• Individual actors & performers

      An East End Life

      by Derek Martin

      As long-suffering EastEnders patriarch Charlie Slater, Derek Martin has become one of British TV's best loved stars. Now in this witty and revealing memoir, Derek tells of his extraordinary journey from growing up in the real East End of London during the Blitz to taking up residency in Albert Square. Derek's journey to Albert Square has proved to be an eventful one. A bone fide East Ender, born within the sound of Bow Bells, Derek grew up during the Blitz in a tight-knit, working-class family. In this candid memoir he describes those tough early days, his stint in the police, life on the wrong side of the law and how he turned his dream of being an actor into a reality. But not before trying his hand as a professional gambler and acting as a runner for the notorious East End gangster Charlie Kray, brother of twins Ronnie and Reggie. Determined to be an actor, Derek began his hugely successful stage and screen career firstly as a stuntman; before landing memorable TV roles in series such as Law and Order, Minder, King and Castle, The Governor and doomed soap Eldorado. In this frank and revealing tale, Derek pulls no punches as he admits past mistakes and describes his remarkable transformation into one of our best loved actors. Meet the man behind the character as he shares with readers his heartbreak over two marriage break ups and his devotion to his twin boys. An East End Life is a truly remarkable story spanning nearly seven decades, packed with tears and laughter that will endear you to this popular star.

    • Individual actors & performers

      On the Beat

      My Story

      by Graham Cole

      Actor Graham Cole pounded the beat in ITV1 police drama The Bill for more than two decades and won plaudits for his carefully crafted portrayal of dependable PC Tony Stamp, the television cop most like the real thing. While on screen Tony Stamp became a Sun Hill stalwart and the sort of old-fashioned policeman you would want on your side, off-screen Graham worked tirelessly with the real police to make sure he's kept up to date with frontline officers. Graham worked in the NHS as a porter before starting his acting career doing summer seasons and working in holiday camps. His television break came as an extra playing monsters in Doctor Who and appearing in episodes of shows such as Only Fools and Horses and Secret Army. Later his skill at stage fighting landed him work as an extra in The Bill and it wasn't long before he was given a full-time job as area car driver and all round good guy Tony Stamp. Now, in a witty and candid memoir, he reveals just what it was like to star in one of television's most enduring series, the key events he's seen during his time on the show and how he really felt about leaving after 25 years. On The Beat is the entertaining autobiography of a likeable star who reveals the inside story behind the scenes of Britain's favourite police drama and the ups and downs of an actor's life.

    • Television

      Only Fools and Horses

      The Official Inside Story

      by Steve Clark

      At its height more than24 million peoplewatched the classic comedy seriesOnly Fools and Horses, making it Britain's most popular television programme ever. The hilarious exploits of wheeler-dealer Del Trotter and his dopey brother Rodney enthralled everyone from real market traders to members of the Royal Family. Only Fools and Horses - The Official Inside Storytakes us behind the scenes to reveal the secrets of the hit show and is fully authorised by the family of John Sullivan, the show's creator and writer. Containing in-depth interviews with the show's stars including Sir David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst and key members of the production team, this engaging tribute includes a comprehensive episode guide. It also reveals how the show was rejected when it was first offered to the BBC, how Sir David Jason nearly missed out on the starring role and the tragedy of the death of one of its stars during filming. Written by bestselling author Steve Clark, the only writer on set for the filming ofOnly Fools and Horses, spin-offThe Green Green Grassand prequelRock & Chips, the book gives a fascinating and unique insight into this legendary series.

    • Memoirs
      September 2013

      Through Grown-up Eyes

      Living with childhood fame

      by Robert Henrey

      Bobby Henrey was eight when he was improbably chosen by film director Carol Reed and producer Sir Alexander Korda to star alongside Sir Ralph Richardson in The Fallen Idol in 1948. The film was an instant success and his performance was singled out for critical acclaim and it remains one of the classics of British cinema. Through Grown-up Eyes is a remarkably moving and candid account of coping with childhood stardom and the vicissitudes of later life in the USA, tragedy and loss. It is ultimately about survival.

    • Travel & holiday

      British Television Location Guide

      by Steve Clark, Shoba Vazirani

      The British Television Location Guide reveals the actual settings of Britain's favourite television shows and tells readers how they can visit them. It is meticulously researched, right up to date and includes details of the real-life filming locations for all the top series including: Downton Abbey, Broadchurch, Call The Midwife, Midsomer Murders, Doc Martin, Endeavour, Doctor Who, Miss Marple, The Great British Bake-off, Foyle's War, Game of Thrones, The White Queen, Mr Selfridge and dozens more.

