the ‘unfair trial’ as a tragic breakdown in the administration of justice, which was to be deeply regretted. This new edition tells the whole story from investigation, trial, sentence and execution to posthumous pardon.

    • True crime
      October 2008

      Fred the Head

      And Other Unsolved Crimes

      by Michael Posner

      In March 1971 an off-duty special police constable found the macabre remains of a body... The skull, protruding from the ground, revealed the skeleton of a man who had been violently murdered and buried in a shallow grave by the river Trent in Staffordshire. The naked body, except for a pair of pink socks and a wedding ring, yielded little evidence and to this day has resisted all police efforts and appeals to the public to identify him. It remains an unsolved murder of an unknown man who, for want of a better name, is called Fred the Head.

    • Fiction
      November 2011

      Code Blood

      by Kurt Kamm

      Colt Lewis, a rookie fire paramedic, is obsessed with finding the severed foot of his first victim after she dies in his arms. His search takes him into the connected lives of a graduate research student, with the rarest blood in the world and the vampire fetishist who is stalking her. Within the corridors of high-stakes medical research laboratories, the shadow world of body parts dealers, and the underground Goth clubs of Los Angeles, Lewis uncovers a tangled maze of needles, drugs and maniacal ritual, all of which lead to death. But whose death? An unusual and fast-paced LA Noir thriller.

    • Crime & mystery
      February 2011

      The Murder of Christina Collins

      by Antony Richards & John Godwin

      The story behind the ‘Bloody Steps’ murder of 1839 on the Trent & Mersey Canal that inspired the award winning Inspector Morse novel The Wench is Dead

    • History
      January 2013

      The Adventure of the Bloody Tower

      Dr. John H. Watson's First Case

      by Donald MacLachlan

      “For the very first time since I had met him, Mr. Sherlock Holmes let me down.” As a result, Dr. John H. Watson finds himself forced to accept, in 1883, a tricky challenge: to investigate the facts and fictions surrounding King Richard III. Richard III: Monster? Murderer of his brother’s young boys? Usurper? Or a legitimate but reluctant heir to the crown, and a good king who produced laws that are still in effect in Great Britain. The game is afoot for the good doctor, from serene Magdalen College, Oxford, to the Bloody Tower at the notorious Tower of London.

    • True crime

      An Unjust Hanging

      The true story of John Harwood sent to the gallows by folly, ignorance and a Doctor's selfish cruelty

      by Dave Halliwell

      One winter's evening in 1821, stung by his girlfriend Eliza's rejection, 17-year-old John Horwood picked up a stone and flung it at her. That thoughtless act of fury cost both those young people their lives. This is the grotesque and shocking true story of John Horwood, who was sent to the gallows by folly, ignorance and a doctor's selfish cruelty...

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