• Sports & outdoor recreation

      Cewri Campau Cymru

      by Alun Wyn Bevan

    • Autobiography: sport


      In His Own Words

      by Ray Gravell

    • Autobiography: general


      Cawr Cicio Cwmtwrch

      by Clive Rowlands

    • Autobiography: sport

      There's Only 2 Tony Cotteys

      by Tony. Cottey

    • Biography: sport

      A Welshman in the Bronx

      Tommy Farr Vs Joe Louis

      by Graeme. Kent

    • Autobiography: sport
      February 2012

      From Weddings to World Cups

      by Ian Wheeler

      Ian Wheeler’s career in journalism started when he left school at fourteen and was employed by the local weekly newspaper The Northern Scot and Moray and Nairn Express. Cub reporters learnt their trade the hard way and, under the exacting direction of Miss Robertson, Ian reported weddings, funerals, the County and Sheriff Court proceedings and the weekly football results. After National Service, Ian returned to Moray but soon took up employment with Dundee publisher DC Thomson as a reporter and gradually moved to become a sports writer. From the 1950s to the 1980s, the Author found himself at various times based in Dundee, Glasgow, Newcastle and Manchester reporting on major club football and also Scotland and England at international level. He was on first name terms with players, managers and many who worked behind the scenes. The stars: Alf Ramsey, Brian Clough, Bob and Bill Shankly, George Best, Bobby Moore, the Charlton brothers, Billy Steel, Dave Narey, Alan Gilzean and many others have become legends in the history of the game. Ian Wheeler’s memories of fifty years in journalism is an enlightening account of the Golden Age of football, when players worked for a modest wage and clubs enjoyed a measure of financial equality.

    • Biography: sport

      Confessions of a Wrestler

      The Autobiography of British wrestling legend Jackie 'Glitterboy' Evans

      by Martin Gillott

      When Martin Gillott was twelve he knew he wanted to be a wrestler. A life in the ring before crowds of roaring admirers became Martins unwavering dream. It was many years later that it finally came true and he entered the ring as Jackie 'Glitterboy' Evans. Martins first expereince as a wrestler was in a homemade ring created from bed sheets and rope in the woodland near his house. But his passion for sport didnt stop there. His first paying crowd was when he perfromed in a travelling circus when it came to town and from there he started a journey to create a new wrestling persona. A persona that would come to be known as 'Glitterboy'. In his spectacular autobiography, Martin presents his start in the world of wrestling, from his childhood daydreams to the origins of his infamous wrestling persona. Recognisable because of his flamboyant outfits and makeup, Martin fought as Jackie in bouts up and down the country and starred in television events during the most prolific time for British wrestling.

    • Autobiography: sport

      Red Card

      The soccer star who lost it all to gambling

      by Tony Kelly

      Tony Kelly was football crazy from the age of seven. At sixteen he was the youngest ever player in the first team at Bristol City and in his twenties he became a pro, playing for clubs such Stoke City and Cardiff City in the Football League, second and third divisions. But his blossoming soccer career was marred by a series of mishaps and misdeeds which drove him to disaster. Ruined by an addiction to gambling, he lost his job, his career, his partner and all his money. Now he has written his story – as Kelly puts it, to “invite the public, my family and my friends into my secret hell of racism, despair, depression, stardom, gambling addiction and ultimately self-destruction”. Red Card is a tragic yet uplifting story of a sportsman’s battle with his demons, on and off the pitch.

    • Biography: sport
      October 2012

      Ayrton Senna: The Messiah of Motor Racing

      by Richard Craig (By (author))

      Ayrton Senna is arguably the most famous racing driver there has ever been. All over the world, he is revered as a saint and as the greatest driver the sport has ever seen. Indeed, the 2010 film of his life verged on the hagiographic, painting him as a beloved child of God put on Earth to fight injustice and help those less fortunate than him. But was his reputation disproportionately burnished because he died, aged only 34, in front of millions of TV viewers, thus sealing his reputation as the Messianic martyr of motor racing? This book takes a twofold look at both Ayrton da Silva, the softly-spoken and introspective man, and Senna the aggressive, ruthless and brilliant driver, distinct entities who often struggled to coexist peacefully together, and discusses why, of all the great drivers Formula One has nurtured, Senna attracts the most fervent following.

    • Biography & True Stories
      November 2018

      Jackie Robinson

      by Joe Schuster

      The year was 1947. A talented young minor-league baseball player was called up to the majors to join the Brooklyn Dodgers. But this was no ordinary man, nor any simple achievement. This was Jackie Robinson: an all-around star athlete, a U.S. Army veteran—and a black man. Until that year, baseball’s shameful color line had kept African Americans out of the big leagues. Overcoming prejudice, exclusion, and even hatred, Jackie Robinson broke that line and became one of the game’s best players. He was recognized in the Hall of Fame, and he inspired many young people to fight segregation and ignorance for the chance to follow their dreams. Through both his career and his character, Jackie Robinson became one of America’s greatest heroes. This is his story.