    • Film, TV & radio

      Catching Bullets

      Memoirs of a Bond Fan

      by Mark O'Connell

      When Jimmy O'Connell took a job as chauffeur for 007 producers Eon Productions, it would not just be Cubby Broccoli, Roger Moore and Sean Connery he would drive to James Bond his grandson Mark swiftly hitched a metaphorical ride too. In Catching Bullets: Memoirs of a Bond Fan, Mark O'Connell takes us on a humorous journey of filmic discovery where Bond films fire like bullets at a Thatcher era childhood, closeted adolescence and adult life as a comedy writer still inspired by that Broccoli movie magic. Catching Bullets is a unique and sharply-observed love-letter to James Bond, Duran Duran title songs and bolting down your tea quick enough to watch Roger Moore falling out of a plane without a parachute.

    • Humour
      October 2012

      The Wit and Wisdom of Only Fools and Horses

      by Dan Sullivan

      The ‘crème de la menthe’ of the hilarious one-liners from John Sullivan’s Only Fools and Horses have been brought together for the first time in The Wit and Wisdom of Only Fools and Horses. All of Del, Rodney, Grandad, Uncle Albert, Boycie, Trigger and the rest of the gang’s funniest and most memorable lines are here, making this triffic book a pukka 42-carat gold-plated bargain.

    • Humour

      More Wit & Wisdom of Only Fools and Horses

      by Dan Sullivan

      More hilarious crème de la menthe one-liners from Britain s favourite sitcom Only Fools and Horses. Re-live all the funniest and most memorable lines from Del, Rodney, Grandad, Uncle Albert, Boycie, Trigger and the rest of the gang in this pukka official book. More Wit and Wisdom of Only Fools and Horses makes the perfect stocking filler.

    • Film scripts & screenplays


      by Christine Horner

      FEATURE FILM SCREENPLAY -- Crystal True is a self-invented psychic with a secret. Rising above less-than-mediocrity to become the darling of her small Midwest town, Crystal faces a dark night of the soul when she loses her supernatural gifts and her identity. Unable to hold down a job in the “real” world, she heads out to snowbird country on a lark as the new activities director at The Meadows. With only instinct to rely upon, Crystal reluctantly teams up with a quirky bunch of residents and an archeologist son to investigate Meadows' shenanigans, when instead, she learns to follow her heart, uncovering the family she always dreamed of having.

    • The Arts

      Silent Women: pioneers of cinema

      Pioneers of Cinema


      The first book to give overview of early women film-makers in the US, Europe and beyond. Essential reading for students of film studies, media, culture and gender/women's studies. With many black and white photos, this book will appeal to all lovers of the cinema and the early days of the movies. Surprisingly, more women were working at every level in the early years of the film industry than at any point since. Early pioneers, such as Alice Guy Blaché, directed hundreds of films, invented techniques, ran businesses and set up distribution but with the rise of the studio system, their significant contribution to the dawn of the movies has long been forgotten. With chapters on the writers, directors, producers, stars, film editors, cinematographers, critics and fans of the silent era this book acknowledges and celebrates the many talented women who were significantly involved in the rise of the industry. Why did the coming of the talkies and big business lead to the inequality which exists today?

    • Film, TV & radio
      March 2020

      Expanded Cinema

      Fiftieth Anniversary Edition

      by Gene Youngblood, R. Buckminster Fuller

      Includes a substantial new Introduciton by the author that shows how the book continues to resonate with today’s leading-edge reality technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality

    • The Arts
      November 2019

      Masks in Horror Cinema

      Eyes Without Faces

      by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas

      Why has the mask been such an enduring generic motif in horror cinema? This book explores its transformative potential historically across myriad cultures, particularly in relation to its ritual and myth-making capacities, and its intersection with power, ideology and identity. All of these factors have a direct impact on mask-centric horror cinema: meanings, values and rituals associated with masks evolve and are updated in horror cinema to reflect new contexts, rendering the mask a persistent, meaningful and dynamic aspect of the genre’s iconography. This study debates horror cinema’s durability as a site for the potency of the mask’s broader symbolic power to be constantly re-explored, re-imagined and re-invented as an object of cross-cultural and ritual significance that existed long before the moving image culture of cinema.

