• Poster art
      February 2016


      32 Removable Art Prints

      by Hattie Stewart

      Young, independent and fiercely talented, London-based Hattie Stewart is a self-styled ‘professional doodler’, an extremely modest moniker for the artist, who has worked extensively with publications and brands worldwide (including Adidas, Urban Outfitters and Marc Jacobs), and has exhibited in the UK, US, Germany and Berlin. Her striking, colourful creations are rich with humour, dark touches and deceptive complexity, and this collection of 32 of her most vibrant works is the perfect gift for lovers of art and fashion. Stewart’s art has an immediate resonance with those who encounter it, reflected in her impressive social media following, with 35k Instagram followers. Living with: Hattie Stewart is an affordable, interactive and anarchic book of Pop Art for the Instagram generation.

    • Poster art
      March 2016

      Living With: Yuko Shimizu

      by Yuko Shimizu

      Yuko Shimizu is a Japanese illustrator based in New York, where she teaches at the School of Visual Arts. Her rich sensual work has been seen on Gap t-shirts, Pepsi cans, VISA billboards, Microsoft and Target ads, as well as on the book covers for DC Comics, and on the pages of the New York Times, Time, Rolling Stone and The New Yorker. Visually engaging, imaginative and provocative, Shimizu creates a unique and alluring universe through her illustration, which is inhabited by tangled limbs, tangled hair and stripy-socked girls. Living with: Yuko Shimizu is an affordable, interactive way of enjoying these imaginative works.This book, with a subtle perforation along the spine, presents 32 of her most stunning artworks, each one removable for framing or gifting.

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