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Sorbonne Confidential

Laurel Zuckerman

Summertime Publications Inc

After losing her high tech job in Paris, Alice Wunderland dreams of a new, unemployment-proof career as English teacher and decid etc...

The Coconut Comes in Due Season

David Hurd

The CAN-DO! Company

Once the only man, black or white, to be taken into Somalia by the Shifta and live to tell the tale. Author of Kidnap at Kiunga. etc...

Shooting Stars Are The Flying Fish Of The Night

Lynn Michell & Stefan Gregory

Linen Press

If you dream or plan to sail off into the blue, you will learn from this book. A great read.— Sir Chay Blyth We dreamed for years etc...

Through Grown-up Eyes

Robert Henrey

Polperro Heritage Press

Bobby Henrey was eight when he was improbably chosen by film director Carol Reed and producer Sir Alexander Korda to star alongsi etc...

Walk, Don't Run

Steven Jae Johnson

Kallisti Publishing

“An epic story of show-biz dreams.”—Mike Foley “It’s this generation’s American Graffiti — it’s Happy Days slammed into Resurrect etc...


Emily Stott

September Publishing

‘I headed alone for Knightsbridge – a strange choice for a skint teenager – and it was there that I fell in love for the first ti etc...

The Secret Lives of Ceramics

Molly Hatch

September Publishing

Curated and illustrated by American artist and ceramicist Molly Hatch, this beautifully produced book explores the intimate famil etc...


John Berger, Selcuk Demirel

Notting Hill Editions Ltd

'Once upon a time, men, women, and (secretly) children smoked.' Following the success of Cataract, John Berger, one of th etc...

Queer and Catholic

Mark Dowd

Darton, Longman & Todd Ltd

This superb memoir of a gay, working class boy from Manchester exploring how to reconcile his sexuality with his Catholicism is a etc...

The Vagabond Lover

Garry O'Connor

CentreHouse Press

In The Vagabond Lover, author Garry O’Connor performs a delicate balancing act, writing his own life vis-à-vis that of his f etc...

Found and Lost

Alison Leslie Gold

Notting Hill Editions Ltd

Starting with supervision of her primary school's 'Lost andultimately led to her salvation Found' depot, Gold charts etc...

Pain and Gain-The Untold True Story

Marc Schiller

Marc Schiller

The True Story Behind The Movie Pain & GainThis book proves that sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction! What if you we etc...

Dolor y Dinero-La Verdadera Historia

Marc Schiller

Marc Schiller

La verdadera historia tras la película Dolor y Dinero Este libro demuestra que a veces la verdad es más extraña qu etc...

Dancing Through History

Lori Henry

Lori Henry

In Dancing Through History, Henry crosses Canada's vast physical and ethnic terrain to uncover how its various cultures have etc...

The Dark Side, Real Life Accounts of an NHS Paramedic

Andy Thompson

Andy Thompson

Andy Thompson’s true-to-life, graphic and gripping account of his work as an NHS paramedic in Britain’s A& etc...
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