• History
      December 2015


      The Painter Thinking

      by Ernst van de Wetering

      Even during the artist’s lifetime, contemporary art lovers considered Rembrandt van Rijn to be an exceptional artist. In this revelatory sequel to the acclaimed Rembrandt: The Painter at Work, renowned Rembrandt authority Ernst van de Wetering investigates precisely why the artist, from a very early age, was praised by prominent connoisseurs. He argues that Rembrandt, from his very first endeavors in painting, embarked on a journey past all the foundations of the art of painting that, according to (up till now misinterpretated) contemporary written sources, were considered essential in the seventeenth century. Rembrandt never stopped searching for solutions to the pictorial problems that confronted him; this led over time to radical changes in course that can’t simply be attributed to stylistic evolution or natural development. In a quest as rigorous and novel as the artist’s, Van de Wetering reveals how Rembrandt became the best painter the world had ever seen. Gorgeously illustrated throughout, this groundbreaking exploration reconstructs Rembrandt’s closely guarded theories and methods, shedding new light both on the artist’s exceptional accomplishments and on the practice of painting in the Dutch Golden Age.

    • The Arts
      June 2012

      Drawing & Painting Course II

      by Prosenjit

      We believe everyone can draw and paint. With this belief in mind, we already published Drawing and Painting Course for children who want to learn and master the art in a fun way. This book starts with the basics - lines, shades, texture, balance, harmony, rhythm, tone, colours, etc., and goes on to teach the various different techniques of drawing and painting with step-by-step instructions, accompanied by an audio visual CD. Considering the overwhelming appreciation by readers for Drawing and Painting Course, V&S Publishers yet again has come up with another amazing book for art lovers, Drawing and Painting Course Valume II. This comprehensive manual for beginners of visual art and serious amateurs as well, presents basic instructions in all traditional art. With these skills mastered, students can enjoy more advanced instruction on markers, acrylics, gouache, collages, and mroe complicated brushwork.

    • The Arts
      April 2019

      About Sieves and Sieving

      Motif, Symbol, Technique, Paradigm

      by Barbara Baert

      The sieve exhibits a wide-ranging symbolism that extends across art history, philosophy, anthropology, psychoanalysis, and gender studies. Barbara Baert looks at the sieve from an interdisciplinary perspective and from four different innovative methodological angles: as motif and symbol, as technique and as paradigm. The sieve as motif goes back to Roman stories the Vestal Virgins. In later times, their impermeable sieve, which - according to legend - they used to fetch water from the River Tiber, was iconographically transferred to Elisabeth I as a sign of her integrity. Furthermore, the long durée life of sieves as symbolic-technical utilitarian object is investigated: in examples from the Jewish folklore, the Berber culture, and ancient Egypt.

    • The Arts
      January 2018

      Flowers and Children

      by LIN Xi

      Lin Xi’s paintings distinguish themselves with innocence and delicacy expressed, which often pay attention to blossoms, children and small items. Lin’s paintings reveal her distinctive thoughts and reflections on nature, art and life. In this book, Lin focuses on themes related to "flowers" and "children", and leads readers to a wonderful journey for discovering the subtle, beautiful, and moving moments in everyday life. Through these lovely paintings, we may find possessions that really matters in our life. 林曦的画作朴拙天真、细腻灵动,尤其喜画花朵、孩童、案头玩意等美好小景。画集是林曦对自然、艺术、生活等的一份内心独白,以“花”和“童”为主题来反观日常生活中细微的美好、感动的瞬间、烂漫的时刻。在花间寻天真,重拾宁静美好的天然本性;于童心得热忱,找回生命中珍贵的持有。

    • Painting & paintings
      February 2004

      Zelotti's Epic Frescoes at Cataio

      The Obizzi Saga

      by Irma B. Jaffe, with Gernando Colombardo

    • Painting & paintings
      October 2007

      New York's Golden Age of Bridges

      Commemoration, Religion, and Responsibility After Hiroshima

      by Paintings by Antonio Masi, Essays by Joan Marans Dim, Foreword by Harold Holzer

    • History of Art / Art & Design Styles


      Landmarks and Legends

      by Bill Hemp

      With dramatic pen and ink drawings and lively descriptive narrative, artist-writer Bill Hemp illuminates Taos's colourful landmarks and legends. From the verdant valley of the Taos-Tiwa cultures and their centuries old Pueblo, to the sky-lighted studios of Anglo artists Joseph Sharp and others, Hemp's pen captures the magical quality of this town that has been home to native peoples, Spanish explorers, writers, artists, and many others. His cast of colourful characters includes the magnetic Mabel Dodge Luhan, the mysterious Arthur Manby and the gregarious gambler and transport tycoon 'Long' John Dunn. All taken together, Hemp's illustrated work creates a marvellous mosaic that comprises the landmarks and legends of Taos, New Mexico.