    • Lifestyle, Sport & Leisure
      August 2015

      Richmond Unchained

      The Biography of the World's First Black Sporting Superstar

      by Luke G. Williams

      Today Bill Richmond is largely unknown to the wider public, but he was one of the most significant sportsmen in history and one of the most prominent celebrities of Georgian times. Born into slavery in Staten Island, Richmond won his freedom as a young boy and carved a new life for himself in England as a cabinet maker and then a renowned prizefighter and trainer. His amazing life encompassed encounters and relationships with some of the most prominent men of the age, including Earl Percy, William Hazlitt, Lord Byron, the Prince Regent and Lord Camelford. His fame was such that he fulfilled an official role at the coronation celebrations of King George IV in 1821. The story of Bill Richmond is an incredible tale of personal advancement, as well as the story of a life informed and influenced by a series of turbulent historical events, including the American War of Independence, the fight for black emancipation and Britain’s long-running conflict with Napoleon Bonaparte.

    • Biography: sport

      Going for Gold

      Welsh Olympic Dreams for 2012

      by Lynn Davies

      What does it take to be the greatest? Whether it’s part of a team like cyclist Geraint Thomas, who won gold in the team pursuit event in Beijing 2008, or notching up a record-beating 11 gold medals in the swimming pool for paralympic swimmer David Roberts to equal the record set by Dame Tanni Grey Thompson, the athletes featured in Going For Gold have one aim - to win. This collection of stories from Wales’s top current and future athletes will inspire others to follow their goals. Foreword by Olympic gold medallist Lynn Davies CBE, President of UK Athletics Featuring Dai Greene, David Roberts, Geraint Thomas, Jazz Carlin and Nathan Stephens.

    • Football (Soccer, Association football)


      My Life at Cardiff City

      by Robert Earnshaw

      The story of one young African boy's journey to UK Premiership soccer stardom. From the Zambian plains to Wembley, this is the story of the boy who was born to be a Bluebird. Earnie follows Robert Earnshaw’s journey from the Zambian village where he was born to Bedwas, where he was spotted playing for the B-team of his local club when he was 12 years old. At 16 he joined Cardiff City on a YTS training scheme to become one of the club’s top scorers. He reflects on his Welsh success and reveals why Cardiff will always have a special place in his heart.

    • Biography: sport
      November 2010

      El Bandito: Orig Williams, The Autobiography

      Orig Williams the Autobiography

      by Williams, Orig

      In Pakistan he was stoned by the crowd at a packed Lahore Cricket Ground and had to flee for his life. In Turkey the crowd burnt down the stadium where he'd been performing. Whenever Orig Williams, or El Bandito (as he was known in the ring) took his wres

    • Biography: sport
      March 2012

      Garry Monk: Loud, Proud & Positive

      My Autobiography

      by Monk, Garry

      This is the story of Swansea legend, Garry Monk. Garry is a rare player, not only has he played in all four of the Football League Divisions, but he's captained his club in all four as well. Here he tells the story of his footballing adventures in this ho

    • Autobiography: sport
      February 2007

      Staying Strong: My Story So Far

      by McBryde, Robin

      English translation of "Y Cymro Cryfa". Robin McBryde once made a name for himself as "The Strongest Welshman" on a television series , but his strength on and off the field is what earned him respect. He has consistently displayed a ruthless commitment

    • Football (Soccer, Association football)
      April 2008

      Roberto: Kicking Every Ball

      My Story So Far

      by Martinez, Roberto

      Originally from Balaguer in Catalonia, Roberto Martinez played for his home town in the Spanish third division before moving to play for Real Zaragoza in La Liga. In 1995 he was spotted by Dave Whelan, the millionaire owner of Wigan Athletic, and brought

    • Biography: sport
      November 2012

      Who Beat the All Blacks?

      by Gibbard, Alun

      The day the pubs ran dry: 9-3_x000D_ It’s forty years since Llanelli Rugby Club defeated the All Blacks on 31 October 1972._x000D_ This legendary result has been called one of the top ten moments in rugby history, and possibly one of the greatest rugby upsets ever._x000D_

    • Biography: sport
      December 2012

      Shadow: The Dai Morris Story

      by Morris, Dai

      The story of legendary Dai Morris, a member of the most successful Welsh rugby team of the 1970s - a man who worked shifts in the coal mine in the morning and played for his country in the afternoon._x000D_ _x000D_ Known as "Shadow" to his contemporaries, he played f

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