• Biography & True Stories
      January 2018

      The Earthshaking “Two Bombs” Father

      by He Jianming

      "This is a reportage depicting Wang Ganchang, the founding father of China's ""Two Bombs and One Satellite"". With a large amount of informative materials and vivid writings, the author detailed the life of the world-famous nuclear physicist, the founder and pioneer of China's nuclear science and experimental nuclear physics Wang Ganchang, who dedicated himself wholeheartedly to the country."

    • Biography & True Stories

      Jokes can be eaten as meals

      by Luo Xiaogang

      Jokes can be eaten as a meal" is a classic work that Luo Xiaogang has condensed for many years of hard work and devoted himself to telling the sadness and joy of life, Chengdu's humanities and customs, and the feelings and reflections of daily life. The words are free and easy, ridiculous, amused, ridiculous, intelligent, commented, and confided. All the worldly encounters, all sentient beings are concise into a unique style of "Roche Humor" dedicated to the reader, which makes people laugh. Enthusiastic and enthusiasm, covering up the endless aftertaste.

    • Biography & True Stories

      Deng Xiaoping's Last Years

      by Yu Wei & Wu Zhifei

      Deng Xiaoping's Last Years is the first work to delve into Deng Xiaoping's last years of life. It records the legendary experiences of Deng Xiaoping from his difficult bouncing back to power in 1977 to his passing away in 1997, allowing us to relive the thrilling historical turning point while taking a glimpse of the sense of humor in the daily life of the great state leader. Deng Xiaoping’s real image as a great leader and as an ordinary person is thus factually and fully depicted, so are his political wisdom and personality charms. The ins and outs of Deng Xiaoping’s last comeback to political stage, his establishment of leadership after the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee, his southern inspection in the age of 88, and the negotiations on Hong Kong's return are all included in this book. Many details are disclosed for the first time.

    • Biography & True Stories
      January 2017

      Jiaolong Dreams

      by Chen Xin

      This is the first documentary science literature about the deep-sea diving test and science exploration of China’s manned submersible——Jiaolong. The book tells the growth experience of national underwater pilot Tang Jialing, truly represents the hardships and success in the development of “Jiaolong”, which created a world record of 7062 meters in the world with the same type of manned submersible. The story is wonderful, exciting, attractive and humorous. It is a good book encouraging teenagers’ dreams.

    • Biography & True Stories
      April 2018

      Children Climbing out of the Ruins

      by Wang Jieyu, Hu Xiansheng

      This book keeps track of the inspirational experience of 20 wounded children in the 2008 “5·12” Wenchuan Earthquake. The authors visited more than 10 places inside and outside Sichuan and covered thousands of miles to obtain the first-hand valuable materials. With simple descriptions, delicate feelings, smooth and fresh language, they tell us touching growth stories of a group of “5·12" Wenchuan Earthquake child victims during 10 years. Moreover, people can feel the flowing emotions and warm power while reading.

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