    • Painting & paintings

      The Black Cot

      by Shani Rhys James

      The first monograph published on Shani Rhys James, winner of the Jerwood Prize in 2003. Lavishly illustrated with up to 50 colour reproductions of major oil paintings, including her latest work to be shown in a major one-person exhibition touring Britain in 2004. Includes full biographical and career details of the artist, an introduction by Geraint Talfan Davies, present chair of the Arts Council of Wales and a major essay by eminent art critic Edward Lucie Smith, placing the artist's work in the context of late 20th century and early 21st century visual art.

    • History of art & design styles: from c 1900 -

      From Africa to Iceland

      A Visual Celtic Voyage

      by John Rogers

    • History of art & design styles: from c 1900 -

      Kyffin Williams

      Painting the Mountains

      by Carolyn. Davies

    • History of art & design styles: c 1800 to c 1900

      Nineteenth Century British Painting

      by Luke Herrmann

      Nineteenth Century British Painting provides a succinct and informative chronological survey of a century of British painting which produced a great variety of work. It progresses from the beginnings of Romanticism in the late eighteenth century to the British adoption of Impressionism in the late nineteenth, dividing this prolific period into nine parts. In each part the work of the major figures in particular movements or genres is discussed and analysed, and each painter is presented in a biographical context. The artists are set in the framework of their historical, social and economic background. The majority of the paintings and drawings that are examined in detail are reproduced in the 323 plates, 82 of them in colour.;The book is intended to be used more as an introduction, and where appropriate as a textbook, than as a work of reference, although its arrangement will enable readers to obtain fuller information about individual artists, with longer sections devoted to such major figures as Lawrence, Turner, Constable, Rossetti, Leighton and Whistler.;The last decade has seen a growing interest in nineteenth century British art in this country, and also in the United States and on the Continent. During this time much has been published in the field and there has been a succession of important exhibitions. Even so, there is no up-to-date and comprehensive survey of the whole century on the market. Nineteenth Century British Painting fills the gap, meeting the need for such a book among undergraduate and graduate students, and among connoisseurs and collectors. It will also have a strong appeal for people with a general interest in the period.

    • Painting & paintings

      Across the Straits

      An Autobiography

      by Kyffin Williams

    • History of art & design styles: from c 1900 -


      by Kyffin Williams

    • Painting & paintings

      Thomas Baxter

      The Swansea Years, 1816-1819 : A Study of the Artist's Ceramic and Topographical Work at Swansea With a Survey of His Life and Its Background

      by John O. Wilstead

    • Geography & the Environment

      Bugail Eryri

      Pedwar Tymor Ar Ffermydd Mynydd Yng Ngogledd Cymru

      by Keith Bowen

    • Biography: general

      William Nicholson, Painter

      Paintings, Woodcuts, Writings, Photographs

      by Andrew Nicholson

      William Nicholson (1872-1949), who is known by many for his early woodcuts and the radical posters of the Beggarstaff Brothers in the 1890s, has become recognized as one of the foremost English artists of his time for the whole range of his work. His haunting downland landscapes. his remarkable still lifes, which capture light and colour in an entirely fresh way, and the varied portraits by which he mainly earned his living, form the core of his output and have become greatly prized. This book, compiled by two grandsons, Andrew and Tim Nicholson, is with its representative selection of his pictures the first to do justice to the extraordinary diversity of William Nicholson's oeuvre.;It provides at the same time a documentary account of William Nicholson's life, using contemporary records, articles and reminiscences, and above all quoting extensively from the numerous letters William wrote to his family and friends, many of them to his son Ben Nicholson, and from the letters they wrote to him as well. The majority are from private sources and have never appeared in print before. What emerges in this unique and beautifully illustrated volume is a highly detailed and most appealing portrait of the man and the artist.;What he painted, why and for whom; what spurred him on to experiment and artistic adventure; how he fared in times of elation and anguish; how he combined the serious playfulness of his vision with a deep affection for nature; and how he collaborated with some of the leading men of his day, among them Rudyard Kipling, J.M. Barrie, William Orpen, Edwin Lutyens, Robert Graves, his son-in-law, and Winston Churchill -- all this is revealed, and much more.;William Nicholson, Painter includes 126 colour plates of his oil paintings and 281 black and white reproductions and photographs.

    • Painting & paintings


      by Lawrence Gowing

      "Vermeer" is considered by some to be one of the most profound books ever written on the artist. The text has been updated for this third edition to appear in paperback. The volume also includes an essay on Vermeer, "Counterfeiter of Grace", written by the author shortly before his death in which he sums up current Vermeer research. All the illustrations used have been newly reproduced for the reissue of this classic work in the field of art history.

    • History of art & design styles: from c 1900 -

      Walls That Speak

      The Murals of John Thomas Biggers

      by Ollie Jensen. Theisen

    • Individual artists, art monographs

      Kyffin in Venice

      Kyffin Williams in Conversation With David Meredith.

      by David. Meredith

    • Biography: general

      A Vivid Canvas

      by Margaret. Collyer

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