    • Television

      Dai and Let Live

      by Dai Jones

    • Films, cinema
      May 2011

      From Silver Screen to Spanish Stage

      The humorists of the Madrid vanguardia and Hollywood film

      by Stuart Nishan Green (Author)

      The work of the humorists of the Madrid vanguardia continues to be enjoyed in the Hispanic world and to be explored by scholars of modern culture in Spain. Yet virtually no academic attention has been paid to them in Engish-speaking academe. This is the first book-length study of the group as a whole, and analyses their responses in print and on stage to Hollywood film from the 1920s to the 1960s, a feature of their work often signalled but never examined in detail. With the advent of the talkie and the raising of the language barrier, Hollywood studios recruited writers from continental Europe to work on foreign-language versions of certain titles. Thus Tono, Edgar Neville, Enrique Jardiel Poncela and José López Rubio came to experience Hollywood first-hand. These four humorists and colleague Miguel Mihura had already established a reputation in Spain with prose writings and plays inspired by the avant-garde. Subsequently, they sought to innovate by exploiting Hollywood cinema’s visual style, narrative verve and madcap gags in their theatre. Drawing on archival work, the methodologies of theatre and film studies, and scholarly writings on Hollywood genres and stars, this book examines the humorists’ experiments on stage as the most significant early case in Spain of the ‘remediation’ of cinema and of what Philip Auslander describes as the ‘media epistemology’ generated by Hollywood’s immense popularity. It contextualises the humorists’ opinions and representations of the US and domestic film industries with reference to contemporary attitudes, outlines and implements a framework for the systematic study of ‘remediation’ in the humorists’ stage adaptations of films and original plays, and traces the influence of Charlie Chaplin and the Marx Brothers in their comic devices. The curtailing of such experimentation shortly into the Franco dictatorship exemplifies the conservatism of this period of Spanish culture.

    • Television
      March 2012

      Life on Mars

      From Manchester to New York

      by Stephen Lacey (Author), Ruth McElroy (Author),

      A hybrid combination of 1970s police series and science fiction time travel, Life on Mars (Kudos/BBC Wales 2006-07) exemplifies the capacity of contemporary British television to find a loyal audience for work that it is innovative and unsettling. The programme rapidly garnered both critical and popular attention, regularly gaining in excess of 7m viewers. It was also screened internationally, including on US network television. An American remake was broadcast in 2008-9, and a Spanish version in 2008. Ashes to Ashes, the eagerly awaited follow-up to Life on Mars, ran for three series (2008 – 2010).

    • Films, cinema
      October 2008

      Between Page and Screen

      Remaking Literature Through Cinema and Cyberspace

      by Edited by Kiene Brillenburg Wurth

    • Films, cinema
      October 2008

      Between Page and Screen

      Remaking Literature Through Cinema and Cyberspace

      by Edited by Kiene Brillenburg Wurth

    • Films, cinema

      Reversing the Lens

      Ethnicity, Race, Gender, & Sexuality Through Film

      by Jun Xing (Editor) , Lane R Hirabayashi (Editor)

      This book brings together noted scholars in history, anthropology, sociology, ethnic studies and film studies to promote film as a powerful classroom tool that can be used to foster cross-cultural communication with respect to race and ethnicity. Through such films as: Skin Deep; Slaying the Dragon; and Mississippi Masala; contributors demonstrate why and how visual media help delineate various forms of critical visual thinking and examine how radicalisation is either sedimented or contested in the popular imagination. Not limited to classroom use, the book is relevant to anyone who is curious about how video and film can be utilised to expose race as a social construction that -- in dialogue with other potential forms of difference -- is subject to political contestation.

    • Radio

      Radio Daze

      Stories From The Front In Cleveland's FM Air Waves

      by Mike Olszewski (author)

      Essentially the story of WMMS, Radio Daze captures the radio scene during the ’70s and ’80s, chronicling how this small FM rock station became the top-rated station in Northeast Ohio and made Cleveland one of the most important radio markets in the world. Mike Olszewski obtained exclusive interviews with many radio legends, revealing how insidious and destructive the battle for radio dominance became. Among other things, he exposes the story behind the reports of ballot box stuffing by WMMS to win the prestigious Rolling Stone magazine Readers’ Poll for best radio station in the country and some of the dirty tricks played by radio stations to get the edge on their competitors.

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